The final episode of Sailor Moon is now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Galaxia fights Princess Serenity

This is it! Episode 200 of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This is the last episode of the series, making the entire 200 episode run of the original Sailor Moon anime available to watch in Japanese with English subtitles for free… if you live in the right country. There’s no telling how long these episodes will remain available to free Hulu users as older episodes of some shows will often be available only to those with paid Hulu Plus subscriptions. This episode is rated TV-MA, no doubt because of the lengthy nude scene which isn’t terribly high on detail. I first watched the second half of this episode before seeing any of Sailor Stars at my local anime club. It was unsubtitled and I really didn’t know what was going on, but thanks to VKLL I later saw the rest of the series and figured out what was what.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Sailor Moon

Episode 200, Usagi’s Love: The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy, wraps everything up quite well. Chibi Chibi became a light and then turns into a Star Seed and then into a sword. A bit crazy but the idea is basically that Chibi Chibi is the light of hope, which is not at all what she is in the manga. She is Galaxia’s Star Seed, ejected out of her when Chaos began to take over her body. How does a Star Seed continue to have autonomy outside of the host? The Silver Crystal never seemed to have a mind of its own, but Chibi Chibi is sort of like the good half of Galaxia, removing itself from the body which is evil. Usagi transforms into Princess Serenity with wings, which is a very cool form I’ve always appreciated. Princess Serenity, ever kind and forgiving, does not want to use the sword to attack Galaxia. This is messed up! Galaxia’s Star Seed is begging Usagi to kill Galaxia and she’s refusing. Can you imagine if a part of you left your body and gained some sort of agency and then tried to kill you? Galaxia is like Devon Sawa in Idle Hands! Galaxia lost her Star Seed and now it’s time for Sailor Moon to lose her clothes. This is where the TV-MA rating comes in. Usagi starts flying around totally naked. What are they going to do, cancel the show? This is the last episode! There’s a bit of sparring and finally the light of the Silver Crystal reaches good girl Galaxia who is somewhere inside evil Galaxia. The good Galaxia inside evil Galaxia’s brain takes Sailor Moon’s hand just as real Galaxia does and poof, she’s healed! We assume at this point that Galaxia’s true Star Seed is somehow reincorporated into Galaxia, merging their memories. Does Chibi Chibi die? Does the Silver Crystal let Galaxia be good without a Star Seed while Chibi Chibi still exists, as she’s seen flying around later? Speaking of Star Seeds, all those Star Seeds Galaxia gathered are released like Pok√©mon let back into the wild. This is good news for all of Usagi’s up to now dead friends, including Mamoru who returns as Endymion because that is his coolest form. Chibiusa? Not around. Makes me wonder why Galaxia didn’t go to the future to get her and Diana’s Star Seeds. Perhaps she should have captured a bunch of Sailor Guardians and bred in a sort of Star Seed farm to keep making more!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Galaxia and Sailor Moon

Everyone’s alive and it’s time for the Sailor Starlights to head back home. Seiya says his farewells to Usagi who is still ignorant of how he really feels about her. Luna shows some serious lust for Yaten, which doesn’t make Artemis very happy. We then see Hotaru and Setsuna, happily chilling with their murderers Haruka and Michiru. I guess that was all part of the plan? Hotaru must be getting used to those two trying to kill her at this point. Usagi and Mamoru share a moment alone in front of the moon, exchange pleasantries and kiss. With a series full of constant interruptions to their romance, they are at last at peace and can be together. In an homage to the famous quote from the first season, Usagi states that she’s 16 years old and a bit of a klutz and a crybaby, but that she’s actually a Guardian of love and justice, Sailor Moon. When Usagi used to say these words it was more like “Oh isn’t this weird but I’m a superhero” but here her tone is totally different. It’s like she’s saying “I look unsuspecting and I’m a bit emotional, but I’m a badass superhero and I’ve got this shit covered.”. What a perfect line to bookend the series and demonstrate just how much she’s grown not just in power but as a character who uses love and kindness over her sheer power. These final end credits are accompanied by the original opening theme, Moonlight Densetsu, which was not used elsewhere in the season, as well as a lovely montage of images.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Mamoru and Usagi

The end.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - The End

For those who’ve seen the series before, I hope you enjoyed revisiting it. For those who are seeing it for the first time, I hope you loved it. The manga is its own thing in many ways, so check that out if you haven’t. Hopefully Sailor Moon Crystal makes it all the way to the end and we can see a totally different ending to the series and a very different origin for Chibi Chibi.

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Artemis annoyed that Luna wants Yaten

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 200 - Galaxia, Usagi and Chibi Chibi

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33 thoughts on “The final episode of Sailor Moon is now available on Hulu

  1. I’m assuming that Usagi became naked as her own form of protest to rid her pride of fighting. Plus, what was that sound when Chaos finally left Galaxia?

  2. Seriously though, why was Sailor Moon naked? Did that make her any more powerful? Did that give her any tactical or strategic advantage? I never understood why they did this in the original anime.

    • Well I think it is a sign of giving up all, of purity, love, forgiveness, harmony, simple purity because that’s the way to seal the chaos

        • That’s kind of my opinion. Simple titillation. I love the Japanese, but their attitude towards sex, sexuality, and nudity, at least in manga and anime, can be really weird sometimes. And occasionally off-putting.

          • I can agree with that. I’m not a prude or anything…though i guess I can be, but I think over sexualization of women has gone too far in anime and manga. Though here it wasn’t so bad in my opinion, it didn’t add anything and in fact may be a major reason we didn’t get Stars until now.

  3. I was hoping they would add the special episodes in there somewhere. I don’t think I have ever watched them. I wonder if they are even on Viz’s radar?

  4. I thought the deal was we would get all the specials not just the episodes but we didn’t get to to see the supers special pre episodes or Amii’s first love special so what’s up with that?

    • I am sure specials and movies are part of completely separated deal which has nothing to do with series itself so Viz really don’t have to buy it if they don’t want to

      • Expect Viz has stated over ANN that they do have all the movies and the specials. They have stated to me directly over Twitter and during the Moonlight Parties that they are working on the movies and specials but they have to work on working out the release dates, the packaging, and the dubbing.

    • I don’t understand the movies and season 3 are all dubbed u can stream them or or are people talking about DVD and blu Ray of them?????

      • I don’t know what you’re talking about. Hulu only has all 200 episodes of the original anime available subbed. The dub of the third season has absolutely not been released by Viz in any form yet nor have they released even a subbed version of the movies.

  5. It’s hard to believe all 200 episodes of the original anime are now officially available in the U.S. I felt like this day would never come and I still remember feeling like we would never even get a release of the movies or the S season, let alone Stars, but here we finally are. I’ll miss Adam’s reviews of these episodes and all the snarky comments about it almost as much as I did revisiting my favorite show. In spite of all the problems with Stars, I still love this final episode dearly and I think it’s one of the most beautiful endings of the original show. Given how much our real world is run by war and violence, as someone who is generally anti-war, I always found it inspiring that Usagi chose the hard route of love and forgiveness over the easy path of revenge and violence, and I love the show’s message of loving your enemies as the key to bringing world peace. The final battle with Sailor Stars Song playing is so beautiful and Sailor Stars Song is still my all time favorite theme song from the original anime and the animation in this last episode is so gorgeous. I also love the ending scene with Usag’s narration and Usagi and Mamoru’s kiss. It’s strange bu I feel like I went rom identifying with Usagi and her sillyness and hatred of studying to admiring and aspiring to be like her. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the Sailor Starlights, I did love that final farewell scene and that scene where Seiya tells Usagi “ja ne, odango.” This ending makes me wish Naoko would make a sequel to Sailor Moon and we’d get to see the Starlights and everyone reunited and even Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. I’m hoping we’ll get a Crystal adaptation of Stars so we can finally see them animated and Sailor Cosmos too. I feel like the biggest problems with this season is the pacing and character development. I like the characters themselves just fine but the Starlights’ character development was very poorly executed and I wish they had more episodes to give more time to the Inners and less time to the Starlights, and it would have been nice to see more of the classic characters like Umino, Naru, and Motoki (where were they during this whole season, anyway)? I also think this season would have been a lot better if Mamoru and Chibi-usa were still around. All the Seramyu adaptations of Stars keep Mamoru and Chibi-usa in their stories and I feel like they’re much stronger adaptations of the Stars arc than the 90s anime was. Sailor Moon will always be my favorite anime show of all time and I’ll miss discussing these episodes with everyone. But at least we still have Crystal and the Viz dub to look forward to! I’m sure they’ll come eventually but I hope we will hear more from Viz regarding their release of the movies and specials and the home video release of the S season.

  6. I am really looking forward to the Crystal’s adaptations of the Stars Arc. This is where mature audiences will really think about life and death, which are not all black and white.
    And there is also a naked but not in detail Usagi with wings, although very brief.

  7. so there is finally all 200 episodes translated from an official group, now just need s to stars dubbed and hope the movies and specials get released soon, plus hope crystal does the dream and stars arcs after they get done with the 13 episodes of infinity

  8. What I will miss most about the 90’s series will be these discussions. This episode was nice in that it wrapped up the story well. But there were some plot holes or unanswered things. Compared to the manga which I skimmed through the ending here is a little more complete. It seems there will be no more enemies, I assume. I was hoping for a grand battle but with all of Galaxia’s power combined with chaos she basically had the same attack as Queen beryl in the final episode of the first season dark lelectric attacks. It was a pretty underwhelming final battle. No killing Galaxia, but a lot of unnecessary nudity. I don’t mind nudity if it makes sense, but here it doesn’t add anything to the actual story or scene. Since the manga ended after 90’s anime it seemed the manga decided to have sailor moon be nude for no reason as well. Overall both final battles in the manga and 90’s anime were a disappointment.

    This episode did work in that it gave you a sense of choosing to forgive and heal which is a nice message, but extremely boring to watch. I remember watching this hoping there would be a continuation. Another season with greater focus on the outer soldiers and maybe even the inner soldiers. The soldiers as characters were not fleshed out especially not the outer soldiers in the anime or manga.

    After skimming through the manga of the stars arc I realized why Toei decided to give the starlights the main character status. I remember reading the manga author Naoko was surprised they were the main characters. To me, it isn’t surprising because in the manga she basically made all the soldiers except for the star lights useless specifically in the stars arc. They could not even fight the enemy and the star lights always had to save them. In that sense Toei actually did the inner and outer sailor soldiers a favor by actually extending their story to the end. Unfortunately, they also did not give them much development or give them some more screen time especially since they did not really follow the manga anyway they might as well gave the soldiers some better development. I used to think very highly of the manga before I started seeing bits of it. Now I see the manga had a lot of flaws too.

    Ironically Saturn or Hotaru and Pluto or satsuna did probably as much as they did in the manga which was not much. Pluto and Saturn didn’t even get new attacks in the manga at least Uranus and Neptune had that going for them.

    I thought Galaxia would be much more impressive in the manga, but after skimming through the manga, her 90’s anime counterpart and manga counterpart don’t feel all that different. The only thing is that it seems she seems to be murder the soldiers left and right. Even then Galaxia has plot holes just as much as her anime counterpart. Why wouldn’t she have stolen sailor moon the soldier with a strong sailor crystal first? (Always though Saturn was the strongest, but she doesn’t even get more than one new offensive attack) why would she bother killing them a few at a time? She might as well kill them all.

    I used to be very disappointed in Toei for how this season turned out since the whole not having the outer soldiers in superS really bothered me. Then after skimming through the manga because of crystal it disappointed me even more in the manga which is the source. The reasons for the outer soldiers leaving was disappointing at the end of the infinity Arc. When they join the inner soldiers it was fun, but underwhelming since they didn’t even get new attacks save for saturn’s one new offensive and meh defensive attack.

    Oddly I have a new appreciation for this take on the Stars arc. Not the with Starlights since I never cared for them or their princess. Also I feel they took up too much of the story. Maybe they should have had an a extra season or story arc right before stars in the anime and manga so that we could get a season story arc of character development before the whole big introduction of all these extra characters. Sailor soldiers as enemies was interesting and the whole war was interesting but overall too much was happening.

    • Agree to disagree at some points. All versions have plot holes and lacking in character development.
      It is true that Saturn did not show any new attacks in the original source material which is the Manga but Pluto have, she was shown doing “Chronos Typhoon” while this is not seen in the 90s anime. The nude scene of Sailor Moon is very brief in the Manga and she is doing it while saving all the star seeds and fighting Chaos (at least 4 pages not all the way to the end) not fighting Galaxia.

      I suggest you read thoroughly the Manga again here in not just skimming so that you will understand why Sailor Moon is the brightest star seed in the universe. Visit this to get to know Galaxia.

      Peace :D

  9. It’s funny how some Americans feel offended by the fact that Usagi is naked, a woman’s body is a always showed as art and a sign of purity, other countries dubbed this episode uncensored, it aired on TV and it was for kids, everyone saw it as if Usagi gave up on everything to save the world and also how pure she is. That’s why US was like the only country in the Americas that didn’t get stars, because everything is taken in a bad way

    • Yeah… I also already noticed this big difference between Europeans and Americans :) it is pretty funny and I mean this in a good way :)

    • Though apparently South Korea did censor it by drawing this weird light thing over Usagi’s body to cover her up. Apparently Hulu has since changed the rating and the last episode is now rated TV14.

  10. Finally got around to re-watching this episode. It is so underwhelming for me. First, we have such a short and weak battle between Galaxia and Sailor Moon. Galaxia is supposed to be one of the most powerful villians, yet she doesn’t do a whole lot during the fight. The fight with Nehellenia went on for ages…and Sailor Moon quickly defeats Galaxia?

    Then the romance between Seiya and Usagi. They had that going for most of the season and the way it ends is terrible. At the end Usagi doesn’t even give Seiya a hug, kiss on the cheek, nothing? After risking his life for you and protecting you for a whole season. He was there for her more than the her friends, the inner senshi. They tease us about a possible romance and then it goes no where. In a way, I understand because Mamoru is going to come back but still….in that case they should have given Seiya a spin off because I would have watched lol….

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