Linda Ballantyne and Toby Proctor, the voices of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, to appear at Otafest in Calgary May 15th to the 17th

Linda Ballantyne and Toby Proctor at Otafest

Linda Ballantyne, the voice of Sailor Moon, and Toby Proctor, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, will be appearing at Otafest at the University of Calgary May 8th to the 10th. Amongst other events the convention will feature a live script reading of a Sailor Moon script with the two of them voicing their characters. I wonder what script they are planning to use, as the two have never appeared in the same episode together.

Linda Ballantyne is the third voice of Sailor Moon, voicing the character for the 3rd and 4th seasons, Sailor Moon S and SuperS. During these episodes the voice of Tuxedo Mask was provided by Vince Corazza. Toby Proctor is the second voice of Tuxedo Mask, taking over after Rino Romano voiced him for only a few episodes, covering most of the first two seasons, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. Toby Proctor’s Tuxedo Mask acted opposite Terri Hawkes, who was herself the second voice of Sailor Moon.

The schedule of events for Otafest is already online. Friday at 7:30pm North American the Voice Acting Roundtable will included Linda Ballantyne and Toby Proctor. This is followed by an autograph session at 8:30pm. Saturday afternoon the two actors have another autograph session at 1:30pm. The Sailor Moon script reading will take place on Sunday afternoon at 2pm

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