Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28, Infinity 1 – Premonition – The 2nd Part, will be available April 11th at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 Preview - Usagi in a Mugen Academy uniform

Update: The episode will actually be referred to as Act 27 – Infinity 1 – Premonition – Second Part. Such a confusing title.

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japanese TV tomorrow at 11pm Japan Standard Time. This will be 10am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time, and the stream should be available on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Neon Alley shortly afterwards. Last week the episode was available around 10:45am Eastern Time, some 15 minutes after the episode would have concluded on Japanese TV. There’s a countdown on the Act 28 page at Crunchyroll which is counting down to 10:30am Eastern Time. I would recommend watching it on Crunchyroll which has a free and paid commercial free option as well as apps to watch those episodes on, though some of you who live in a country which Hulu doesn’t hate may already have a subscription with them. Last week Hulu restricted the episode to Hulu Plus only for a while, thought it was immediately available to watch on Viz’s web site Neon Alley which is a different way of watching Hulu content. Free users watching on Hulu should go to the Neon Alley page if they can’t find the episode right away.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 Preview - Hotaru

This week we get Act 28, Infinity 1 – Premonition – The 2nd Part. This is the direct continuation of the half episode we got last week as the manga chapter for Act 27 has now been split in two in order to make this story arc 13 episodes long. The gang will travel to an amusement park where Chibiusa will meet Hotaru for the first time. We only briefly saw Hotaru last week. She’ll be wearing a Mugen Academy school uniform, which Usagi will also have thanks to her Disguise Pen.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 Preview - Daimon

This episode will also feature our first look at Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Last week we saw Haruka and Michiru but we haven’t yet seen them transformed. Of course promotional material, the opening and ending themes and the commercial break bumpers have featured these two prominently so we won’t be too surprised to see them.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 Preview - Haruka

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40 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28, Infinity 1 – Premonition – The 2nd Part, will be available April 11th at 10:30am Eastern Time

  1. Wow that was quick also can’t wait faster the episodes come out the faster English dubs come out.

    I wonder if there do stars as crystal

  2. Trust me, Hulu is pretty annoying even to those of us who can access it…they still show ads unless you pay them even more money and often times the web browser fails to load the videos. The most annoying is how it will play the ad, then not play the video.
    I’ll be watching on Crunchy Roll. It seems the quality is a bit less than Hulu, but definitely watchable.

      • One day we’ll be able to get them all on bluray with both languages, so we’ll be fine until then. Hulu blocked this episode too, so I watched on Crunchy Roll…but the ads were very frequent and very badly timed on Crunchy Roll this time. So weird!
        “Moon Cosmi-….” *an ad plays* ..-c Power!”

  3. Of course they’re gonna do Dream and Stars arc. They’re not just gonna stop now. Will it be immediately after Infinity? Hopefully, because this season will fly by since it’s only 13 episodes and weekly.

    Act 28 is basically the rest of what we saw on that recorded leaked preview. I can’t wait for Act 29 – Ripples. That’s when it gets juicy lol.

    • Luke, as you know Crystal is based upon the manga. So why don’t you read the corresponding acts of the manga to find the answers to your questions :) ?
      Check Miss Dream’s website.

      • Haha, I think the same !

        I also like to think she was so devoted to Jadeite in her previous life that a part of her is still unable to think of other men.

        In some way, she may also distrust men because, quite on the contrary, her beloved Jadeite became a bastard during the Silver Millenium. But this explanation lacks romanticism and I don’t like it.

      • Rei is obviously waiting for her true love, Minako, which all of us fans who’ve read the manga version of Stars know.

          • There’s a line the two make about not needing men and it comes off as a bit flirty…I don’t think they were seriously implying a relationship, but it can be viewed as hinting at it!
            Some of the art in their special chapter of the manga where Minako goes to Rei’s school is very suggestive too, and Rei’s personality is amazing in it!
            I don’t see them as lovers though, more of a mandatory Mars/Venus type thing since the planets represent masculine and feminine.

            It is also implied in the live action that they might be more than just friends. Though that was never stated one way or another and is open to interpretation.

        • Oh yes, I had forgotten about that shipping.

          I like ReiXMinako too, maybe better than ReiXJadeite :) .

          So let’s correct Adam : “She’s just waiting for the right girl!”

          Haha !

      • I also have English cast suggestions for the Pokemon/Sailor Moon anime crossover special:
        Stephanie Sheh as Sailor Moon
        Kate Higgins as Sailor Mercury
        Cristina Valenzuela as Sailor Mars
        Amanda Celine Miller as Sailor Jupiter
        Cherami Leigh as Sailor Venus
        Robbie Daymond as Tuxedo Mask
        Sandy Fox as Sailor Chibi Moon
        Michelle Ruff as Luna
        Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis
        Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum (hopefully)
        Rachael Lillis as Misty, and Jessie (hopefully)
        Eric Stuart as Brock, and Brock (hopefully)
        Ikue Otani as Pikachu
        Carter Cathcart as Meowth (since Maddie Blaustein passed away in 2008).

  4. I’m pretty sure the next episode is also Act 27 and not 28. They said the next episode is titled: Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition the 2nd Part.

  5. Any idea where I could watch the new episodes as a Polish viewer? Everywhere access is denied for license reasons. Why is the new anime only available in the USA?

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