Keep Playing: Sailor Moon: La luna splende

Sailor Moon La luna splende - Sailor Mars shooting Kunzite

Kunzite, known in Italian as Lord Kaspar, reviews the new Italian Nintendo DS video game Sailor Moon: La luna splende.

Watch this video in HD.

If you’re interested in checking the game out you can buy it from Amazon Italy. They will ship worldwide.

Also check out 10 minutes of gameplay footage.

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Pre-order the soon to be released updated version of the Sailor Moon Manga and Codename: Sailor V manga from Amazon.

Sailor Moon La luna splende Italian DS Game Title Screen Sailor Moon La luna splende Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus

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One thought on “Keep Playing: Sailor Moon: La luna splende

  1. You’re right, they are. I was just rushed at the time when I was mankig the original comment and just brought up whatever came to mind. I do have a better example though of a non-video game manga still being localized: Yu-Gi-Oh!. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was localized and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s may or may not be localized, we don’t know yet for it. What made the situation with Yu-Gi-Oh! even weirder though is the two series before it, the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the spin-off of the original manga Yu-Gi-Oh! R weren’t localized at all, even when they easily could have been since they came out a little bit after the dub first started here. So much for consistency, lol.And that makes sense. I just love video games too so I balance my time between them, but just like you I don’t have a lot of time or money for them either so I definitely know how it is. Wow. But that’s very possible. That’s true, unfortunately. And I wish 60-70% of them would bother to do that. And yeah, unfortunately it’s not, if ever. And really? I didn’t know the manga industry is doing much worse than the comic industry! Mangas seem so popular that I always figured it was the other way around, especially when considering the fact that when I go to bookstores I almost always see manga and hardly ever see comics. (except for specialty stores) Oh I know that, what I meant by my comment was mankig a schedule to where you guys could do that but still have a consistent releasing pattern and (most likely/hopefully) not slow it down too much. As for the quality thing, that’s true that legitimate publishers take the time to bring a better quality product forward than some of the quickly-released scanlations. But not all scanlations are bad though, there are some that are just as high quality. (although ironically, those ones usually take about a month or so. Just goes to show whether professional or not quality takes time.) And that’s true too, I’m sure a lot of the business-side stuff takes time too. I must say I never knew that the cover designs have to be approved by the licensors though, that’s cool! Learn something everyday, heheh. And that’s true that if it was all digital it’d be a bit faster. And that’s also true. To be honest I don’t really mind that though. While having a digital buy option would be nice I’d really prefer if the manga and book industry never went down the digital-only releases route if possible. (although I’m beginning to worry with how many things are going digital now) As a fan I always love to buy books and manga in person when possible since I love having access to it whenever and being able to hold it in my hands. It’s just such a special (and almost magical) feeling that no computer screen could ever hope to re-create. <3

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