As the new Eternal Editions of the Sailor Moon manga are released in English a smaller Bunkobon version is coming to Japan September 28th

Sailor Moon Bunkobon version vol. 1 cover - Sailor Moon

As a new even bigger version of the Sailor Moon manga, the Eternal Edition, is being released in English tomorrow an even smaller version will soon be released in Japan! Japanese readers will be getting a Bunkobon version of the Sailor Moon manga which is a smaller and cheaper version of the manga. At only 842 yen, about $7.50 US, this is about half the price of the Complete Editions which were released a few years ago. These are Bunkobon or Bunkoban Editions which are a size which is referred to in Japan as A6, which is roughly 4.13″ x 5.83″. In contrast the new Eternal Editions which are coming out in North America are even bigger than the large Complete Edition Japanese versions and measure a whopping 7.1″ x 9.98″, a bit smaller than a standard 8.5″ x 11″ letter sheet of paper. This is almost double the height and width of the new Bunkobon Japanese versions and roughly 3 times the surface area! Of course the larger English version is also over three times the cost so you really do get what you’re paying for! The Japanese Complete Editions were A5 size which is between the two at 5.83″ × 8.27″. Check out this Tweet by @thesailorbook to see the difference between the new English version and the Japanese Complete Edition. The Bunkobon Edition is not included in this size comparison.

Sailor Moon Bunkobon version vol. 2 cover - Sailor Mercury

The first two volumes of the Bunkobon editions will be released on September 28th. The covers are similar to the Complete Editions and Eternal Editions showing art of Sailor Moon on volume 1 and Sailor Mercury on volume 2. Both volumes 1 and 2 are available for pre-order from Amazon Japan. If you’re more interested in buying an English version, with high quality paper and some colour pages, you can order those using the links below. Only volume 1 is released on September 11th while volume 2 won’t be out until November 13th with later volumes coming out in 2019. Since there were delays with volume 1 coming out there may be more delays to that schedule.

Will you be picking either of these up? How many versions of the Sailor Moon manga are you up to now? I think I’ll be up to 9 if I get both of these but I’m starting to lose count. My Sailor Moon books are still in boxes as I’m moving into my new place.

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25 thoughts on “As the new Eternal Editions of the Sailor Moon manga are released in English a smaller Bunkobon version is coming to Japan September 28th

  1. I must confess that I do not have any Sailor Moon manga at home. I read the scanlations on Internet. I’m not at all a manga collectionner. Anyway, the covers of Moon and Mercury here are superb, and that’s why I’m looking forward to discovering Mars’, Jupiter’s and Venus’ covers.

  2. I own the 10th anniversary boxests, but I’m selling them now, because the Eternal Edition is just a must – it is art book size and it goes for like 18 -25 dollars per book, plus the improved translation – real deal.

  3. 9?!?! Wow! How many language editions do you own?

    This will be my first complete English edition! I had excitedly bought the Shinsouban when they were available in Japanese at a few Asian malls and conventions in Toronto. So, I was actually super disappointed that they came out with an English version hahaha. I did not want to own the same set twice despite the language difference! I similarly did not spring for the Complete Edition because I didn’t really want TWO sets that I couldn’t read ^^;. But it’ll be nice to have one in each language and cover set~. My Tankoubans are a sad mix of Mixx, Tokyopop, and Chinese XD. Would love to rectify that one day somehow! (Maybe go all-Chinese?? I don’t speak the language but they had fold out colour pages!)

    • Original Japanese
      Japanese rerelease circa ~2003
      Japanese Complete Edition
      Japanese bilingual (Japanese/English) version
      Japanese Bankoban version (pre-ordered only)
      French version by Glenat
      Newer French version (Kana?)
      English release from a few years back
      New Eternal Edition

      I never got the Tokyopop ones.

      • The Tokyopop ones are so bad they are good. I’d advise finding them cheap on Amazon and giving them a read.
        They seriously reference stuff like Arnold Schwarzenegger and other 90’s stuff…

  4. I didn’t expect these babies to be THIS big! Holy cow! Alas, I had to ship mine back to Amazon to be replaced. The one I received was terribly bent and crumpled in a corner, several pages deep. In the name of the moon, I’ll replace you!

    • I often buy books from Amazon and I already had the same problem for several of them: some corners and pages were “bent and crumpled” as you wrote. But unlike you, I’m too lazy to send them back. Most of the books I buy come from Amazon’s French warehouses. So Amazon seems to have a real problem with taking good care of their stored books, wherever their warehouses are in the world. You did well to send back the one you received, because this new edition looks beautiful, so one just cannot accept to receive a damaged copy!

        • Mine also arrived damaged…the back cover was torn! I almost became dark Aqua but then I saw the faces (avatars really…) of my friends from this site in my mind and it pulled me back.
          Thankfully they sent my replacement within two days so my wrath was appeased and dark Aqua went back to sleep for another millennia (or at least until volume 2 comes out….)

          • I’m relieved to read that the world didn’t witness the apocalyptic rage of Dark Aqua after all! Yeah, I got my new and improved book very quickly!

        • Dark Joseph and Dark Aqua, fortunately you listened to the voice of reason! Don’t let the Amazon Troll Of Doom (Queen Nehellenia’s new minion) take its t(r)oll on you! By sending damaged books, the Amazon Troll Of Doom hopes that people will get angry at him because wrath is, indeed, a powerful energy to collect… So keep calm and don’t feed the Troll with your dark emotions! Just send the damaged books back with Serenity :) .

  5. Ohhh no Im excited but fearful for my wallet. I have the 20th anniversary rerelease and im currently collecting the original mixx translation and now there’s another one! I’m going to have so many sailor moon manga.

    • I found the translation for the last sailor stars on tokyopop pocket manga to be my favorite.
      Really touching!!!

      If you don’t finish your tokyo pop mixx collection I definitly recomend picking that one up atleast

      Plus there is a special dedication from Mrs. Takeuchi that will make your heart melt

  6. Wow! I just received my copy and this book is gorgeous! I own a couple of volumes from the Tokyo pop releases and the later updated edition but this is really something different!

  7. I thought the characters were going to look too modern and stylized but I was wrong!
    The art work was GORGEOUS
    Did anyone else find Rei and Ami to look especially pretty?

    This volume definitly has a special place in my collection :)

  8. On a side note rightstuf has never sent me anything damaged

    They carefully wrap their books in a way they don’t slide inside the box

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