Watch the Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical live event featuring two song performances

Sailor Mars from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical

Last Friday, August 23rd, while some of us were enjoying the fun at Fan Expo there was a live event which was streamed online which was promoting the new Sailor Moon musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon La Reconquista”. This included a performance of two new songs “Line Up: The Five Women of the White Moon” and “We are the Pretty Guardians”. The actresses for all five of the Sailor Guardians were present for this show. You can check out an English subtitled version of the show at Miss Dream. This was all done as part of the Animelo Summer Live event. If you’re impatient you can just watch the full stream of this event without subtitles below.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical will begin playing in Japan on September 13th and will run until the 23rd.

The Sailor Moon La Reconquista musical at the Animelo Summer Live event

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Raw video source: Sailor Moon Brasil YouTube Channel

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