Crunchyroll to stream the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal


Last weekend at FanimeCon 2014 in San Jose Crunchyroll announced that the new Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, would begin streaming on it’s site starting July 5th at 3am. This new anime will be streamed with English subtitles as it is released in Japan on Niconico. The announcement was made on their website shortly afterwards.

Anime series can be streamed for free on the Crunchyroll web site. For those looking for a better experience there is a pay service which will allow you to view the shows in HD without ads and on all kinds of media devices for $6.95 a month. You can sign up for a free 14 day trial of this service though a credit card or PayPal account will be needed for this trail. It’s certainly great to be able to watch a Sailor Moon series online streaming without commercials! It’s unfortunate that Hulu doesn’t have an ad free plan for fans of the original anime who are likely willing to throw their money at them but the fine people at Hulu have poor business sense and offer no such option.

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4 thoughts on “Crunchyroll to stream the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. I hope some better group takes this since CL has bad translation quality! I hope some real group like Mezashite or Wasurenai will take it! Those are at least good groups I know! CL don’t write song lyrics leave away honorifics and other important stuff…

  2. Best news ever for me! I’ve had a CR subscription for a few months now and been hoping for them to get Sailor Moon Crystal.

    Thanks so much for all the info you’ve provided thus far! <3

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