Pretty Kitty Fuzzy, a Sailor Moon inspired video game, is coming this summer

Pretty Kitty Fuzzy

An upcoming Sailor Moon inspired video game is looking for funding on Kickstarter. Pretty Kitty Fuzzy is a 2D shooter starring a cat which is based on magical girl anime like Sailor Moon and a real life house cat named Fuzzy. This is a retro style game inspired heavily by SNES era 16 shooters. Pledges as low as $5 can get the game, though pledging more will lead to special incentives. The game will be made for Windows, Mac and Linux if $2000 is reached, though there are stretch goals if more funds are collected. Incentives include a manga, poster, t-shirt and soundtrack. Stretch goals include an animated opening, an extra mini game and possible ports to other systems.

Watch this video for more details!

Pretty Kitty Fuzzy gameplay

To follow news about this game check out the Ninja Gate Studio home page, Twitter feed and the game’s Facebook page.

Pretty Kitty Fuzzy