New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will be streamed on release day on Crunchyroll and Hulu starting April 4th!

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Michiru and Haruka

We finally have confirmation of an international release of the upcoming episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, which will cover the Infinity Arc, and it’s one of the best possible scenarios. Both Crunchyroll and Hulu will be streaming the episodes as they air in Japan starting with the upcoming Act 27 which airs on Japanese TV this Monday April 4th at 11pm Japan Standard Time, 10am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time.

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc trailer - Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru

This announcement was made by Crunchyroll and Viz yesterday. Nothing like a last minute announcement! Crunchyroll mentioned only that it would be available “in April” but Viz’s release, speaking specifically about Hulu, said that it would be a digital simulcast on the same day that it’s released in Japan starting April 4th. 10am Eastern Time is the local time here on the East Coast (Ottawa/Gatineau for me) when the show will be available in Japan. I can’t say with total confidence when exactly it will be online but it will likely be some time on Monday for both services. These episodes will be Japanese audio with English subtitles. A dubbed version will surely be coming but at a much later date.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 133 - Chibiusa is an old lonely cat lady watching Sailor Moon

I haven’t seen any news about it being available on Niconico. I generally found the quality on Niconico to be pretty much terrible but this was a good option for international viewers to get it in a language other than English. Hulu is course is region restricted to users in the United States. As a Canadian I have been legally watching the series on Crunchyroll without issues, though sometimes the device specific streams, like those on the PlayStation, are not available as the show launched. With a paid Crunchyroll subscription you can watch the show without commercial interuptions. Hulu’s a perfectly serviceable free option and I understand the pay version Hulu Plus does not have ads for Sailor Moon.


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39 thoughts on “New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal will be streamed on release day on Crunchyroll and Hulu starting April 4th!

  1. Can’t wait.Everything look so perfect(especially the ending song , I love it)but the only thing that it’s not OK is that they call it Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 , I mean why didn’t they call it Infinity arc . This is the only thing that I don’t like , except for that everything looks just perfect

    • It’s what the Japanese call it so I guess that’s what it is. I try to avoid the term to avoid confusion though really as long as I don’t say season 2 it’s fine. We all know what 3 is.

      • They never called the Black Moon arc Black Moon in anime form. When there was that report about season “two” airing last year from Toei’s European website, Toei corrected all the false reports about the Infinity arc by saying season two referred to the Black Moon arc. Toei has always referred to Black Moon as “season two” so I’m not sure where the confusion is from.

        • Yes but at least they called it black moon arc (I always agree when they said that black moon arc is season 2)than why didn’t they called season 3 infinity arc

        • It’s just that some people, including Hulu, referred to the first year as the first season. The term “season” wasn’t regularly used until “season” 3. They used terms like “phase 2″ when the second arc was going on.

  2. “Hulu’s a perfectly serviceable free option, but even the pay service has ads.”

    Not true. Only a small fraction of shows on Hulu Plus still have ads, and even those are a quick ad before the episode with no interruptions thereafter. (Most of these shows are tied to specific networks like ABC… example: Grey’s Anatomy. It’s just part of their stream agreement.)

    I can assure you that Hulu Plus is completely ad-free for Sailor Moon… the original and Crystal.

      • Not sure what Steven is talking about… The paid Hulu Plus does have ads for Sailor Moon original and crystal (and every single other show on their site). If you pay an additional $4 per month for “Ad Free Hulu Plus” then there are no ads.

        • I apologize. I didn’t realize there were two tiers of Hulu Plus membership. $7.99/mo for “Limited Commercials” and $11.99/mo for “No Commercials.” (Obviously, I have the latter.)

  3. So if I understand well, Crunchyroll may be available for Europeans for free, but we have to pay to get a service without commercial interruptions ?

    I used to watch the first two seasons via Niconico (I live in France) and yes, the quality was terrible, but I think I once tried to watch via Crunchyroll and it didn’t work… I was asked to subscribe and to pay immediatly, if I remember. I shall try again by creating an account and see which options I am given.

    Otherwise these are great, great news :D !

  4. And Hulu Plus is cheaper than Crunchyroll.Also, you mean this isn’t going to be on Neon Alley? You didn’t mention it.

  5. If this is an April’s fool joke then I’m going to be crying so many silver crystal tears it’ll make usagi jelaous

    • I don’t think this is an April’s fool joke. Imagine if it was… the fans would go crazy and everyone would bitch after Toei. And Toei’s reputation would be destroyed… Toei is not fool enough to do something as sadistic as that (for the fans and for itself).

  6. Any chance it will be available for streaming in Niconico? I mean I know that site has its issues (mostly solved by paying premium service) but it’s the only option I have. Hulu is not available in my country and Sailor Moon is not available for streaming as well in Crunchyroll (since they don’t have it available in my country). :’c

  7. I’m a bit late to the party, but woo-hoo! Can’t wait for Monday, I’ll be checking Hulu nonstop to see if there’s anything new.

    This’ll make things on that site interesting. I’ll have to constantly switch between new dubbed episodes and new episodes. What an annoyance! :)

  8. I will be honest. I really want to watch it, but I rather watch the dub. This will most likely mean by the time I’ve watched it most fans have already watch the actual airing and the dub will probably be next year unfortunately. I want to watch the subtitles, but after watching a subtitled anime consistently and sometimes the text being too fast to read I lose track of the story/scenes. It takes away from the experience for me. Also I will admit I have watched most of the original anime but not in English or Japanese but it was no uncensored. I actually have never watched the series in Japanese. I’ve watched some scenes but if I was never a fan of subtitles. I hope the dub will not be far off, but I know the dub will be released after the original Japanese airing is completely finished and even then they would have to find time between the 90’s anime dub and Crystal season 3.

    Now on to the confusion. I can see why people are confused. I personally would have liked each season or story arc to be about 26 to 30 something episodes. Originally I believe they said season 1 which encompassed 2 story arcs to be 26 episodes so that’s probably where the confusion started. 26 or more episodes would have made sense for each season but because they did it without any expanding/fleshing out the story or characters they corresponded each chapter to an episode. Now on to why I believe season 3 is the title it’s most likely because it makes it easier to break up the story arcs and for even less confusion. The 90’s anime had Sailor Moon(season 1), Sailor Moon R(season 2), Sailor Moon S(season 3), Sailor Moon SuperS(season 4), and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars(season 5). Whereas here they are under one umbrella Sailor Moon Crystal and the season corresponds to a new story arc. I think it’s actually easier than the original 90’s anime, but it was also because the original 90’s anime didn’t have a break and aired consistently until the whole show was over. I’m assuming calling it Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc or all the seasons by name of the arc would be much more complicated because of the extra new name in the title. They probably wanted it so that if they ever did another series reboot or even a sequel it would be called Sailor Moon…whatever the name of the series is. Like Sailor Moon Silver or Sailor Moon Crystal Power or something.

    • Omg can you please just stop write those bullshits about number of episodes? It is really tiresome and bothering, even more bothering than the other bullshits about Pokemon crossover and holding in the arms from another spammer

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