Watch the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity Arc which starts Monday April 4th with a new opening and ending theme

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru

This morning was the premiere event for the first episode of the Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc in Japan. Some lucky fans were able to watch Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition, ahead of the rest of us. Only those in attendance were able to see it but a new trailer has been released so that we can see Sailor Uranus, Neptune and some of the Death Busters in action. On top of this we got a lot of news about the series, which is set to premiere on Tokyo MX on Monday April 4th at 11pm Japan Standard Time, 10am Eastern Daylight Time, and every Monday after this. It will replay on other channels throughout the week. There has been no mention of streaming options for international viewers. For now we are hoping for more information while relying on our friends in Japan to record the broadcasts so that they will be fan translated early in the week. Watch the trailer below.

The series has a new opening and ending theme for the Infinity arc. The new opening is “In Love With the New Moon” by Etsuko Yakushimaru who sang the cover of Otome No Policy on the 20th Anniversary album. The new ending theme is “Eternal Eternity” and will be sung by the voices of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Junko Minagawa and Sayaka Ohara. A CD release with these new songs will be released on April 27th and is already available for pre-order from Amazon Japan and CD Japan.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Michiru and Haruka

The animation looks a bit different from what we’ve seen, though it’s hard to tell specifically from just these clips. My concerns about the lack of shading in the preview image aren’t worrying me with what we’ve seen from this footage. I think what we’re seeing in this trailer looks quite good, though they are likely just sharing the best looking stuff they have. What do you think?

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Minako and Makoto

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site

Update: [2016-03-09] I previously mentioned that 11pm Japan Standard Time was 9am Eastern Time. This has been corrected to 10am Eastern Daylight Time. I was not keeping in mind the upcoming time change occurring this weekend which puts this release under Eastern Daylight Time, as Daylight Savings Time will be observed for many in the Eastern Time Zone. I’ll be sure to include the correct time zones when April 4th approaches. Apologies to those in the Eastern Time Zone who do not observer DST who are probably just really confused by all this nonsense.

Keep reading for more screenshots from the trailer.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Kalonite

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Students from Mugen Academy

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - The Witches 5

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon

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79 thoughts on “Watch the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity Arc which starts Monday April 4th with a new opening and ending theme

    • Lots of stuff changed! According to the twitter account of ukiyoe16 who watched the reveal:
      -They have brand new henshin sequences different for the first time. They were given new pen-type things for “planet power”.

      -Jupiter uses coconut cyclone and Venus uses wink chain sword!

      -The first episode only contained half of the first act- so it appears it will be 26 episodes of infinity arc only.

      -CGI transformations are out, back to regular animation henshins!

      • Oooh. If it’s not a true 1/1 breakdown this changes everything about how Sailor Moon Crystal has been playing out! I’ll check out that account. Thanks!

        • it is very simple Adam – they just want to animate the chapters properly and with respect to the manga – and Infinity Arc chapters are fuller, longer and more developed, so they just can not animate it into 20 minutes, so they decided to split one manga chapter into two 20 minutes anime episodes… so there wont be any new scenes which are not in the manga, no special plots write only for SMC anime… Season 3 still be just a respectful and accurate animation of the Infinity Arc manga

      • That’s all so awesome to hear, especially the cutting in half of the episodes! That allows for way more character time and I hope this is taken advantage of by the creators.

          • you can blindly believe your unrealistic wishes, but that will not happen and I will lough very loud on you :D I am sooo looking forward to it

      • Yeah yeah yeah :D !!!

        Thanks a lot for these news !!!

        Yes, I hope me too that the cutting in half of the episodes will bring more development to the characters and even, some kind of extra/filler scenes that don’t exist in the manga.

        Hope we will see that soon through streaming websites !


        • All we can do right now is speculate since no official announcement has been made on the breakdown (correct me if I’m wrong but have they announced yet how many episodes have even been ordered). My best guess is that this season will be 16-24 episodes, they’ll all be the Infinity Arc, split where possible to include more development. Curious about others’ thoughts.

    • I’m very skeptical- a lot of this animation looks like it will be in the opening credits which is always outstandingly done. There was definitely some signs of the crap animation (see 0:16 mark), I also feel like the new animator just set the bar lower with the newer animation style, which breaks my heart. #frogmouth

  1. The animation does look a little different, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. Just as long as it’s decent, that’s what matters.

  2. no progress in animation… this is different but still really bad and those lips (or better say no lips) look just horrendous…

  3. I’m so pumped and really like the new art style because there is more emotion in them, just the way their clothes and hair move in the glasses promotion showed more life. I’m really pumped! also they announced no more crappy CGI transformations!

  4. They are definitely sharing the parts that are animated better. But I do have a little hope that this time since it’s not on the web they won’t slack off as much. They probably were thinking the web viewers had lower standards so they didn’t care, but they were wrong. You can see bits of not so great looking artwork that reminds you of the laziness of the first two arcs of Crystal, just take a look at some of the profile views.

    I still prefer the previous two arcs flowing wispier manga-like style. If every scene in the episode had the detail and quality in the “I will punish you” scene of each soldier, the animation would have been amazing. However, that did not pan out and it was precisely only those “I will punish you” scenes of each soldier that were well animated and drawn.

    Now the new style lacks the flowing wispier style, but it makes up for it in a few ways. First the characters for example Jupiter and Venus in that scene holding hands acting cute gives the characters emotions and personality(although I haven’t finished the second arc). They could have use some of that chibi look to make the first two arcs to give the characters some personality and emotion. Also because of this emotions and personality aspect the show itself feels more alive. The characters feel less awkward and stiff. Although that was probably more due to Toei’s decisions on doing cheap, fast, and lazy animation production.

    What I don’t like about it is the style looks like pretty cure. I feel like they could have had done something a little more similar to the previous style or really just have animated the first style better. I kind of miss the lipstick. I don’t know that part kind of reminded of the manga look too. The mouths in this version have that break that I don’t like and is especially prominent in the Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon I will punish you pose. I mean it’s something they drew for the previous two arc’s style too which I never understood. Here the mouths and lips look also a bit like cheap lines. I am waiting to see Pluto. In the promo poster she was small but she looked decent but then when they had that merchandise artwork she looked terrible and much older.

    • Agree with you, so happy to see them seemingly add some humor and depth to the characters- first arcs were tragically lacking that, but HATE the new frog mouths, I don’t get it at all, it looks horribly lazy and cheap.

  5. I’m so excited! Some of the animation still looks ugly…especially the profile views, but the attacks look better animated. Jupiter Coconut Cyclone and Venus Wink Chain Sword! (Mars and Mercury’s just look like Aqua Mist and Burning Mandala so far) and it looks like Moon will have a very 90’s anime attack sequence.

    My dyslexia makes me read the headline throughout the preview as Tokyo Mix. :)

  6. Cool cant wait but have to since the english dub wont be out for awhile (there will be english dub right guys) also is this super and superS combined??? and have they said how many episodes there are in season 3

  7. The look like chibis to me. I’m not shure if I like it but , guys, it’s Sailor Moon and averything that is related with Sailor Moon it’s ok with me

  8. The lips are terrible !!! But the rest seems a lot better :D ! There is more maturity and more emotion in this new art. It looks like it’s a new Crystal.

    We can only hope there will be some streaming options…

    • Yeah, I agree, the lips looks so cheap. Not sure how I feel about Uranus and Neptune still too, they look very off compared to the others somehow but I can’t place my eye on it. Maybe it’s cause we haven’t had a comparison from what they would have looked like with the old art style versus the new one. I think they just look much younger than what I am used to…which I think is ok since they are only supposed to be like a year or two older than the rest of the girls and in the old anime it always seemed to portray them as young adults versus teens.

  9. I love the new animation so far, definitely an improvement on last season.

    I really dig seeing Sailor Uranus with that mask, she looks like Kaitou Ace from Code Name Sailor V!!

  10. I personally hate the new look and the no lipgloss look. They look too young and too cartoony. However, I will still be watching and I cant wait to hear the soundtrack. I believe its the same composers/producers correct?

    • I hope they actually use the music they create in the show! I never once even heard Jupiter’s theme play… It also looks like they’re going back to stock footage attacks- burning mandala looks exactly how it did in the 90’s, except Sailor Frog-Mouth Mars is doing it now.

    • she won’t. that was a 90s anime only characterization. The original Rei was not like that, they made it up so if they are following the manga, which they are, that won’t be happening again.

  11. there will be a SMC stage event on Anime Japan 2016 on March 26 which will reveal more news about Season 3 and also announce a new project… according to revised manga there should be 12 episodes of Season 3 so if it will be aired every week, it is pretty short-lived and there should be an announcement whether they will continue to animate the following Season 4 very soon

    • Cool so will we get english dub info as well??? Ilove sailor moon watching stars now so i do hope there be english dub season 3 since season 1 & 2 where english dub so there should be

  12. Im happy & excited about the CGI info & new transformation & attacks. I have hope this will be waaay better than the 1st they tried it & we tolerated it because of our love for the story. I believe they left some good surprises for us too!

  13. I agree with you all. I feel as though that they revamped the art. If you compare the face are wider and the head on Usagi is less huge and more proportionate, and not as imaciated. The eyes are way more pretty and the mouth isn’t too far up. And I like the sound of animated Henshin sequence rather than cgi although it was pretty cool. And my main concern is the heart and soul and the comradely between the girls that was completely missing in the soulless first two arcs

  14. Infos leaked out that one episode will represent only a half of the manga chapter… and a lot of you think because of that, that it means the plot and character development will be better.. I am sorry, but that will not happen… the reason why they have to divide one manga chapter in two episodes is much more simple – the plot of Infinity Arc manga chapters is much fuller and more developed than previous two Arcs and it is just impossible to animate it into 20 minutes,thats why they have to divide it in 2 episodes

      • I think Alex is cognitively disabled… Always posts rants and random facts without anything to back them up and they never end up being accurate.

        • lol, r u serious? those are just known facts, some fan who watched the special preview in Tokyo posted some facts about new season on twitter and all SM fans are now thrilled by those news :D a lot of discussions is about why they chose to divide one manga chapter in two anime episodes – because of that some fans are hoping that there will be more time to develop the plot and characters relationships a bit more, but that just wont happen… they need to divide one manga chapter in two anime episodes simply because the plots of Infinity Arc chapters are much fuller and developed than the chapters plots from previous seasons = so it is impossible to animate Infinity Arc chapters into one 20 minute episode and better is to split one manga chapter into two 20 minutes episodes with all respect to the manga chapters plots. So, what this all mean? No new scenes which are not in manga, no new plots developed especially for Crystal, just a careful trying to animate the manga chapters properly. UNDERSTAND???

          • Can you post the source instead of just insisting that this is magic information everyone somehow knows?

          • “those are just known facts, some fan who watched the special preview in Tokyo posted some facts about new season on twitter and all SM fans are now thrilled by those news”

            I guess this is the source… But it would be kind if you could post the link, or the links, that lead(s) to the Twitter account(s) in question. This is only a matter of courtesy with regard to your readers…

            Hope you will understand. Thanks.

          • My favorite ‘Alex’ comments, dude is always all over the board….

            “I think this is clearly a definitive end and no more hopes for renewal are appropriate. Fans should realize this as soon as possible. There is no director, no chief designer thus is highly improbable that there are some preparations for renewal.”

            “I’m very optimistic about new episodes of SMC. It was a little disappointing but I loved it. I will absolutely be getting the Blu Ray. Keep in mind none of us ever knew that we were even going to see Chibi-Usa or the Black Moon Clan so that alone was a surprise. I’m sure that Infinity will start soon within 2015 at least; but I can wait.”

          • @alex And infinity arc is not any more dense than the black moon arc. The acts are literally the same amount of pages….

          • Alex, you still have not posted a source, just repeated the same info over and over again. Some fan on Twitter is not a source.

    • No Samuel they do not look ugly. They are a little diferent but , hey, we are Sailor Moon fans , you should think that we would never get Sailor Moon Crystal and be happy for what Sailor Moon Crystal is :)

  15. Figured what Alex was saying was bullshit, as I saw that information no where else.

    And yes, Samuel, they look ugly. On that note, I can understand them not having lip gloss on their civilian forms, but when they are transformed into Sailor Guardians, they fucking should. Especially the outer senshi who are 19-22 I believe? They do shout “Make Up” upon transformation after all. Thoughts?

      • Ugh, it’s a problem…. They all look like their eyes are made of jelly too. Dear god I hope this is something they decide to fix before they start releasing the show, not likely though. They got a bunch of feedback that CGI sucked- how the heck to we give them our feedback that we don’t want frog lips and candy eyes before it’s too late. Maybe they just need something to fix up for the blu-ray and they decided this was it.

        • Well in the Manga, Neptune and Uranus are only 15/16…not as old as they appeared in the original. They all go to high school together in the Stars arc so the fact they don’t look older is actually accurate to the manga. Pluto though I think is supposed to be like 20 and in college as she was seen in the Infinity Arc doing research in a college lab.

      • Wow, nice catch! I didn’t even see that. I wonder why Sailor Pluto is the only one. Is it cause she is the oldest? Nick, thanks for all that wealth of knowledge, didn’t know all that but I did remember they were all in high school in Stars arc. That’s something I truly cannot wait to see since I heard it’s so different from the show. #BringTheLipsBack

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