Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 198 and 199 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 198 - Galaxia

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is almost complete! This week we get episodes 198 and 199 on Hulu and Neon Alley which leaves us with only one episode left for next week. As we left things Sailor Uranus and Neptune were evil for some reason and we’re slowly building up to the final confrontation between Galaxia and Sailor Moon. Episode 199 comes with a warning on Hulu stating “The following is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.”. Why? There’s a ton of nudity in episode 200 which we will see next week but nothing about this particular episode some any more “mature” than the last few. I guess there’s so much nudity in episode 200 that the warning spills over into other episodes!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 198 - Sailor Uranus slaps Sailor Moon

Episode 198, Dying Stars: Uranus and Neptune’s Last Stand, starts off with these two being evil. They kind of killed their good friends Sailor Saturn and Pluto last time which was not cool at all. Sailor Uranus attacks Sailor Moon with World Shaking, which good old Sailor Star Fighter attempts to block with Star Serious laser. This causes a sort of uncounscious semi dead Usagi who wakes up in a world of pastels where everyone is nice. All her friends are there and Haruka and Michiru are cool again. They were just faking it and we can all be friends again. Oh and guess what it’s Mamoru and Chibiusa. Remember them? They used to be in this show before the Three Lights showed up. Cool dream! All fake. Anyway Sailor Uranus and Neptune are still evil and when they’re just about to take the Sailor Starlights’ Star Seeds they … turn on Galaxia. So it really was a trick. Works decently too only when Galaxia is shot with those little spikey light things that look like something from a ramen bowl her Star Seed doesn’t come out. It’s like she doesn’t have one. We’ll find out why soon enough. Galaxia take her bracelets back and, as she’s already taken these two’s Star Seeds, they die. How sad.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 198 - Sailor Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - Sailor Galaxia seals Chaos

Episode 199, The Light of Hope: the Final Battle for the Galaxy, begins the confrontation with Galaxia. We start with a little background! Choas, this great evil thing in the universe, was sealed within the most powerful Sailor Guardian … Sailor Galaxia. Oh damn. Seemed like a good idea at the time I guess but it sort of made her evil and now she’s totally destroying the Universe and collecting Star Seeds. Sailor Moon, always looking for a solution that centers around love and friendship and such, wonders if there wasn’t a better way in which everyone worked together and did great things. We can finally have some sympathy for this seemingly terrible person. Evil Sailor Galaxia of course is totally happy with the arrangement since she likes being evil and collecting Star Seeds. There’s a bit of a chase and Sailor Moon tries to heal Galaxia which seems to work just a bit, but Galaxia shakes it off and destroys Sailor Moon’s Eternal Tiare weapon. Sailor Galaxia tries to kill the Sailor Starlights but Sailor Moon jumps in with her Star Seed in front of her. This seems like a good plan. What could go wrong? Oh no Sailor Galaxia took the Star Seed! Sailor Moon does that pink ribbon thing she is known to do. More backstory. As Chaos took over Galaxia’s body she removed her Star Seed and sent it away where Chaos couldn’t find her. The Light of Hope is Galaxia’s Star Seed. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon cries and irradiates a light which Sailor Galaxia recognises as the Light of Hope. So… Chibi Chibi has the Light of Hope or is the Light of Hope?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - The Light of Hope

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 198 - Everything is great

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 198 - Sailor  Uranus and Neptune die

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 199 - The Silver Crystal

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14 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 198 and 199 are now available on Hulu

  1. everyone who lives in Canada or other states than USA can watch the episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 in kissanime (in the link):
    Kissanime is the best site to watch every single anime and everything about that anime,you can watch anime without commercials,without paying to watch them,full hd and everywhere you are

    • so? WHo needs dub when you have subs. It’s the original ver and it’s way too epic to be dubbed. Dubs only ruin shows

  2. Yeah, I just checked Viz’s website (they’ve redone it), and all they can say is that they’re “hard at work” on Season 3’s dub, and they’ll announce more “on the Home Media front” soon. On the bright side, apparently the second half of Sailor Moon R’s dub will be streaming on Viz’s website and maybe Hulu as well soon! Isn’t that wonderful?

  3. The reason for the Mature warning is because the final scene in the next episode previews is the naked angel sailor moon, so there is some nudity for however briefly

  4. So what is the fap factor of Sailor Moon holding Chibi Chibi in her arms and getting slapped? Does it not count if she’s not in a two-piece? I’m so confused.

  5. I think this is where the anime did good at least for Uranus and Neptune not so much for Saturn and Pluto they got the worse animated episode. But these episodes make me wish that Stars gave the outer soldiers a more starring role. Poor Saturn she literally just was brought back to die.

    I like that they tried to get the viewers to understand Galaxia and why she is evil. That is something the anime does well(usually but not always). The anime likes to give the villains sympathetic moments the manga sometimes just makes the villains plain evil.

    Even after all that back story I still don’t like Galaxia and probably never will. They gave her too many plot holes and she was overall a meh villain. Although one thing that she does do well is unlike Queen Beryl she kills all the soldiers, while Queen Beryl and most of the villains seem to just sit there.

    • Beryl killed 2/4 generals herself. Wiseman killed 3/4 villains, not counting Ayakashi sisters who weren’t originally serving him, Pharaoh 90 hadn’t killed anybody and wasn’t actually even main villain, Nehelenia killed only Zirconia, Galaxia killed everyone.

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