Kirsten Bishop, the voice of Zoisite, passes away at age 50

Kirsten Bishop

It is with great sadness that I share the news that Kirsten Bishop, best known to Sailor Moon fans as the voice of Zoisite, died of lung cancer on April 15th in Toronto. Aside from playing Zoisite she voiced many other characters such as Emerald from Sailor Moon R, Kaorinite and Telulu from Sailor Moon S and Badiyanu from the SuperS movie. In additoin to this she also lent her voice to a number of single episode villains including Techniclon, the monster that Andrew’s boyfriend Rita turned into after having her Rainbow Crystal extracted, Polite Society, the monster version of Countess Rose from the Crystal Seminar and many Daimon and Lemures from the S and SuperS seasons which are listed on Wikimoon.

Zoisite, voice by Kirsten Bishop

Kirten Bishop’s portrayal of Zoisite was a bit controversial as the character, who was a gay man in the Japanese version of the show, was a woman in the English dub. She did such a convincing job of this that many fans had no idea this character was anything but the woman she presented.

In additional to her work on Sailor Moon and many other animated series Kirsten Bishop was also an accomplished film and TV actress. She will be remembered with fondness by fans everywhere.

Source: The Globe and Mail