Sailor Moon Crystal has ended with the release of Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2

Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2 - Sailor Cosmos and Eternal Sailor Moon

After nearly a decade Sailor Moon Crystal is now complete. Today, June 30th 2023, Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2 was released in theatres in Japan. This marks the end of Sailor Moon Crystal which was first announced at a Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event on July 10th 2012. Though it was meant to air starting in 2013 it began as a streaming series on July 5th 2014. Three seasons and four movies later Sailor Moon Crystal has faithfully retold the entirety of the Sailor Moon manga’s five story arcs.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon

All of this of course does little to help fans outside of Japan who still don’t know how and when they’ll be able to see Sailor Moon Cosmos Parts 1 and 2! If the Sailor Moon Eternal movies are any indication we might be getting them streaming on Netflix though some fans are hoping for a theatrical release. We don’t know and might not for a few months still! A Japanese Blu-ray will surely be released soon enough which could be a chance to import the films if no release is planned before that. Such a release would not likely have subtitles, as Sailor Moon releases rarely do, but it would open up the possibility for a high quality fansub.

Sailor Moon Cosmos - Trailer #2 - Ghosts?

Sailor Moon Crystal may be wrapping up but it won’t soon be forgotten by fans who still appreciate the manga and original anime 30 years later, as well as the fantastic live action series which is 20 years old this year. While we wait to see these movies for ourselves we can only guess as to what’s next for the franchise. Hopefully the coming decade isn’t a drought like we had between the live action series and Sailor Moon Crystal!

Have you seen either of the Sailor Moon Cosmos films? What did you think?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition, will be released Monday April 4th!

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Michiru and Haruka

After months of waiting the new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal are about to start. Act 27, which I expect will be called Infinity 1 – Premonition, airs on Japanese TV tomorrow at 11pm Japan Standard Time. Since Japan is in the future, this is 10am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time. It will be streamed on Crunchyroll and Hulu at some point Monday. As always just click on the Crunchyroll and Hulu links to get to the Sailor Moon Crystal page for that service to view new episodes. I expect it could be as early as 10am, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow. Both services have free viewing options and pay options to reduce commercials. Crunchyroll is available in the US and Canada but Hulu is restricted to viewing in the United States. Viewers elsewhere who have trouble getting to either service may require a proxy service to stay up to date.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 - Haruka

Some who have already seen Act 27 have commented that it only covers half of the equivalent manga chapter, which would be a departure from what the rest of the series has done. The Infinity arc of the manga spans 11 manga chapters but is said to be 13 episodes. It’s unclear exactly how that breakdown should happen. Based on what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard from those that have seen the episode we should be seeing Haruka and Michiru however we won’t be seeing their counterparts Sailor Uranus and Neptune until the next episode. We will also not be seeing Hotaru, Kaolinite or the Witches 5 until next week, though they will feature prominently in the rest of the season. The episode should end following a quick battle with a Daimon that comes out of a student from Mugen Academy leaving quite a bit of the story of that manga chapter remaining. I’m only assuming that the episode will be titled Infinity 1 – Premonition, but since this chapter will likely span two episodes, we may be seeing a different title.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Students from Mugen Academy

I’m looking forward to finally seeing more Sailor Moon Crystal! I’ll have my review posted to the site a few days after I see the episode.

Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18, Invasion – Sailor Venus, starting March 21st at 6am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - Calaveras

This Saturday, March 21st, we will be seeing Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18, Invasion – Sailor Venus. The show will be available streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting at 7pm Japan Standard which is 6am Eastern Time, 3am Pacific Time. Good news for those who enjoy their sleep but still like to watch the show as it’s released, you will get the show an hour later from now on. Japan does not celebrate Daylight Savings so now that we are once again observing Daylight Savings in most cities in North America our clocks are 1 hour closer to Japan Standard Time.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - Invasion - Sailor Venus

This new episode is all about Sailor Venus, since everyone else is gone! The enemy this week is Calaveras of the Ayakashi Sisters who is using misinformation and channeling to scare the public into distrusting those aligned with the “white Moon”. Things get serious as Chibiusa steals Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch! We also learn that Naru is suspecting that something is up with Usagi. The Shitennou will also be making their first appearance since the first story arc as Mamoru consults them for help.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - Sailor Venus

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