The Moon Color Chainon Animation Music Video shows us many spoilers for the Sailor Moon Eternal films

Sailor Moon Eternal - Young Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal is now out in Japanese theatres. Those of us outside of Japan are still hoping for news of when the movie will be out in their area. If you’re looking for a 4 minute and 20 second video which gives clips from throughout the entire movie I’ve got some good news for you! An “Animation Music Video” of the Momoiro Clover Z song Moon Color Chainon, the theme song for Sailor Moon Eternal, has been released. The entire video is footage from Sailor Moon Eternal. This seems to be mostly from Part 1 but it seems like this includes some scenes from Part 2. This is a mix of old footage and a ton of newer footage not in previously trailers and officially released clips. Be warned there’s everything in this. Every character people got annoyed at me for posting screencaps of is in this. If you haven’t read the Dream arc of the manga and don’t want to be spoiled for the films, don’t watch the clip which I’ve embedded below!

Of course at this point none of this is “new” footage as the first movie is actually out. I haven’t seen the film yet! I’m really looking forward to seeing a decent version of it, hopefully on Netflix some time soon, but I haven’t been watching the low quality cam footage which can be found if you spend a bit of time looking.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Deimos and Phobos

I figure this video is also on the Blu-Ray which comes with the Moon Color Chainon CD/Blu-Ray combo which came out a couple of days ago. My copy of both of the albums is in the mail somewhere in Cincinnati and I’ll be doing a review after I receive it at some point. I’ve got a big move coming up so my posting may slack a bit in the next few weeks but I’ll get around to it when I can.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Cats getting shit done

Lots of fun stuff in here! What’s your favourite part? Young Rei and Usagi are very cute. Human Artemis and fairy Phobos and Deimos are cool! Chibiusa kissing the horse is always funny. Those cats are looking bad ass!

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa kisses a horse

Keep reading for more screenshots from this clip.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Fish Eye looking at a mirror

Sailor Moon Eternal - Ami looking at fish

Sailor Moon Eternal - Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal - Makoto

Sailor Moon Eternal - Pegasus appears

Sailor Moon Eternal - My Three Moms

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa tries to go home

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa and Tiny Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - PallaPalla

Sailor Moon Eternal - Makoto, Ami, Rei, Usagi and Minako

Sailor Moon Eternal - Minako and Human Artemis

Sailor Moon Eternal - Ami and Fish Eye

Sailor Moon Eternal - Rei

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru and Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal - Minako, Rei, Chibiusa, Makoto and Ami

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru and Young Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal - Nehelenia

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Saturn

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125 thoughts on “The Moon Color Chainon Animation Music Video shows us many spoilers for the Sailor Moon Eternal films

  1. The animation for Oak Evolution looks low-effort compared to the other attacks. It’s bad enough that someone on the creative team decided to reuse all of the attack animations from SuperS. Now we have to look at it.

    No wonder people keep comparing this movie to the old series.

  2. cant wait to see this, at least i got my answer i asked prior about the pens… eternal forms and princess dresses wow, now to get any info if they restore the sailor asteroids for chibi moon would be a nice surprise, the clips ive seen all look like they were 1to1 in the manga which makes this seem like it will turn out ok… that and some kind of english conformation so i dont have to hunt down the phone clips on the internet lol, i seen btw someone had done stills and showed off the 4th amazon character that goes after minako in the anime cant remember the name of it something like xelotine or something?? love the constant trickle of shots of the 2 movies and more of part 1 which looks like it stops right at where venus gets her crystal but thats kinda strange unless they show off the outers right before she transforms to coincide with the manga, guess we will see lol

  3. Wow!!!
    I’ve never seen the princess forms outside art book 5!!!
    This is amazing, the face expressions are much more tender than crystal.
    If you didn’t like super s to begin with I’m not sure what will bring you in at this point but I couldn’t be more thrilled :)

  4. Kissing horses gets a big nay from me!
    And since they can carry the virus, talk about getting it straight from the horse’s mouth!

  5. Was Sailor Mercury constipated to strike such a pose at 1:16? Lol, her arms and hands are in a weird position compared to her very original pose. Also they forgot Jupiter’s green aura at 4:20!

    Apart from this, I like this vid and the song and I’m really hyped! Seeing Artemis, and Venus discovering him under his human form, really moved me.

  6. I’m happy to see the the rose-chain from the manga was incorporated into Love & Beauty Shock.

    Hopefully, the full sequence won’t be as lame as Wink Chain Sword was.

  7. It’s cruel they’re still not releasing any information on plans for international release (almost as cruel as being born without the blessing of pun jokes to the extent of my fellow moonies).

    However, if anyone needs something truly amazing to watch in the meantime, can I recommend “Your Name”? You’ll laugh and you will sob like a schoolchild and (to loop it all back around to SM) Stephanie Sheh is the voice of the main character in the English dub. I don’t think it’s streaming anywhere but imo totally worth the $3 to rent from youtube or prime for a movie night.

    • I’ve been on Sailor Moon News since 2014 and I don’t believe that Adam is a sensitive person. Quite on the contrary, he’s always been very tolerant towards the crazy comments and the never-ending flooding we’ve been posting for years under his articles. Well, only Adam can answer your question about where your comment has gone, but I felt the need to reply as well since, apparently, it was responding to mine ;) . Sometimes the reason of “disappearing” comments is that we make mistakes when writing our email adress, which causes the comments to await Adam’s validation.

      • Yeah, or posting external links. My messages always have to be verified if I link to something off site. Which is one reason why I try not to abuse that! Heh.

      • I almost never delete comments once they’ve shown up but there’s a lot of spam posts by bots which I delete. Those aren’t ever posted by real people. I think I’ve deleted just one actual human posted comment since the start of the site and that was when one user impersonated another, which was obvious when I looked at the IPs. I don’t recall the specifics but the poster is still around.

        • ” I think I’ve deleted just one actual human posted comment since the start of the site and that was when one user impersonated another, which was obvious when I looked at the IPs.”

          Oh yes, I remember this episode since I was the one that was being impersonated. Never understood why the impersonator didn’t choose someone else, haha :D . Plus the imitation was really, really bad!

    • Sorry but some comments are automatically flagged for moderation and I have to manually approve them. WordPress is picky so it flags a lot of things based on many factors such as new users, new IP address, external links and possibly the actual content of the message with some sort of algorithm. I’ve approved your comments.

    • As much as we fans will enjoy it, I’d chalk up its performance to Toei’s bad treatment of the series so far for the reboot.
      Delays galore for the series, sometimes it was a web show, sometimes it was on TV, bad marketing, bad animation in the first two seasons.
      And no real respect for fans, since they would go radio silent leaving us guessing.

      Also, even though it is her cash cow, Naoko Takeuchi seems to have a very lax attitude towards the series unless it’s new merch.

      If they had treated Crystal as a proper reboot I think it would have been much more successful. Instead, it was an opportunity to throw out a half-baked product to sell merchandise.

      Thankfully, these films look like they are doing the manga justice, but I don’t know if excitement can be revived for Sailor Moon unless it gets a proper sequel.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with releasing new merchandise, sailor moon has a lot of competition with the Shonen anime’s that are way more profitable.
        If there was a remake at all its for the fans and I think most of their decision making is based on surveys from different magazines in Japan so if we in the US or the rest of the world feel a little left out it might be because of that reason( this is all speculative of course).

        As far as Ms. Takeuchi’s involvement I can’t wait to find a translation of the Kadokawa Davinci article that just came out interviewing her about the movie , I think she is probably (hopefully) taking an active role in everything coming forward.

        I really think its an exciting time for new collectors and I hope the upcoming films will leave us with lasting memories.

        In my opinion time is the ultimate test :)

        • I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the new merch, I’m not complaining!
          It’s just that Toei hasn’t treated Sailor Moon fairly since the original anime run.

          • Actually, the only reason Toei is doing the remake is because Naoko was giving them crap about licensing more merchandise and she gave them the ultimatum that she would only okay it if they made an anime adaption more closely to the manga. Which is why Toei literally cares nothing about the effort they put into the remake and the animation. Because they know they will always be able to sell merch from the original anime. Just a trade secret from a friend that works at VIZ. I think the animators for this movie were like their low budget ones. Some of the characters’ proportions in the promotion art is just…..awful. And why the 90s Moon Crisis Make Up is better than the new one…..beyond me.

          • So if I understand well, Toei only made the movies to promote and sell more Sailor Moon merchandise? Is it like some of the animated series in the 90’s that were only made to promote and sell derived products?

        • I’m more concerned that we’ll get another adaptation that’s just a low-budget carbon copy of the nineties anime Stars arc with identical attack and transformation sequences.

          The creative team has one more chance to get this right, and if they won’t I’d much rather they not do it at all.

          We’ll always have the manga and the musicals.

    • As per my good friend in Japan, majority of the people are afraid to go out because of the pandemic. The low sales is expected in this current crisis.

  8. I already could see it, but it is very disappointing to see that only Mercury got a full new animation sequence for her attack and even her transformation so far is the only one that seems to look okay. I wish they made new animations for all the attacks and transformations like they did for sailor mercury’s attack.

    • I believe they made a new sequence for Mercury’s attack because in season 3 she was the only one who’s attack was retraced from the 90’s, so this is only fair.

        • Well, Mercury’s harp and her hand in the new movie are giving puny streams of water, so I wish her harp gave the same streams of water the old anime had. Also, why does Mercury’s new transformation look so well animated and beautiful while the others don’t?

          • I think we can judge the other transformations better when we see them in full…but I have to agree that so far it looks as they Ami got the best treatment with the new animations.
            Her transformation is so pretty!

          • We haven’t seen the ithers in full and judging by the leaked footage with Mercury full transformation, the transformations on the PV were cut.

          • What do you mean in the PV they were cut? What’s a PV? And did you mean that they weren’t the full transformations? Well, yeah, we all knew that! Mercury’s transformation still looks the best. It really is so pretty. It’s just animated better .

    • Satou Rina (Mars) mentioned something during this broadcast that all but confirms that the Asteroid Senshi will appear in Kouhen.

  9. I’m rewatching old press clips from Zenpen, and a Kodansha producer accidentally blurted out something about a post-credits scene with Hotaru.

  10. I guess Eternal part 2 will be in Japanese theaters by the end of this week? Hopefully after that we get news on the English dub soon.

  11. Found some early concept designs of the inner senshi from the Stars arc movies on a facebook post but I lost the post before I could link to it.

    • Wow, just wow. Saturn’s transformation was one of the most anticipated scenes in these movies and they traced an obscure game cutscene. Toei can reuse the argument that fans want to see the original anime attacks/transformations (same argument used for the S movie), but that doesn’t work for new stuff. So much for any good will coming from Part 1.

      I have a bad feeling Stars is not going to happen or be condensed into a single two hour movie. Toei really has completely confirmed that their only priority is luxury brand collaborations.

  12. What?!!! They re-used the same exact animation and backgrounds of Crystal Season III for Uranus and Neptune?!!! Oh well, at least Pluto’s is well-animated, and so is Saturn’s! But what?!!!! Saturn gets no transformation special effects, just light from her forehead making her whole sailor fuku? Freaking lame!!!

    • Completely agree! I’m shocked right now! They clearly didn’t care, by recycling old backgrounds and old transformations, and by not even giving Saturn a proper transformation. They did not even tried to reproduce the greatness and the solemnity of her primitive transformation in S3. At least there are excellent fanmade transformations for Saturn on YouTube, and it acts as a solace to me. This one, for instance, is my fav':

      • Yes, even having her Crystal Season III “transformation” when she appears would have been better for Saturn! I saw a fan-made transformation for Saturn that used that and it was great! I agree, your favorite man-made one is super cool!

        • Thank you and I agree with you as well!

          Actually, I’m still hoping that this “transformation” shown in the promo trailer is but a preview, only a small part of Saturn’s whole transformation sequence that we may thus discover once the movie is out in our countries.

      • Indeed, gorgeous images! I’m Chibi Moon and I love what she looks like on the result page! So I’m gonna try to get all the Senshi because I want to see each of them full-scale, and especially my beloved Pluto :D (lucky you Francisca!).

        And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Neptune your favourite Senshi :) ?

          • Beautiful!

            My favorite senshi is actually Tuxedo Mask, who is often underappreciated as the senshi for Earth.

            Tuxedo Crystal Power, Make Up!

          • I agree with you about Tuxy! We often forget that he is actually the Senshi of the Earth and, as such, plays a great role. But he’s left behind all those wondrous women… As for me, I’m a big fan of the Four Heavenly Kings, and I wish we could see a fanmade side project in which Endymion and the Kings would be the heroes instead of the girls!

        • You are dedicated! Thanks for sharing all those images!
          Neptune is my second favorite, I think. I’m super basic and love Usagi the most.
          But Neptune is so elegant I can’t help but appreciate her as a character.

          As for the Four Heavenly Kings, it’s so tragic when you think about it. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe if Endymion had had a powerful parent who could have helped him and his soldiers we’d have gotten a very different story. One where Usagi was a masked hero helping him out while he gathered his knights and fought Queen Beryl and her evil Sailor Senshi who were brainwashed.

          • You’re welcome! I really wanted to get to see all the Senshi in the results, and to share the pictures with you all guys.

            I think Neptune is the most elegant of the team (on par with Pluto, of course :D ). She’s classy, and I love her artistic personality, as well as her main color, because teal is not a so common color, and it conveys a bit of mystery to her character.

            Ah, a reverse story where Endy and the Kings take the place of the girls: yes! That would make my day! I am looking forward to seeing the Kings again in Eternal.

    • It’s a pretty good sign that they are releasing character songs.
      I wonder if we’ll get individual singles with special cover art?
      I think that Astral Mission is my favorite, so far.

    • Talkative as we are, it’s not the first thread to ever reach 100+ comments. We’ve already done it a few times before, and trust me, I have a good memory!

  13. Tuxedo Golden Crystal Power!

    According to this press conference, there’s something at the end of Kouhen to suggest a possible future adaptation of the Stars arc:

    Personally, I think Toei will only do another film adaptation if all the advertising revenue and royalties from collabs helped the movies break even. Box office revenues are terrible in most places right now, and proceeds from licensing agreements with streaming platforms alone may not be enough to cover another set of movies.

  14. Honestly I hope they will adapt the last arc into episodes like they did with the first three seasons. because release a movie and to wait again several months before having an international release . and specially since while waiting to watch the film (even without paying attention) there are so many scenes and images posted online with titles / spoilers that in the end you could not fully enjoy it when its release comes. it’s too bad . what a torture. snif snif

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