RSVP to see Jennifer Cihi perform at Gundam Planet in New Jersey July 17th

Jennifer Cihi

Jersey City and New York City Sailor Moon fans may be able to see Jennifer Cihi, who performed many songs for the original English version of Sailor Moon, perform at Gundam Planet in New Jersey. She will be in the area but will only be able to hold a performance if there is enough interest to support it. The event is tentatively scheduled for July 17th. Respond to this Facebook event to show your interest.

Jennifer Cihi, who is credited as the singing voice of Sailor Moon, appears in a number of songs played throughout the original DiC dub of the Sailor Moon anime. On the three Sailor Moon soundtracks her name is credited as Sailor Moon, Princess Serena and Sailor Mars. She has provided the vocals for “I Wanna Be A Star!”, “My Only Love”, “Carry On”, “It’s A New Day”, “Call My Name”, “The Power of Love”, “I Want Someone to Love”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Who Do You Think You Are?”.