Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37, Infinity 11 – Infinite – Judge, June 20th at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37 Preview - Sailor Saturn

We’re almost done with the current run of episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. This Monday we will get the second last episode of the Infinity arc, Act 37, Infinity 11 – Infinite – Judge. The episode will air on Japanese TV on Monday June 20th at 11pm Japan Standard Time. After that, starting at 10:30am, it will be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu. This week is all about the appearance of Sailor Saturn!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37 Preview - Sailor Saturn

I’ve long griped about barely being able to see Sailor Saturn in the original Sailor Moon anime. Well now we’ll be able to see her first, but still somewhat brief, appearance in Sailor Moon Crystal. A transformation sequence seems unlikely at this point as Hotaru doesn’t really turn into Sailor Saturn, she’ll just sort of show up intent on destroying the world. Let’s see how that turns out for everyone!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37 Preview - Sailor Saturn

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83 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 37, Infinity 11 – Infinite – Judge, June 20th at 10:30am Eastern Time

  1. cool so were get english dub some time soon then also will sailor moon s or super s becoming to crystal?????

    • This Sailor Moon Crystal Season lll is Sailor Moon S from the 90s anime.Sailor Moon SuperS is the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal( I dont know how it will be called,Dream arc like the creator ,Naoko Takeuchi named it or season lV )

  2. I cannot wait for seasons 4 and 5! To have all the asteroid senshi represented and the left out metal senshi like Sailor heavy metal Papillon, Leth et al!

  3. Here was to hoping all these comments were actually constructive commentary and opinions, not punk ass luke basically being a hoe again. Throwing water? That’s the shit girls do on tv shows like Mob Wives or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Goodbye.

    On a related note, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get a Saturn transformation, as there is no Hotaru body to transform from…

      • You’re right, I don’t know, I didn’t know, it was a speculation, an idea, an educated guess. Saturn emerged from an alien daimon. Hotaru’s soul has been gone, it made no sense. Don’t be ignorant.

        However, I’m extremely happy and content with the result, as you can see on my comment below. Again, don’t be fucking ignorant.

  4. I just watched the episode, and it was amazing! The animation was one of the best so far! We got a small kind of transformation from Saturn so that’s a big plus! Great episode I must say! Really looking forward to the final episode of the season! Hope it’s as good as this one!!

    • And yes, there were a lot of stock footage, but at this point, that’s normal in SMC and sometimes they are needed to fill the 20 minutes of each episode when there’s not enough “source material” from the manga, giving that some acts are shorter than others, so just don’t pay much attention to that anymore!

  5. Yooooo! We got a Saturn transformation! We got a Sailor Saturn fucking transformation son oh my God I cannot believe it!

    Wait, they couldn’t do that for Pluto though?

  6. Well, we got Saturn, along with the most recaps and stock footage yet. The Death Busters are terrifying. Germatoid was pretty creepy in the 90’s anime, but that whole fusion thing with Mistress 9 was pretty dark!

  7. Hurray for a somewhat Saturn transformation!!!! Finally! But I am so sick of stock footage :/ on the other hand…..if they make Act 38 according to the manga and don’t leave anything out – we should see Helios at the end of next weeks episode :o

  8. Thank god they made some descent animation. The flashbacks are getting to be obnoxious, the stock footage is way overused, but just seeing the faces looking good and not all jacked was enough to make me happy.

    And can we just talk about how fucking sick Saturn’s entrance was?!? Freaking out, #fangirlinghard

    • well lets just remember they snuck in chibi usa falling from the sky after the dark kingdom arc and took us all by surprise with the black moon arc so here is hoping that we see the eclipse and Pegasus next episode, plus we will have to get the super sailor scout outfits if there staying true to the manga, fingers totally crossed that we get the dreams arc and stars arc here

  9. Saw the episode. Loved how disturbing Pharaoh 90 was. And I liked how beautiful Sailor Saturn was (which is a nice contrast, since Saturn is going to destroy all). But why, oh why, can’t those translators get that it’s “Death REBORN Revolution” not Death Ribbon Revolution. Fans have been complaining about that error for years, you’d think they would listen.

  10. The translator made a mistake in translating “Death Reborn Revolution”.
    The subtitle was “Death Ribbon Revolution” because as the Wikia states, “due to both names being written the same in katakana”

    • I know, but again, it’s a translation error that’s infamous to many fans for years. And it keeps happening. I worry it will happen with the dub as well.

    • Either work.

      The pun is that “Reborn” and “Ribbon” are written and pronounced the same way in Japanese. The attack involves ribbons surrounding Saturn and the enemy, while her powers are that of death and rebirth, hence “Reborn”. While I think “Death Reborn Revolution” is the best way to get the pun across, they’re not actually wrong in using “Death Ribbon Revolution”. No matter what the translation can’t truly reflect the pun.

      • As I said…

        “due to both names being written the same in katakana”

        the more angular form of kana (syllabic writing) used in Japanese, primarily used for words of foreign origin.

        • But the point is there was no mistake. Both are correct because there’s no proper way to translate the attack. There’s no way for an English translation to accurately use the same word for “Ribbon” and “Reborn”.

          • You’re citing a FAN wiki as a source.

            デス・リボーン・レボリューション can be interpreted as either “Death Reborn Revolution” OR “Death Ribbon Revolution”. The original intention of the name is that it means both. Its a pun. A proper English translation must make the choice of either one, but neither are incorrect. There was no mistake, fact. I also prefer “Death Reborn Revolution” as the translation of choice but NEITHER are wrong.

          • Please do not dismiss this FAN wiki because they are as passionate and loyal as we can get.

  11. Did you know that the full moon in last night’s episode coincides with the Strawberry moon and summer solstice in real time. Amazing isn’t it?

  12. Decent episode, good animation. I actually found the stock footage reasonably tolerable this episode, even though there was a lot of it. It’s sad that they have to resort to stock footage and flashbacks, but that’s the challenge of trying to match the manga 1:1 chapter per episode.

    Any faults come from the manga itself rather then Crystal. I always thought Super Chibi Moon’s introduction sucked in the manga. Heaps of hype, only for her attack to fail spectacularly and for her to run out of power almost immediately. Lame!

    Saturn’s introduction was suitably epic and full of dread. I don’t have any complaints there! Interesting to see that they really have settled for a purple tiara over white, but I guess it’s so her “Eternal” tiara’s colour is consistent with her normal and “Super” tiara. I wish the ribbons in DRR were yellow though,a little video game homage would’ve been cute!

  13. Can we talk about how much of a bitch Sailor Saturn is? I fucking love her. “I’m always the uninvited guest” her expressions! She’s life.

    • Also, is anyone else as bothered by the constant bullying on this blog? I mean, some teasing in good fun is okay, but there are some real trolls and morons posting on here and when it crosses over into bullying others, it goes too far.

      • I am really bothered because it does not have anything else to do. I strongly suggest a new love life or a long vacation is highly effective.

      • I’m sure it’s hard for Adam to control the comments when it’s just one person running his blog. This is why I mostly comment on the Facebook page these days.

        • I don’t spend a lot of time moderating, aside from approving stuff. I had to delete a few things the other day though since it’s getting a bit out of hand. I’d prefer not to spend too much of my time deleting posts and banning people instead of doing my posts and reviews!

          • Well, you can’t help it if bullies come to your page.I’m not blaming you for that. :)
            But some of them have really been crossing the line lately. It’s too bad there’s not a flag button…though I can definitely see that getting abused.
            And having to approve every message would delay some of our fun conversations.
            It seems the only choices we have are to either ignore them or keep calling the jerks out.

      • Yes, I’m really bothered too. Sailor Moon is a cool stuff to talk about, it relieves our lives and that’s why I don’t understand why some people need to wage war on it… I like to tease people in good fun, but the thing is that on the Internet, indeed, all barriers tend to fall, and it “allows” some frustrated people to unleash all the repressed violence they have deep inside them. Internet often leads to dehumanization…

        I don’t blame Adam at all, he has a lot to do in his every day life, like every single one of us here (yeah, even the trolls ! When they are not trolling, of course :D ).

        On the contrary of Neon Genesis, I don’t use facebook anymore so I keep on posting here.

      • I can imagine the Witches 5 sailing on a big bunch of whatever Pharaoh 90 is while Kaorinite watches through her viewing pool singing this.

        • Omg it needs to happen!!! When Luke goes to animation school and makes his crossover (because let’s be clear, that’s the only way it’s seeing the light of day #dig #kindasorry #butnotsorry #gotoschoolluke) you need to put in a special request. Maybe the they sing their song from the musicals.

          • On closer inspection I think the sails are made from stockings…but it looks more like a giant bra with tassles!!

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