27, the new photo book by Keiko Kitagawa, live action Sailor Mars, is in stores now

Keiko Kitagawa's photo book 27 covers

It’s August 22nd which is Keiko Kitagawa’s 27th birthday and the date of the release of her photo book aptly named 27. This book features photos of Keiko Kitagawa, best known to visitors of this site as Sailor Mars from the 2003 live action Sailor Moon series, in photos she took in Paris and Tokyo. The book can be ordered from online sites such as Amazon Japan or YesAsia now. The book is currently available with two covers. A limited edition cover is still available on Amazon Japan for now but the standard cover will be the only one available once the initial stock runs out.

Keiko Kitagawa as Sailor Mars

In addition to this book a making of DVD and Blu-Ray has also been announced. This is a behind the scenes look at the making of 27. It will be released on November 13th. The DVD will cost 3000 yen, roughly $30 US, and the Blu-Ray disc will cost 4000 yen, roughly $40 US. Japanese DVDs are region 2 and therefore can not be played in North American DVD players however Japanese Blu-Ray discs are region A, which will work in North American Blu-Ray players.

Keiko Kitagawa’s new photo book will celebrate her first 10 years in the industry

Keiko Kitagawa in France in front of the Eiffel Tower

Keiko Kitagawa, the actress who played Sailor Mars in the live action Sailor Moon show, will be releasing a new photo book to celebrate her first 10 years in the fashion industry. The book is set to be released on her 27th birthday, August 22nd of this year. She was recently in Paris to get photos for her book and has now returned to Japan to finish up with more photos.

Keiko Kitagawa sitting on steps in Paris

Keiko Kitagawa now has an official Facebook page where you can see many photos she took while in Paris working on her photo book. She also recorded a video which is talking about the new book. It’s in Japanese but well worth watching if like me you’d watch her read the phone book.

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