First look at Legend Studio’s Sailor Moon S figure

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - Standing

We haven’t heard about Legend Studio’s line of Sailor Moon S figures since February but we’ve finally got a first look at them from the ACG HK 2013 convention. We previously only saw images of the characters and some rough 3D renders of the pieces making up the figure but now we can see a prototype of the figure itself. As is often the case with prototypes we don’t have any colours however a cardboard display does show us what the figure would look like in full colour and it looks pretty good.

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - Cardboard cutout

According to the information card included with the figure it will be released in “2013 Q4″ so some time between October and December. Sailor Moon is holding her Spiral Heart Moon Rod in these poses, her weapon during Sailor Moon S. The Cosmic Heart Compact on her bow and crescent moon instead of a red gem on her tiara are also consistent with the Sailor Moon S costume which she wore when not upgraded to Super Sailor Moon. There will certainly be swappable parts for this figure. We can see an example of this with the different hair and face Sailor Moon has in the two poses.

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - With Card

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles & Sailor Moon Thailand Fanclub

Legend Studio's Sailor  Moon S figure - Kneeling

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4 thoughts on “First look at Legend Studio’s Sailor Moon S figure

  1. I went to the ACG convention on the 26th and asked the sales staff there for more details and I just wanted to share some info. He said the whole range will have 10 figures, including the main 5 members, Tuxedo Kamen, Uranus, and Neptune. Luna and Artemis will be included as well. The figures will be released next year as soon as possible, but they have to wait for the Japanese company to give them the go ahead with the prototypes. Only Sailormoon has been approved so far. They’ll be made with the right height proportion to each other which apparently Bandai didn’t do. He also said Legend is a small HK company so they won’t have any official release in other countries and it should be $200 something HKD, under $300. I actually think the figure looks prettier than Bandai’s and so excited to hear Tuxedo will be made!

  2. I thought you meant $200 US! Sounds like that in HKD shouldn’t be much more than $25-35 US so that’s good.

    I joke when Jupiter was announced that maybe it would be a bit taller but I guess Bandai isn’t bothering with that.

    I’ll have to see more of this before I decide if I like it more than Bandai’s.

  3. Wow this looks really good. I’m hoping there will be some relatively easy way to get hold of these figures. I already have S.H.Figuarts Moon & Mercury pre-ordered, and this set looks like it could be on par. I’m hoping the quality is as good as it looks to be so far- it’s hard to tell with such a small, relatively unknown company.
    I REALLY want Chibi-Moon, but I have yet to see her mentioned as part of any figure line thus far. I’m hoping the S.H. Figuarts ones do so well that they decide to keep going with the line. I think my only disappointment thus far is that S.H. has been making the heights all the same, so it’s neat to hear info about this other line and that they’re looking to keep the height ratios true to scale. I’m also glad that it would be from a different season of Sailor Moon, too.

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