How to view Sunday’s live Sailor Moon event

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As was previously announced, this Sunday there will be a live Sailor Moon event which promises to announce the cast of the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal, show more character art and reveal the cast of this summer’s Sailor Moon musical. The event will be broadcast live on Niconico. You can watch that live stream in Japanese by following instructions that were posted at the Moonkitty Facebook page. Another option, for those having trouble getting on to the Niconico web site, is to watch a live stream of the event at the Miss Dream web site.

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The event will air at 4pm Japan Standard Time which is 3am Eastern Standard Time. Prior to this just follow this link to the Niconico site where the event will be streamed. Use the links on the right to either create an account or link your Twitter or Facebook account. A bit before 3am (or whatever the time may be in your time zone) on Sunday just go back to that link, log in and enjoy the show! I’ll be out of town this weekend but I will be doing my best to give live updates via the Sailor Moon News Twitter account and of course post any new information we get to the site once the event is complete.

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