SDCC 2011: Olivia Munn Cosplays as Sailor Moon

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon at SDCC 2011

Cosplay is a big part of conventions and no one loves dressing up more than former Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con she dressed as Sailor Moon. Of course just dressing in a sexy Sailor Moon costume wasn’t quite enough for Olivia Munn, so she went on to post a photo of herself, half dressed, getting into her costume on twitter.

Olivia Munn, half naked, putting on her Sailor Moon costume at SDCC 2011

This wasn’t the first time Olivia wore this particular costume. Back in October 2008 she wore it on a Halloween episode of Attack of the Show while Kevin Pereira, dressed as Billy Mays, pretended to violate her. Does anyone ship these two?

Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show doing a Sexy Pose Olivia Munn as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show Olivia Munn Cosplaying as Sailor Moon on Attack of the Show getting railed by Billy Mays

Check out footage of that episode in the video below:

And here’s a clip of Olivia Munn deep throating a hot dog that has over 14 million views…

Do you think I’d get 14 million views for making a video of me deep throating a hot dog?

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