Sailor Moon episodes 17 and 18 are now on Hulu

Sailor Moon episode 17 - Kijin Shinokawa

The two latest episdoes of the original Sailor Moon anime have been added to Hulu and Neon Alley this morning, July 7th. Every Monday two new episodes will be added until they reach episode 200. This week it’s episodes 17 and 18. These episodes are subbed by Viz. The dubbed episodes will be coming soon as the cast was already announced this weekend at Anime Expo. DVDs and Blu-Rays with both subbed and dubbed episodes will be released starting with the first half of season 1 on November 11th. Now you can also watch Sailor Moon Crystal on Hulu.

Sailor Moon episode 17 - Usagi in a swimsuit angry

Episode 17, Usagi’s a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera, has Nephrite targetting Kijin Shinokawa, a talented photographer from Rei’s school. He is looking for models which causes many girls, including Usagi, Naru and her teacher Haruna to volunteer! Hijynx ensues as Usagi covers up a swimsuit which has been destroyed by moths with yellow bows and gets into a fight with Luna.

Sailor Moon episode 18 - Mika and Shingo

Episode 18, Shingo’s Love: the Grieving Doll, is all about Usagi’s brother Shingo and his good friend Mika who is an expert doll maker. Nephrite targets Mika causing friction between her and Shingo, who is concerned for his friend. Throughout this ordeal their friendship and romance grows, but can Mika compete with Sailor Moon for Shingo’s affection? If only Shingo knew that his idol was actually his stupid sister Usagi!

Sailor Moon episode 18 - Shingo loves Sailor Moon

I’m shipping these two

Sailor Moon episodes 5 and 6 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon episode 5 - Mika and Shingo hypnotized by the Chanela

The 5th and 6th episodes of Sailor Moon are now available subbed and streaming on Hulu. As was mentioned previously by Viz, who has acquired the rights to the series, two new episodes will be released every Monday! This week includes two new episodes which were previously not dubbed into English. For many nostalgic fans this is a great chance to check out these episodes for the first time!

Sailor Moon episode 5 - Evil Shingo and Mika

Episode 5, Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love has tensions grow between Shingo and Luna, who is integrating herself into the Tsukino family as a pet, as the Chanela appear in town. Shingo and his friend Mika, along with many other children, are hypnotized by the Chanela who are actually a plot by the Dark Kingdom. One has to wonder if the Chanela themselves were actually innocent creatures with autonomy created as part of this plot and discarded afterwards or if they were just mindless tools. This episode features an interesting twist as Usagi, disguised as Sailor Moon, hides her face from Shingo fearing he might recognize her. Later in the series Usagi’s transformed self is never recognized by anyone. Perhaps Usagi, new to her powers, simply didn’t realize this was the case so early in the show.

Sailor Moon episode 6 - Yusuke Amade playing the piano

Episode 6, Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid, has Usagi befriending a jazz musician Yusuke Amade, whose music is being used by the Dark Kingdom in order to collect energy. Usagi plays cupid in that she gives him advise on how to win over Akiko who he’s interested in. Usagi uses her transformation pen to get into a club and in doing so sports a punky looking green hair style.

Sailor Moon episode 6 - Usagi with green hair