Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter Legend Studio figure prototypes

Sailor Moon, Mars and Jupiter Legend Studio prototype figures

A few weeks ago we had our first look at the Sailor Moon prototype for Legend Studio’s line of figures at the ACG HK 2013 convention. Sailor Mars and Jupiter’s prototype figures, seen in this picutre, were unveiled the next day. I had no idea this had occurred until I read about it on Sailor Moon Collectibles yesterday. This image comes from this Chinese page on the Japanese Geocities. That’s right, in Japan Geocities is still a thing.

Legend Studio's Sailor Moon S figure in colour

We also now have a better look at the Sailor Moon figure in colour courtesy of NextMedia. We previously saw what this figure looked like from a photo of a standee but now we have a photo of the actual figure.

First look at Legend Studio’s Sailor Moon S figure

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - Standing

We haven’t heard about Legend Studio’s line of Sailor Moon S figures since February but we’ve finally got a first look at them from the ACG HK 2013 convention. We previously only saw images of the characters and some rough 3D renders of the pieces making up the figure but now we can see a prototype of the figure itself. As is often the case with prototypes we don’t have any colours however a cardboard display does show us what the figure would look like in full colour and it looks pretty good.

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - Cardboard cutout

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