Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 194 and 195 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Seiya and Usagi

The two latest episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars have been added to Hulu and Neon Alley. This week with episodes 194 and 195 we learn a lot more about Sailor Galaxia as we get pretty much all of the anime’s time with Princess Kakyuu. It’s a bad week for Seiya’s relationships as Usagi starts to come to terms with Mamoru’s absence. Also to note there are no more monsters of the week for the rest of the series. The last Phage was in episode 192!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Sailor Galaxia

Episode 194, Crusade for the Galaxy: Legend of the Sailor Wars, gives us a ton of back story. Princess Kakyuu is here and she seems to be the one with all the answers, and is willing to give us just a few of them. We get a description of the Sailor Wars. Some great Sailor Guardian sealed Chaos inside herself and became totally evil. That’s Sailor Galaxia. She’s treating Star Seeds like Pokémon and she won’t stop until she’s caught ‘em all. Usagi is missing Mamoru quite a bit and calls him and … his answering machine picks up. Did Mamoru keep his massive apartment in downtown Tokyo while he went to study in the United States where a physical answering machine is located or has he just left his phone line with voice mail set up? Did he pay for all of this with his part time job at the resort he showed up for once a year ago? Who exactly is continuing to pay these bills while he’s not even available to return phone calls and mail to his girlfriend? Seiya meanwhile gets a busy signal while calling Usagi who is trying to call her boyfriend. Oh boy, that’s a symbolic busy signal! Seiya then mistakes Kakyuu for Usagi. Tell me about it. There are a bunch of jokes about keeping Usagi safe in this episode. Fair enough! She’s the princess and that’s kind of what these people need to be doing. Sailor Tin Nyanko shows up at the school, masquerading as student Nyanko Suzu. Once again no monster as Sailor Tin Nyanko attacks Usagi, who tries to take her on alone. The fight is interrupted by a red rose which is tossed into the fray. Wow! WTF? Chills. The rose was tossed by… Seiya. Damn. A fight ensues and Sailor Moon half heals Sailor Tin Nyanko with Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. We’ll see how that goes later. Usagi breaks down crying at this point with the rose reminding her of Mamoru. Seiya asks if he’s not good enough for her. It’s not looking great for Seiya.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Seiya's rose

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195 - Sailor Tin Nyanko is confused

Episode 195, Princess Kakyu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia, is sort of a double spoiler title. It’s just doubly terrible. Anyway. The Three Lights are doing one last concert! Why? They found their Princess! Well now they are looking for the Light of Hope, which apparently is the thing that can stop Galaxia. Why just do one concert to call the Light of Hope? Either they’re done and don’t need to sing anymore or they aren’t and it should just be status quo. Whatever. It’s their last concert. More importantly, Mamoru is totally off the grid. Usagi admits to Rei that he hasn’t actually responded to any of her letters. When Ami looks into it he never arrived in America. He’s not in his old apartment, which still has an active phone line and perhaps an answering machine, so where is he? How is he paying his bills? So Mamoru is not in US but we saw him and the plane with that light and the … oh boy let’s think about something else. So concert. Sailor Tin Nyanko attacks the concert and she’s totally messed up. She was half healed with the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss “attack” last episode so she’s sort of like Two Face only without the coin. This is sort of tragic. The Animamates aren’t evil at all. They are being controlled. Sailor Moon has the power to heal them but has failed to do so at every attempt. Tragic. Lots of other people are at the fight like Sailor Uranus and Neptune. Oh wait of course no Sailor Saturn. Whatever. Galaxia shows up and she’s collecting all the Star Seeds. She takes Sailor Tin Nyanko and then Princess Kakyuu tries to hold her off while the Starlights escape. Princess Kakyuu has her Star Seed taken. Wow that was kind of quick. I kind of thought maybe she’d transform into a Sailor Guardian and maybe have some kind of fireball attack but she doesn’t really do much. Oh well moving on. As Kakyuu is dying Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon takes her hand and with her last breath says that Princess Kakyuu feels the Light of Hope. Whatever that is! I guess this means Princess Kakyuu isn’t Chibi Chibi like I thought!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195 - Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Usagi listening to Mamoru's answering machine

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Princess Kakyuu and Seiya

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 194 - Nyanko Suzu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195 - Chibi Chibi and Rei

Clearly Chibi Chibi is Rei and Mamoru’s daughter from the future

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195 - Seiya kissing Usagi

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 195 - Chibi Chibi reacts to the Three Lights' song

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23 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 194 and 195 are now available on Hulu

  1. Mamoru gets a lot of flack from fans but Seiya’s “am I not good enough?” comment comes across a bit emotionally manipulative of her, especially when Usagi is already having a breakdown. I wish we got to have more episodes of Tin Nyanko. I feel like she has a really interesting backstory to her character but she never gets any development besides being a typical shallow bad guy that only has one standout tragic moment at the end. I also agree they should have used Saturn more in these episodes. Does she even use any attacks that actually work in the 90s anime? And for all that Sailor Stars makes a big deal about Princess Kakyuu, she seems rather weak and pointless in the long run. This is disappointing because we do actually see her transform and attack in the manga but I hope we’ll get to see Crystal do a proper adaptation of the Stars arc.

    • Manipulative maybe but it seems just to be the words of a desperate man who’s starting to realise it just isn’t going to happen for him.

  2. Only a few more episodes and then the entire original series is done. Kind of sad, really. I enjoyed every Monday getting a breakdown of the two latest episodes and our kind friend Adam’s sardonic take on each episode. From complaining that Rei and Mamoru never were given the exploration they needed to pointing out all the ridiculous plot holes and filler stuff that the original anime did, it was fun.
    Oh well, we still have the English dub of SMC and the new season to look forward to. I always love discussing those with everyone.

    • I’ve been enjoying reading this blog’s review of the episodes almost as much as I have been rewatching the episodes myself and it’ll be sad to see it come to an end.

      • And more spoilers: Princess Kakyuu is a Sailor Soldier, Sailors Mau, Cocoon, Mermaid, Chuu, and Coronis were murdered by the Sailor Animamates, Mamoru has a Sailor Crystal (not a Star Seed), the Sailor Starlights were dressing in drag the entire time, and Usagi and Mamoru get engaged after the final battle and have sex and Usagi gets pregnant with Chibi-usa! ♥

        (Another spoiler: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is a festering pile of crap. (Sorry to break it to y’all! ♥)

  3. Just noticed something. Next Monday is 196 and 197. Then the next week is 198 and 199. This means we’ll be getting episode 200 all by itself. Normally we get 2 episodes every Monday but the numbers are uneven. I don’t know if they’ll post up episode 200 with 198 and 199 or just have a week with only 1 episode.

  4. So mad about Seiya’s line change. Changing “Am I not good enough?” to “Can I take his place?” completely changes the context of the scene, making him look desperate rather than realizing that his feelings for Usagi will never be reciprocated.

    • That’s actually very representative of the quality of Viz’s “translation” – at least from what I saw, since I could only make it through a couple of episodes at the beginning. They had characters saying things totally different from what they were saying (or even saying things they literally weren’t saying at all) a LOT. If you’re relying on the Viz subtitles to understand what’s going on, unfortunately I think you’re being mislead. (What I saw was worse than the worst “fansub” I’ve ever seen.)

      To clarify why I’m saying this: I just checked, and the line Seiya says literally _CAN NOT_ be interpreted as “Can I take his place?”. You might say it was something like “Am I no good?” or “Am I not good?” (“Am I not good enough?” makes more sense), but Viz’s translation of the line _literally_ has nothing to do with what Seiya said AT ALL. This is because Viz simply can’t (or won’t) translate things correctly.

  5. I will miss these episode reviews/discussions! I will miss it more than the series itself because I feel they actually did a average job for this last season. I wanted the series to continue and they could have had it continue on. I felt like this season was pretty lacking in terms of story and development considering this was their last season. Also as this review points out so many plot holes. Who is paying for Mamoru’s apartment this whole time? His parents died so who is allowing him to live so well? Did he even have a job? I can not wait to see the reviews on the future episodes just because of how ridiculous Galaxia is in them. As the series progresses into the finale the more silly the bulk of the season becomes. This series as I’ve rewatched it (still on season 1) is so full of plot holes! I wish they actually did a better job fixing creator Naoko’s plot holes instead of giving us more plot holes. I forgot who I originally thought Chibi Chibi was, I believe I thought it was Sailor Moon’s second daughter.

    • It’s almost coming to an End! But I’m really disappointed cause imagine they haven’t even given us a release date for dvd/blur ay season 3 (sailor moon S) ….NOW imagine how long will it take them to release stars!?? :((

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