Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 184 and 185 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Chibi Chibi tries to take Seiya's towel

This week on Hulu and Neon Alley‘s new episodes of Sailor Stars we get a real mix of emotions. First in episode 184 we get one of the more comedy filled episodes of the entire series and then things sober up real quick for episode 185 which is about a little girl who might die in surgery.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Seiya the wolf and Usagi the sheep

Episode 184, A Night Alone Together: Usagi in Danger, is a bit of a contradiction. How can you be alone together? How can you be alone together when there are a dozen or so people in your dining room? I’m getting ahead of myself. There are burglaries in Usagi’s neighbourhood so Seiya offers to be a sort of bodyguard. Luna thinks this is a bad idea, likening Seiya to a dog or worse a wolf that wants to eat the sheepish Usagi, an obvious metaphor for some sort of unwanted sexual advance. Seiya comes over anyway, and seeing a photo of Mamoru and Usagi together, gets quite upset. Usagi is happy in the photo, which is no doubt at the core of what’s really upsetting him, but he then becomes upset at Mamoru for hurting Usagi. Things get a little intimate as it seems Seiya is about to kiss Usagi… and then Chibi Chibi stuffs some cake in his face. Classic Chibi Chibi! Next up is a sexy shower scene where we see a partial nude butt for Seiya! This shower is perfectly timed with the arrival of Usagi’s friends who see Seiya in a ridiculous tiny towel, which Chibi Chibi tries to take with humourous consequences. Yaten and Taiki join the party and things are really staring to get crowded. They play a card game which appears to be Hearts and then… Haruka and Michiru are down the street with car trouble so why not. Then a TV crew shows up to ask what they’re having for dinner which means the Three Lights need to hide because I guess it’s scandalous that they’d be at Usagi’s house, even though the convoluted explanation of events is totally legit. Sailor Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow show up to target the TV show guy, because once again we are completely passing up opportunities to steal Star Seeds from Sailor Guardians for whatever reason. Usagi has trouble finding a place to transform but finally does so in Chibiusa’s attic room. This makes me wonder what is going on with this room. When Chibiusa left and the Tsukino family forgot that she existed, did they also forget that there is a room in the attic or do they just use it for storage now? Chibiusa seems to have left with a backpack too small for most of her possession. Is it full of children’s toys, clothes and a dusty Stallion Rêve that smells funky? A fight breaks out and there are way too many people and it’s all funny. Still all considered Usagi’s family must have a ridiculously expensive house given its size and the neighbourhood.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Too many Sailor Guardians in Usagi's dining room

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185 - Princess Kakyuu

Episode 185, Taiki’s Song Filled With Passion and Faith, is unfortunately another Taiki episode. I won’t pretend to hide my dislike for this character, and this episode is another example of why I don’t really appreciate him. A young girl Misa is in the hospital awaiting important surgery. I know what you’re thinking. It’s a TV show for little kids. She’s definitely going to survive the surgery. They wouldn’t have a character in a children’s show like Sailor Moon die in surgery. Right. So Misa draws Princess Kakyuu which is kind of weird, since we haven’t seen this character yet. Interestingly enough there are also three stars in the sky above the Princess, which I imagine represent the three Sailor Starlights. I don’t know what little green celestial body is, but it’s cool. Taiki is given to young Misa as a gift, complete with bow on his head, but he draws the line at autographs! He notices Kakyuu and mentions that it’s the Princess they’ve been singing for, but Taiki is losing faith! It seems the image of Kakyuu came to Misa when she heard their music, but it hadn’t been there lately. Oh no! Taiki sings for Misa but her surgery is delayed because the Doctor gets turned into a Phage. I don’t know about Doctors but if I get my Star Seed removed and I turn into a monster I’m at least taking the rest of the day off, but the Doctor does his job and Misa is fine!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185 - Misa recovered and not getting her baby stolen

During the fight the monster x-rays Eternal Sailor Moon. We see her skeleton and there are no bones in her wings. A bird, who’s wings Eternal Sailor Moon’s most resemble, has bones in its wings. So what exactly is holding these feathers in place?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185 - Sailor Moon's skeleton

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Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Seiya the dog and Usagi the sheep

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Seiya doesn't like Mamoru

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Seiya in the shower

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Chibi Chibi puts cake in Seiya's face

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Classic Chibi Chibi

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 184 - Usagi and Seiya

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185 - Taiki wrapped up as a present

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 185 - Misa ready for surgery

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22 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes 184 and 185 are now available on Hulu

  1. We’re assuming those wings are real before the last couple of episodes. Also, what sort of Phage would you be if you were turned into one, our dear site administrator. I’d probably turn into Sailor Writer or Sailor Horror. Either way, scary stuff out of my stories are going to appear and cause all sorts of trouble!

    • I’d be Sailor Procrastinator, probably. Or Sailor Pickles, I do love pickles.
      But wait! Why am I even speculating. We all know I would have a true Star Seed.
      Just don’t tell Galaxia!

          • Indeed. Queen Serenity appears to be a ghost but by her own admission is a hologram generated by a computer which her consciousness is uploaded to. The girls seem to just assume their powers are magical but there may be a scientific basis which they are simply not aware of.

    • Hm. A clown or some sort of computer related phage maybe?
      Perhaps I would be targeted in some meta sense because the Animamates are researching Sailor Guardians and find my web site talking about the topic of Sailor Guardians, Star Seeds and such. Maybe because of time travel. I haven’t been big on spoilers on this topic but one could probably determine from my web site what makes a True Star Seed based on my not so subtle hints. If so they would pass me up but maybe I’d be Sailor Webumastah or something of the sort.

  2. I believe they are not actually wings but overgrown bow shaped like wings. Remember the bow on her backside on her previous costumes?

  3. I agree about Taiki, though I dislike them less now than I used too and think the character could have had potential if handled correctly.
    In fact, I’m not a fan of the Starlights in general. Seiya is an annoying, rude and pushy jerk, Taiki is a cold hearted know-it-all with a bad hairline and Yaten is just a prissy, screechy little…brat.

    • Of course I know they go deeper than that, but the anime does a bad job of exploring them, in my opinion…sad since it spends 90% of the time focusing on them when it could be showing us Michiru!!

    • At least Seiya and Yaten have some pretty good comedy moments but Taiki is just boring and she seems to exist to be contrarian to everyone.

      • I can’t argue with that. She’s also incredibly rude while pretending she has the high ground when it comes to manners. She really should have been given an episode that explores why she’s this way instead we are pretty much given the impression that’s just how she is. :(

  4. holy shiet. unwanted sexual advance and shower scenes from a kiddy toon? coming from an owner of a sex toy shop and I think this is absolutely unnecessary for a sailor toon.

    i admit i should be the last guy watching sailor toons (really don’t ask) but then again, its weird how japanese anime even for kids have nudity in them. even in sexual context. im also a big fan of macross. dat scene with lin minmei anyone?

    opened my eyes real big, maybe thats why now i run a frickin sex toy shop

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