Lindsay Lohan is not dressed as Sailor Moon in Anger Management

Lindsay Lohan on Anger Management not looking like Sailor Moon but wearing Minako Aino's school uniform

The Internet is abuzz about Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming appearance on Charlie Sheen’s TV series Anger Management. She will appear on the show wearing a school uniform similar to those found in Japan that many news sources such as Perez Hilton, Celebuzz and TV Guide are referring to as looking like Sailor Moon.

Lindsay Lohan on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen looks less like Sailor Moon but more like Minako Aino

In reality the uniform doesn’t make her look a ton like Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon’s outfit does indeed look like a sailor outfit, much like this one does, but this is pretty standard of Japanese school uniforms. Sailor Moon’s Sailor Fuku has a large red bow, shorter arms, different colours and no exposed stomach. Usagi’s civilian school uniform similarly has a large red bow and many differences from this. Brad from has pointed out that the colour scheme of blue and white is not terribly common in Tokyo. Even though a lot of the specifics are different, the similarity to Sailor Moon’s school uniform and Sailor Fuku may very well be intentional. Lindsay Lohan is also sporting a hair style that is quite similar to Usagi’s iconic odangos or meatballs as they’re referred to as in the dub which is surely not a coincidence. I wonder if the outfit is intentionally different to avoid any legal issues or if this is just the case of a lazy wardrobe department using what they had at their disposal. It’s not a coincidence that all these news sources mentioned the Sailor Moon connection. That may be something that was mentioned in the press release that was sent out with these pictures.

Sailor Moon posing

What this outfit does look like much more than Usagi or Sailor Moon’s is Minako’s school uniform. Minako does not attend the same school as Usagi and so she has a totally different uniform with a scarf instead of a bow. That comparison would have been more apt if the intended audience was more well versed in the specifics of Sailor Moon and her friends. This being said there are still differences such as the knot on the scarf and number of stripes on the uniform. I am not insinuating that it was intentional to have this outfit look more like Minako’s, I’m just using this example to show the many differences with Sailor Moon’s.

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