An updated English translation of the Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG has been released

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Title screen

An updated English translation for the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Another Story RPG has been released on This game, a Japanese Role Playing Game from 1995, was only ever released in Japan on the Super Famicom. Since there was never an English language release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the overseas equivalent of the Super Famicom, fans looking to play the game have been able to do so thanks to an English fan translation released nearly 20 years ago back in 1999 by Bishoujo Senshi Translation. So what does this new one have to offer that the original translation didn’t? The new team built on the work of BST but improved the translation with over 400 changes. If we look at some comparison screenshots we can see that basic elements such as fonts are based on the original patch and the script is similar but with a lot of small changes to the language. There were also some programming changes to bugs in the game. The text files included with the patch also have some new built in cheat codes for those looking to have a different game experience.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Japanese version - Opening Scene

Japanese Version

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Original translation - Shingo

Original Translation – Glitched on some Emulators

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Opening Scene

New Translation – Fixed

So! How can fans play this game? Video game emulators require a rom (read only memory) file which is basically a dump of the video game’s data to play. The Sailor Moon: Another Story rom file itself is not included on the web site for copyright reasons. Only a patch file is hosted there which can be applied using a patching tool to the original Japanese rom file. Patching tools are easy enough to find. I use a pearl script because there are less tools available on Mac than on Windows PCs. If you’re looking for the rom file there are some disreputable sites on the Internet which host such files including Sailor Moon Another Story.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Japanese version - Hell Story

Japanese version

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Original translation - Her Destiny

Original Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Hell Destiny

New Translation

Have you played this game? Do you plan on checking out this new translation as a way to experience this game for the first time or yet again? I’ve restarted playing this game at least 3 times previously! The first time I played a Japanese rom before a translation was available and didn’t get too far. A few years later I emulated the English version on my Sega Dreamcast and gave up at some point in the North Pole when I found the random encounters time consuming. I later bought a copy of the Super Famicom game and played that in Japanese, giving up after a tough boss fight during Sailor Mercury’s side quest. This might be a good time to try the game out again! I enjoy doing game emulation on my Raspberry Pi and my hacked 3DS. What do you emulate games on?

Thanks to Dan Bednarsky on Twitter for the heads up.

Keep reading for more comparison screenshots.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Japanese version - Title

Japanese Version

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Original translation - Title

Original Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Title screen

New Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Japanese version - Luna

Japanese Version

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Original translation - Luna

Original Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Luna

New Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Japanese version - Shingo

Japanese Version

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - Original translation - Shingo

Original Translation

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story - New translation - Shingo

New Translation

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45 thoughts on “An updated English translation of the Sailor Moon: Another Story RPG has been released

  1. I own an original copy of this game thanks to a friend but as I don’t read Japanese and wasn’t a fan of the last translation, this is good news!

      • If I can find a way to patch it on my phone (Pixel 3a) I will most definitely give it another go.
        I could always play it on PC, and may, but I’d rather play this in bed and on the go. :)

        • RPGs are great on handheld which is why I hacked a 3DS to play some games. They have software on phones to emulate games but the controls are the tricky part. For RPGs they should work okay! I don’t have any specifics to recommend but I think you should be able to find something that suits your needs.

          • Yeah, the emulators work, but I’m not sure how to add this patch on my phone, or if it’s possible.

            I hope I can get it to work or else I’m stuck with the old translation. :(

          • Probably best to patch it on a computer and then send it to your phone, if that’s something you can do.

  2. I played quite a bit of this years ago on the bad translation I guess we now can call it, the story had issues back then so it annoyed me, got this new translation and I think I might sit down and replay through this game to see whats changed from where I got, think I was up to the tomoe part of bosses before I said I give up with the translation, a nice thing for them to rerelease a translation fix of sorts for the newer more accurate emulators even more iirc they mentioned its more in line with the new dub a bit more too

  3. Halloween (October 31), 2003. That was the last time I beat the game via that ancient translation. But now I shall someday beat the game with this update! Thanks!

    • By the way! To any of y’all who has never played this game but wants to, be forewarned: “Another Story” has an ABSURDLY uneven difficulty. There can be huge spikes of difficulty if you’re not paying attention to your formation. I also like the soundtrack; I got the SPCs eons ago and even got the studio version CD. My favorite segment is Sailor Jupiter’s. Ah, memories…

      • that is partly fixed with the new translation patch, it includes a no heavy grind patch and other goodies, so the game can be a bit more forgiving but your not kidding right off the bat they toss you to the wolves and expect you to be a good 10 to 15 levels higher then you are when you take on solo missions and what not, plus the sailors you don’t play as if memory serves don’t get exp points unlike rpgs now a days where they level up evenly

        • A product of its time! There are plenty of rough edges around this darling nostalgic classic! (For me.) Thank you for informing me, supersonicjc!! We do these tests for SCIENCE!!

      • Thank you both yor warning! I never played this game but have always been interested in, so with the new translation and the possibility left via emulation, I may give it a try.

          • Er… most of the time, another off topic story, because this is stronger than me ^_^” .

          • I was trying to make an unexpected compliment. I was not putting you down at all, I promise!

          • I know it, don’t worry ;) ! But since I’m prone to self-mockery, I took the opportunity of your compliment to humoristically and ironically point out the fact that, yes, I always deviate Sailor Moon discussions into “another story” ^^” . That’s a big defect I’ve always had on Internet, I know it can be bothering to some people, but don’t worry guys, I’m fully aware of it and try to treat myself; alas, only to no avail.

          • Oh, I love deviating and rambling, and I really like that about you. Yeah, this is, but it’s always fun to take some walks off the beaten path. And, as you know, I talk a LOT and share things about myself, sometimes to fault. So, if you feel self-conscious, I’m right there with you!

            We forge “Other Stories” because we can.

  4. I’ve had a very different experience than most! I played this game a couple different times all the way through and actually loved it! Some pointers though-
    1. I love to grind, so make sure you fight every battle so you level up accordingly with the game.
    2. There are some bosses that require very specific sailors/attacks/combos to actually win- if you don’t know this then I can imagine how hard those battles must be- use online walkthroughs or try different attacks/combos if you encounter issues! i.e. for one boss, every attack did almost no damage, then when I used Saturn’s death ribbon revolution, she one hit k.o.’d
    3. There is ONE boss battle, early on, that is bizzarely unbalanced. It’s when Mercury fights her evil alter, you literally spam the same bubble attack and keep refreshing her ep and hp for like, 20 minutes. Something must have been messed up with the stats of that. This is the only battle in the game that is like that though.

    I know someone also made a part 2 to this game, with asteroid senshi and eternal forms, but I was never able to play it, the english emulator files were corrupt or something.

    • Hi! Actually, there’s a trick to the battle against Mercury’s counterpart… Remember Bubble Spray? (Shabon Spray) It does so little damage because it actually lowers enemy Attack Power! Use that once on Nabu’s second fight, and the fight becomes much more tolerable. The old translation concealed Bubble Spray’s true use in its description, for some reason.

      Pack some Manicures, F.Creams, and HP/EP restoratives. It should work out!

      (Mercury makes the game tolerable at lower levels thanks to Bubble Spray. Use it well!)

      • Or you could try what I did when I first played it is keep grinding with Mercury and then when you fight Nebu just switch Mercury’s formation to Arrow and that will guarantee you a better strength in attack. That’s my trick for when I played it back in ‘09

    • Completely agree with you Matt. Kind of liked the grindy aspect of the game. Plus, it’s Sailor Moon and it’s an RPG on the SNES! Can’t go wrong.

    • I checked your link and saw this guy’s post about an Ail and An cosplay, a post in which he wrote: “They [Ail and An] will be appearing in an act in the first story arc/game in a new way that further explores that basic idea.” Well, this post was published on 14 June 2017. So he might still be working on his game?

      • Possibly! I feel like 2 years is a long time to go without any updates though? And the game’s actual website that he blogged updates at is no longer live. I would love to see this game with the characters in their original ideated forms.

        • “Possibly! I feel like 2 years is a long time to go without any updates though? ”

          Er, well, maybe this man’s been hired by Toei to keep on developing his game under their license, and that’s why we still have no news :D ? Humor aside, I would love too to see this game! Fanmade videogames are often a great addition to the original creations!!

        • Off the top of my head, the longest ‘fan game’ I ever waited for, from announcement to final product, was “Remothered.” It’s a horror game that came out in 2008, but it was announced in 2007. Heh. Compared to that, I wouldn’t write off a project because of two years of radio silence just yet, personally!

          • Oh, boy, I messed that one up. *The longest time I ever waited for a ‘fan game’, from announcement to release, was 11 years. It was announced in 2007 and finally released in 2018.

            I wish I had an edit feature.

  5. I played this game a lot around 15 years ago and played it all the way through several times.

    As a lot of people have already said this game can be incredibly difficult if you dont understand how to take advantage of the games different strategic quirks.

    Here are some things that people havent touched upon:
    – Boost the senshis stats using accessories. This is incredibly important in the early parts of the game and will be crucial for the senshis solo mission. For example, if you dont boost Mars defense using tiaras she you wont be able to defeat a single enemy without getting killed first.
    – Make sure to try the different formations and work out where to place the senshi to boost their strenght or make up for their weaknesses. The further to the front you place a senshi the attack power will be boosted but defense decrease. The opposite goes for placing them at the back.
    – Use the link tech tool early on to find some of the strongest and most usefull techniques.
    – Theres an item called ”red pupil” in the game which heavily increases attack power and theres 2 of them in the game. The first is in the tower of time, cant remember where the second is? Find them and give one to Uranus and 1 to Jupiter.
    – The best strategy for bosses is usually to have the strongest senshi at the front attacking while you have the rest at the back using healing items or techs each round.
    – You can always use Plutos time stop abillity to ”cheat” yourself to a win :)

  6. Crystal producer to be at Anime Expo guys. He is joining the Sailor Moon pannel. I am so ready for the movies reveal on this bday and the follow up at anime expo. Gosh I cannot wait.

  7. Best way to win at this game is using the arrow formation and the strongest sailor soldiers in this game are Jupiter, Uranus and Mars they’re combo attack is superb and also try using the arrow formation that will increase attack 10x. Also remember to grind and create combos with your Sailor Team…I forgot which one I think Chibiusa and Sailor Moon(not sure which combo it was) can heal your team…but formation and combos can help you a lot. As well as grinding and getting each Sailor Soldiers special items(ex:Mars Ruby tiara and earrings ) they help boost your characters stats. Also try to complete the puzzle to access the Angel Pins ( you need them before the final battle) these are just my tips, Hope they help.
    Played this game non stop back in 2009

  8. I have this with the new updated translation on a pink SNES cartridge. The Sailor Moon R fighting game has also been translated and made into a SNES cartridge. For some reason the other fighting games and the puzzle games haven’t been translated.

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