Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34, Infinity 8 – Infinite Labyrinth 1, Monday May 30th at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34 Preview - Mistress 9

The next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japanese TV Monday May 30th at 11pm Japan Standard Time. Immediately following this, at 10:30am Eastern Time, it will be available to stream first on Crunchyroll and then on Neon Alley and Hulu. Act 34, Infinity 8 – Infinite Labyrinth 1, continues the fight against Mistress 9 and the Death Busters.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34 Preview - Usagi cries

We continue to debate the morality of killing Hotaru but now that Chibiusa is almost dead, Usagi must weigh Hotaru’s life not only against that of the world but that of her daughter! Never mind that the world also includes Hotaru and Chibiusa. Quite a dilemma! Also the Witches 5 are back! And now there are six!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34 Preview - Sailor Jupiter

I believe we will be hearing the new opening and ending themes with this episode. The first themes were used for 4 episodes and we have had 4 with the second theme. Also the first CD came out after the last time we had heard those themes in the episodes and the second CD has just come out. With 5 episodes remaining in this story arc the new themes will likely be this week, if not they will be the next Monday. This third version of In Love With the New Moon will be performed by Momoiro Clover Z, the band who performed Moon Pride during the first two story arcs. The new ending theme, Only Eternity Brings the Two Together, will be performed by Kenji Nojima, the voice of Tuxedo Mask

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48 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 34, Infinity 8 – Infinite Labyrinth 1, Monday May 30th at 10:30am Eastern Time

  1. I am 100% spoiler free from this and it’s quite interesting honestly. I can kinda tell the inners are separated somehow and they all go through they’re own personal shit like Jupitee daydreaming about her sempai or Venus thinking she’s at some concert.

    • Well, you’ll be glad to know that nothing bad happens. Chibiusa is turned into a vampire by two handsome vampires, while Hotaru is freed from her possession by the elder brother she never knew she had. They go off to hunt monsters up and down the country in a 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Meanwhile, Venus sneaks into Gold society to bring it down from the inside and bring equality to the Society, and Usagi and Mamoru go off to a hotel in the middle of Colorado that is haunted by ghosts for the winter. Mars goes to Hogwarts, where she becomes friends with The Boy Who Lived and a redhead. Mercury and Jupiter drive off a cliff holding hands, and the Outer Senshi become agents for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division hunting members of Hydra and cataloging super-powered people and beings.

  2. i just watched the episode and i loved it,the first half of it was boring but the second half was amazing,i didn’t like the new version of New Moon but i must say that the ending was very cool.I loved the fight between the sailor senshi and Kolinite was freaking amazing.The music wasn’t very good as the last episodes,especially the part where all the sailor senshi were running and you can see that is something dramatic showing in which door are they but there is no music and that part was really awkward but i can’t say the same thing about the animation cuz the animation wasn’t as good as Jupiters episode but i didn’t noticed any bad hand drawings in this episode.But still this minor things can not make me hate this episode cuz it was very good :)

  3. ITS SO GOOD! This is probably my favorite episode so far. And the new opening and ending songs are fantastic! They still didn’t fix the “moon crisis makeup” bit…but hopefully with the dvd release that will change. And the only real complaint I have is in the very beginning the inner senshi faces at the hospital were reminiscent of arc one animation, but all in all I’m super pleased with this :D

  4. I really enjoyed this episodey, it happened a really lot important things there and also the animation was very good.

    I was thinking for much complex battle with resurrected Witches 5 and also slightly better animation of submarine reflection and mainly Cronos Typhoon. On the other hand battle with Kaolinite was really cool.

    I don’t understand why there will be again resurrected Witches 5 in ep. 36 – as far as I know, that is not in the manga at all. I suppose Tomoe will create Daimons from them??!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  5. UGH! When they speak in unison like that, it’s literally like nails on a chalkboard. C’mon toei, we aren’t kids watching this anymore.

    And the new tuxedo ending!!! I was laughing my ass of… those dance moves shouldn’t leave the gay clubs, t’mask!!! #fanservice #wetmamo

    • When the ending song began, I found it was so ridiculous that I went somewhere else on the Internet, while the song was still playing. So I didn’t see the animation… and when I read your comment I think I did well !

      Haha #wetmamo, lmao XD .

  6. well watched it, the dubbing was bad, not sure if that was a hulu thing or what but there were errors all over the place, the new intro I honestly loved, slightly different clips in it, the credits was better then chibi usa and her baby rap crap, story kinda slacked and I have to say the outers got the shaft they went from cold hearted bitches to we really do love you sailor moon please take our apology and let us fight with you, next episode looks to be much better altho I cant figure out why the witches 5(6 lol) are in the preview clip when they are done as well as kaolinite now

    • I agree with you, sour cream.

      My favorite subtitle error was when Jupiter attacked Kaolinite “I stop you” I’m like…really? Shouldn’t you know better from school? Then again, they’re never in fucking school.

  7. In that episode Outer Senshies are gorgeous while the Inner Senshies are just crap. I think who draw Outer Senshies and who draw Inner Senshies are differrent people. And Chiba Mamoru, why they can’t draw him well, from the first episode he is very ugly in every episode, especially the ending is AWFUL!!!!

    • Don’t think it’s necessarily a different artist(s). However, I think it’s very obvious that there’s a preference and favoritism going on here.

    • “In that episode Outer Senshies are gorgeous while the Inner Senshies are just crap.”

      I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to have noticed this inequality of treatment between the drawing of the Inners and the Outers. I thought I had a visual impairment Ô_ô .

      • They even didn’t bother to draw to normal faces for Inner Senshies, Michiru’s hair is drawn better than Inner Senshies’ faces. I think Outer Senshies have more beauty than Inner Senshies have also like they are more powerful than Inner Senshies are. :D :D :D Sorry Inners, but the Outers also have to more beautiful than you, because some of outer system enemies are must be seducted by beauty and gorgeousness of the Outers before they will be done by them. :D :D :D

  8. The animation on the first couple of minutes was absolute shit. The episode was blah. Not bad, just blah. I did love to see Submarine Reflection and the initiative Neptune was taking this whole episode, and when she located Kaolinite’s location via her Deep Aqua Mirror and that sound effect, was very dope. Did anyone catch the other sound effect when Submarine Reflection shoots? Same sound effect from Sailor Moon’s attack from the Dream Arc in the original anime of course.

    Another thing I loved was Chrono’s Typhoon but I seem to be the only one who caught this…

    Her animation was originally meant to be for Dead Scream. The way she holds her stuff and looks sideways and the close up its all Dead Scream! It’s almost identical to the original anime attack. Shit, you can even read her lips and see her say “Dead Scream”. Someone please review this as well and discuss your opinions.

    • I find the animation of Chronos Typhoon a total blah… I almost didn’t notice that something happened… I thing I’m Manga this attack is mainly about the garnet orb which we even didn’t see at all now

      • I’m pretty sure it’s her “talisman attack” in the manga, so I agree. This was just a dumbed down version of Dead Scream.

    • I thought the episode was fairly decent, actually! The manga chapter its based on was a complete mess, with the action sequences being really short and incomprehensible and the dialogue being terrible. They streamlined a lot of the conversations in order to be more natural and cut unnecessary information. Interesting that they cut out the implication that the Daimons they had been killing were also killing the students, but I don’t miss that line much!
      I appreciated the longer fight scenes with the Witches 5 and that the Inners were able to get some attacks in against Kaolinite, as well as Kaolinite actually putting up something of a fight! In the manga she is killed the second they walk in with RMHA and it, just like ALL the manga battles, is a huge anticlimax.

      I enjoyed the new attack animations. Yes, “Chronos Typhoon” is straight up “Dead Scream” minus the energy ball, but honestly that was expected in my eyes. “Space Sword Blaster” was also straight up “World Shaking” except she was holding a sword and “Submarine Reflection” likewise included elements of “Deep Submerge”, such as the camera zooming into her eyes, although they pretty awesomely combined elements of Deep Submerge with Submarine Reflections animation from the SuperS movie, such as the poses she strikes at the beginning of the animation. I think they wanted to stay relatively true to the manga but also give us nostalgia for their original attacks. Unfortunately World Shaking, Deep Submerge and Dead Scream were all used from off-screen in the manga, so instead they’ve chosen to recreate the animations in their Talisman attacks. A decent payoff imho!

      Sailor Moon still said “Moon Crisis Make Up” instead of simply “Crisis Make Up” so “ugh” at that though.

      Most problems I had with the episode are straight from the manga. The Inners once again are completely useless and taken out immediately, needing to be saved by Sailor Moon and the Outers, but this is a problem for the entirety of the manga. Why the hell couldn’t they overcome the illusions? Have them realise how important saving the world is to them, more then their fantasies? Come on, Inners! Stop. Sucking.

      Of course next episode they’ll be taken out again and do nothing for the rest of the arc, so at least they TRIED to make them seem less pathetic by having them help fight Kaolinite a bit.

      • What I really hope to see is the inners put up a better fight against the enemies in the next two arcs. I HATED how they were handled in Stars so much.

          • SPOILERS
            The first few chapters of the “Stars” manga arc has Mamorou, and then the Inners killed off, two per chapter and then they don’t come back until literally the last scene of the entire story. Heck, they don’t even get “spotlight” chapters for their deaths, they’re just unceremoniously killed during the standard manga battle with the non-fight segments of the chapters focused completely on Usagi and the Starlights.
            Many people say that the Galaxia storyline was better in the manga, but many people are wrong.

          • The manga was what I was referring to…it ticked me off how easily they went down in the manga. I hope they get a battle scene with each Animamate.

    • Finally someone who noticed the chronos typhoon/dead scream mashup, I honestly didn’t find it THAT amazing, I was actually expecting some tornadoes and wind-like stuff happening in the background, I really wanted to see at least her garnet orb shining or something, I just don’t know why they just keep doing pluto’s attacks the least ellaborated on the series, dead scream just disappointed me, and this chronos typhoon was like beh.

  9. does it bother anyone that mistress nine is just hanging out, standing in hotarus room with no omnious music…prof tomoe and kaolinite just walk in…idk ive watched it three times and this scene is just too normal. she should be floating or something.

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