No significant news came out of C2E2 but something may be coming next week at Anime Boston which will feature Shino Kakinuma, the voice of Naru and Toshio Furukawa, the voice of Hawk’s Eye

Moon Panel at C2E2 with Michelle Ruff and Stephanie Sheh

Today, Saturday March 19th, was Viz’s official Sailor Moon panel at C2E2 in Chicago. The C2E2 panels were streamed on the C2E2 site. I didn’t catch the panel myself but thanks to many users following the panel on Twitter I was able to keep up with what was going on. We were hoping for significant news which is long overdue and we didn’t get any. We didn’t get anything about the release of the upcoming dub of Sailor Moon S and also didn’t get any specifics about the upcoming new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, covering the Infinity arc of the manga, which will be starting to air on Japanese TV on April 4th.

Never fear! Anime Boston is next weekend and we will be having yet another Official Sailor Moon panel next Saturday, March 25th, at 5pm. Big news about these topic may be left for then. Anime Boston is being held at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston.

Sailor Moon episode 24 - Naru crying

Anime Boston will have some Japanese voice actors from the original Sailor Moon anime in attendance! Husband and wife voice acting couple Toshio Furukawa and Shino Kakinuma will both be there. Shino Kakinuma voiced Naru Osaka throughout the series. Her panel will be held on Friday March 25th at 4pm, right before the Official Sailor Moon panel. Great timing! Toshio Furukawa provided the voice of Hawk’s Eye in Sailor Moon SuperS as well as Shun Hayase, a side character from Sailor Moon S. His panel will be Friday at 1:30pm. The two will be signing autographs on Saturday March 26th at 11am. Toshio Furukawa will be doing his own autograph session on Sunday March 27th at 10:30am.

Toshi Furukawa, the voice of Hawk's Eye from Sailor Moon

Source: @abzeronow, @fredjfrancis and @NebsTV on Twitter
Image Source: @NebsTV on Twitter

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9 thoughts on “No significant news came out of C2E2 but something may be coming next week at Anime Boston which will feature Shino Kakinuma, the voice of Naru and Toshio Furukawa, the voice of Hawk’s Eye

  1. shame but we will soon hopefully also what you mean English dub of sailor moon S?? sailor moon super is already been English dubbed i seen it on ryuanime where dub and sub anime is

  2. I hope they will reveal something this time. I’ve been a big supporter of Viz but the way there’s been total silence for months about the home video release of S and total blackout on any info about the streaming of new episodes of Crystal gives me the impression that Viz no longer cares that much about Sailor Moon.

  3. This was disappointing. I didn’t watch it either but even so hearing that there were no new details regarding either crystal streaming or just even crystal Blu-ray (although I’m assuming they might want to see how the Japanese releases the series as seasons since now the two arcs are season 1 and 2 so they can have their box sets and wording correct) they also might want to have it postponed at least crystal since Toei would want their own product to sell more first I would assume. But on the dub of Sailor Moon S I’m assuming it will be the middle of April or May before they release Part 1 of Sailor Moon S because of how they’ve been releasing them with a bit of time in between and the last one might have taken the longest between part 1 and 2. So I see it being released around that time. It’s unfortunate but I can see them having some time so people can buy more of the merchandise…I guess?

    What I am most disappointed about is that it’s too bad the show hasn’t been re-mastered in HD I guess Toei really doesn’t care about the show at all. I was hoping they would redo the series in actual HD widescreen in great 4k film or whatever is the best quality these days resolution. Hoping for HD sound quality as well. I hope eventually they will do this, but for Toei I think this show is really just their cash cow and they will probably wait another 40 years for another series so they can keep cashing in.

    • A proper 1080p mastering of the source material would be fantastic. Not sure we’d get much more out of 4K but if they want to master it in 4K and make a nice Blu-Ray, all better than what we’ve been getting.

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