The English dubbed version of the Black Moon story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal begins Friday Febuary 19th at 9pm

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Chibiusa shooting Usagi

The Black Moon Clan will be joining the English version of Sailor Moon Crystal this Friday as, Act 15, Infiltration – Sailor Mars, is released on Hulu and Neon Alley. We’ll see a lot more of Chibiusa, who we saw briefly at the end of last week’s episode, as well as the Black Moon Clan which includes Rubeus, Demande, Esmeraude and the Ayakashi sisters.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - The Ayakashi Sisters

This episode focuses more heavily on Koan and Sailor Mars. We’ll go through this formula for the next handful of episodes the as Ayakashi Sisters face off against Sailor Guardians. One scene features a guy who looks a lot like Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing. What do you think?

Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy at T. A. Academy in Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 - Infiltration - Sailor Mars

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21 thoughts on “The English dubbed version of the Black Moon story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal begins Friday Febuary 19th at 9pm

  1. if there could be one big change compared to Manga, I wish it would be that Sailor Moon can heal Spectre sisters instead of killing them just as in the original anime…

      • I think it is really not good that they are following the manga that much… what works great on a paper, does not work that great in animation… as you said, Anime needs deeper plot, deeper character development… the way how SM simply “erase” all the Black Moon members is just so lame, nobody is saying that we need 35 episodes instead of 13, but few more episodes would provide enough time to improve the plot without drastic differences from manga

  2. Remember this is the same people bitching about Crystal changing the manga for example when Sailot Venus did not kill Queen Beryl, and all that got was complaints from the “fans”. You guys simply don’t know what the fuck you want. This fan base is the most ungrateful and contradicting of them all. Just be happy damn it.

    • I don’t think anyone has ever said they were against any changes to the manga source materials. What most fans complained about was that the changes that Crystal made were poorly executed. PGSM and Seramyu are perfect examples of adaptations of the manga that made changes to the source material that helped improve the story rather than detracted from it. In any case, I’m not how insulting other fans you disagree with using misogynistic slurs is very helpful in making your case.

    • And I don’t think it’s fair to lump everyone in the fandom in the same way. Different fans have different preferences for what they want out of an adaptation. Some fans want a more liberal adaptation and others want a more literal adaptation. One fan’s preference is just as legit as yours but name calling other fans isn’t.

    • Just be a mindless drone and agree with anything your chosen fandom puts out, no matter how you feel about it, because that is the way to be a true fan.

      That’s actually the way to be a complete and total tool, but seeing how you express yourself, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the “mindless tool” category.

    • Do you understand the difference between good changes and bad changes? When you have had time to do that, come back and we will talk.

  3. I have said this before and i will say it again!

    Personally I like that its not a rehash of the 90’s anime, I like that they are bringing the manga to life on the small screen.I will admit that the eps are too short but I understand that since the manga stories wer short as well, but I wish there was more storyline to this new series, I mean we wer suppose to get or see new stuff that wasn’t in the manga. But I will admit that this series has keep me on my toes in that I want to see more, Sure the artwork could be improved but the music and the action are really good. Another thing that kinda annoys me is that people keep complaining about the art and the storyline when they should be happy that its back on in a different way, Also don’t people know that when they bitch and complain about this and that about the series is that we may not get a third season and if that happens,they have no one to blame but themselves because they keep complaining and complaining. We will also lose new Sailor Moon products and toys and collectibles and if that happens then you have angry fans. I for one thing support the direction of this series and with the DVDs being release with correct artwork then most if not all fans should get over it and take for what it is!

    • Except for the upcoming artwork, I have no problems with Crystal. I became a fan when I watched Sailor Moon S on TV in 1998 and I finished reading the Manga just 2 years ago. Not knowing the events in the Manga, I really assumed that whenever Sailor Moon upgrades, the other soldiers will do the same so I am really disappointed that the original anime did only up to Super forms. I’m kind of anticipating already in Crystal.

    • Complaining will not get anything taken away from us, this is a business and we are not children being punished by our parents

      People are free to criticize, and often times that’s how things improve, because someone stepped up and said something. As it is, TOEI is not monitoring these threads, they are not going to get butt-hurt and quit doing the series because fans have complained.

      You all really, really need to get hold of yourselves and quit complaining about complaining. Stop telling other grown adults what they are and are not free to say.

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