Sailor Moon episodes 25 and 26 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon episode 25 - Makoto Kino

The latest two episodes of Sailor Moon, 24 and 25, were added to Hulu and Neon Alley this morning. Viz will be adding two new episodes of Sailor Moon every Monday. These are subbed only episodes. Dubbed episodes will be added at a later date.

Sailor Moon episode 25 - Sailor Jupiter

Episode 25, Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love, starts us out on a lot of new things. In this episodes Zoisite takes over as the new bad guy searching for the Rainbow Crystals. This marks the introduction of Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter. Makoto defends Usagi and she is getting bothered by some thugs on the street and they become instant friends. Meanwhile Makoto has met Crane Game Joe, who uses his telekenetic power to cheat at crane games. As with many other Rainbow Crystal carriers, Joe posesses a unique power. These people can be tracked down thanks to the Moon Stick which Usagi recieves in this episode.

Sailor Moon episode 26 - Usagi strangling Umino

Episode 26, Restore Naru’s Smile: Usagi’s Friendship, gives us a look at how Naru is doing after her heartbreak from episode 24 when Nephrite died. She is still troubled by what she went through, but Usagi and Umino are there to help get her back in good spirits. This marks the begining of Naru and Umino’s relationship which is off to a great start as Umino puts himself in danger to defend Naru from a monster. Naru’s affections for Umino are shown as she uses the bandage that was all she has left of Nephrite to patch him up. It’s a good thing Naru has Umino to keep her company as Usagi’s growing circle of super powered friends is putting her on the back burner.

Sailor Moon episode 26 - Umino saving Naru

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Rino Romano, the first voice of Tuxedo Mask, to appear at Anime Festival Orlando this weekend

Rino Romano as Tuxedo Mask

Great news for Florida Sailor Moon fans! Rino Romano, who was the original English voice of Tuxedo Mask, will be at Anime Festival Orlando 14 this coming weekend, August 16th to the 18th. The convention is only a few days away but you can still register online or at the door.

Game Machine Joe with a Sailor Mercury Doll

Rino Romano did not voice Tuxedo Mask for a terribly long time but he was the first! He voiced Tuxedo Mask or Darien for a total of 12 episodes. He voiced him in the first 11 episodes as well as voicing just Darien in the first episode of Sailor Moon R which was recorded out of order as a sort of pilot. He also voiced Game Machine Joe who was a guy with telekinetic abilities due to having the first rainbow crystal inside of him. Yes, this is a big deal for all of those rabid Game Machine Joe fangirls! Does he look like your old boyfriend? With that playing by his own rules attitude about super powers, backwards ball cap and tight fitting high waisted acid washed jeans! He could pass for a proto hipster with those black rimmed glasses! I hope all the Game Machine Joe cosplayers have got their Real D 3D glasses set aside for this con!

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