Listen to the new voices of Usagi and Mamoru in this new clip of Viz’s Sailor Moon dub

Usagi meets Mamoru

Viz has released an official clip of their new dub. This scenes features the voices of Usagi and Mamoru when they first meet on the street in episode 1. Mamoru refers to Usagi as “bun head” instead of the “meatball head” we had in the original English dub. This translation is certainly more accurate for all that’s worth. Usagi’s is voiced by Stephanie Sheh and Mamoru’s is voiced by Robbie Daymond. Check out the clip below. What do you think of the voices?

Also included is information, including cover art, for the DVD and Blu-Ray release. We had already posted information about this. The DVD and Blu-Ray for the first half of the first season will be released on November 11th with both Japanese and English audio.

Sailor Moon DVD and Blu-Ray info