New Moon Stick toy coming soon from Tamashii Nations

New Moon Stick Toy by Tamashii Nations

A post was made this morning to Moonkitty’s Facebook page stating that a new Moon Stick was spotted at the Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical which is currently playing in Japan. It was clear that no photographs are allowed. Is a video a photograph? Because someone got a video! Check that out!

The case has the Tamashii Nations logo on it, so it stands to reason that they will be releasing the toy. The design of this Moon Stick seems consistent with that of the original toy from the 1992 anime meaning that this is either yet another toy for the original anime or, assuming it’s something from the new 2014 Sailor Moon anime, this would indicate that the design of the Moon Stick will be unchanged. I’d be inclined to say it’s more likely just based on the original design.

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Bandai’s Sailor Moon figure’s price, pre-order info and 1st edition exclusives

S.H. Figuarts Luna figure is a 1st edition exclusive

The Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA Facebook page has posted some new information about Bandai’s new S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure. They specify the North American sale time to be in August or September. The MSRP is $42.99, pretty much equivalent to the Japanese price we saw earlier. It is also mentioned that the two new face we recently saw, that being the winking and crying Sailor Moon faces, will be 1st edition exclusives. Additionally the Luna figure which accompanies Sailor Moon is also a 1st edition exclusive.

Sailor Moon figure crying face

Online store G. G. Infinite already has the figure up for pre-order. The cost on their site is $42.29 and they mention the figure will be released in September.

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New Japanese Sailor Moon figures from Bandai

Bandai Chibi-Arts Sailor Moon and Luna figures

Bandai has announced a few new Sailor Moon figures at their Tamashii Nation 2012 show, which is Bandai’s collectible trade show. Two Sailor Moon figures were shown.

The first was part of the Figuarts line. Figuarts are high quality very detailed figurines with swappable parts. As can be seen from the two images shown below Sailor Moon can be posed in a number of ways such as her “I will punish you” pose from when she lectures villains to her post transformation pose. Sailor Moon comes with her faithful cat Luna.

Bandai Sailor Moon figureBandai Sailor Moon and Luna Figuarts figures

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