A commercial for Bandai’s PROLICA Moon Stick

PROLICA Moon Stick Commercial

Here’s a commercial for Bandai’s PROLICA Moon Stick replica. This 1:1 high quality Moon Stick will be on sale this coming April. It will be expensive (about $90 US) and there have not been any details about a North American release of the product to date. You can pre-order it from JList now.

This commercial clearly shows that this Moon Stick is meant to be modelled after the item from the original Anime. We previously speculated that this toy might be from the new anime, set to start in January, and that the similarity and use of Kotono Mitsuishi’s voice were telling of the show’s designs and casting, but we now know that this is not relevant as it is based on the 1992 anime’s designs.

PROLICA Moon Stick Commercial 1:1 scale

“Teen Soldier Romance Comics” Sailor Moon shirt for sale today at Shirt Punch

Teen Soldier Romance Comics - Sailor Moon

Today and today only you can pick up this very cool “Teen Soldier Romance Comics” shirt featuring Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask on the cover of an American style comic book at Shirt Punch for $10. The title seems to be a reference to “Teen Age Romance” comics which were published years ago. The date, February 1992, is about the time when the Anime first aired in Japan. As you can see the comic is approved by the Crystal Tokyo comics authority.

This shirt’s artist is DiHA. Check out the original piece that this shirt was based off of. She previously did the “TournĂ©e du chat noir de la lune” shirt which has sold on various shirt a day sites. You can buy that and other products she’s sold at her RedBubble store. You can also check out more of her works on Deviant Art and Facebook.

Unplugged Expo’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary voice actor panel – Day 1

Unplugged Expo Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel - Day 1

Here’s the first of two Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary panels from Unplugged Expo in Toronto last weekend. This is the Saturday panel from October 26th. On this panel we have Jill Frappier, the voice of Luna, Ron Rubin, the voice of Artemis, Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and voice director for the first 65 episodes of the dub, Julie Lemieux, the voice of Sammy, Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, Stephanie Morgenstern, the voice of Sailor Venus, Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon and Toby Proctor, the voice of Tuxedo Mask. The MC at the podium is me, Adam Gardner.

The Sunday panel was recorded as well. It included Ron Rubin, Susan Roman, Terri Hawkes and Toby Proctor. It will be posted online as time permits in the coming days.

Thanks to Kate for helping out with the camera. Check out her Sailor Moon screenshots on Instagram or Twitter.