A new Sailor Moon musical will be playing this September

New Sailor Moon Musical flyer translated by Miss Dream

A new Sailor Moon stage musical will be playing in Japan this September. Miss Dream bring us many details of this event with their translations of Fumio Osano’s Tweets and various flyers. Japanese readers can see the announcement on the official Sailor Moon site. We’ve got dates, preorder details and cast information.

This Sailor Moon Musical, which is referred to as SeraMyu by some fans, will be playing over a 10 day period, running from September 13th to the 23rd. Tickets will be on sale starting in July by phone but can already be purchased online through this link.

New Sailor Moon Musical Nakayoshi flyer translated by Miss Dream

From the description in the flyer in Nakayoshi we learn that this musical will be a retelling of the story of the fight against the Dark Kingdom, which covers the first manga story and first season of the anime. We already have the main cast with Satomi Ookubo as Sailor Moon, Miyabi Matsuura as Sailor Mercury, Kanon Nanaki as Sailor Mars, Yu Takahashi as Sailor Jupiter, Shiori Sakata as Sailor Venus and Yūga Yamato as Tuxedo Mask. Indeed, Tuxedo Mask will be played by a woman in this musical. Check out a picture of all of the cast members below. What do you think of their likeness?

New Musical cast compilation Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask

A few of these actresses have online presences you can check out.

Here are the modelling site profiles for Satomi Ookubo (Sailor Moon), Kanon Nanaki (Sailor Mars), Yu Takahashi (Sailor Jupiter) and Shiori Sakata (Sailor Venus).

In addition you can following the Twitter pages of Yu Takashi (Sailor Jupiter), Shiori Sakata (Sailor Venus) and Yūga Yamato (Tuxedo Mask).

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5 thoughts on “A new Sailor Moon musical will be playing this September

    • I believe Miss Dream will be doing their best to sub this. With the show only out in September it will be another while before the Japanese DVD comes out, which is what a high quality sub will come from.

      We’ll see if someone gets a cam bootleg of the show before that and if it’s of good enough quality to warrant being subtitled.

  1. I can see Moon, Jupiter and Mercury but so far the rest do not look like what I’d imagine the senshi looking like.
    And why did they choose a woman for Tuxedo Mask? I’ll miss the male vocals.

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