Listen to a clip of “Moon Color Chainon”, the Sailor Moon Eternal theme song by Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z - Moon Color Chainon

A preview of the theme song for the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films has been posted to the official Sailor Moon site! The song, by Momoiro Clover Z, is “Gesshoku Chainon” which roughly translates to “Moon Color Chainon”. What’s a chainon? Chaînon is a french word meaning a link in a chain. I suppose this is a reference to the Sailor Guardians all being individual links in the chain that is the Sailor Team. You can check out the short clip of the song which features the members of Momoiro Clover Z below. It includes a few seconds of new footage from the upcoming films.

Two different CD and Blu-Ray sets for this song will be released on January 13th 2021. They will each include a different version of the song. The Momoiro Clover Z Edition includes the song performed only by the group Momoiro Clover Z. The Sailor Moon Eternal Edition includes a different version of the song which is performed by not only Momoiro Clover Z but also voice actors from the Sailor Moon Eternal film. The voice actors who will be providing vocals on this version of the song are Kotono Mitsuishi as Sailor Moon, Hisako Kanemoto as Sailor Mercury, Rina Sato as Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu as Sailor Jupiter and Shizuka Ito as Sailor Venus. There does not appear to be any version which includes both songs, so fans looking to get both will need to buy both versions.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - The Sailor Guardians

Exclusive cards are available for those who order from specific retailers with each different retailer including a different card. The Momoiro Clover Z version (Amazon Japan exclusive, regular edition) is 2500 yen which is about $24 US while the Sailor Moon Eternal version (Amazon Japan exclusive, regular edition) is 2200 yen which is about $21 US.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Momoiro Clover Z singing

The band Momoiro Clover Z has contributed a lot of music to Sailor Moon Crystal going back to the very beginning. They performed Moon Pride, the original opening theme for the series. Fans may notice that Momoiro Clover Z used to have five members but that this video only includes four. Momoka Ariyasu left the group at the beginning of 2018 and is not featured in this song.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will be in theatres in Japan starting January 8th 2021. It will be followed shortly afterwards by Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2 which will hit theatres on February 11th. The movies are an adaptation of the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga which was also adapted as Sailor Moon SuperS in the original 90s anime.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Sailor Mercury

What do you think of the song? Keep reading to see more screenshots from this video.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Kaleidomoon Scope

Sailor Moon Eternal - Moon Color Chainon Video - Momoiro Clover Z singing

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29 thoughts on “Listen to a clip of “Moon Color Chainon”, the Sailor Moon Eternal theme song by Momoiro Clover Z

  1. The new song sounds promising. Sadly they are just redrawing the S3 transformations in the new style, the attacks might be slightly more original, but still based on the 90s… So where did the budget go again?

  2. I really like the song. I think it’s actually really good, and up there with how good Moon Pride was. It does look like they are re-drawing the Season 3 transformations but hopefully they are a little newer/different. I honestly expect these films to look about as good as Season 3 was minus how good the Season 3 Moon Cosmic Power Make-Up and Sailor Moon speech was.

  3. The kaleidomoonscope looks really wonky. When they could trace something that would really make sense they don’t do it properly. ai don’t understand Toei!

  4. I wonder where Sailor Moon will go once the reboot is finished. I’d hate for there to be no more Sailor Moon animation but there’s not really anything for them to go on once they finish the manga. But I guess they could do the Sailor V OVA. Then there’s all the short stories.

    • Sailor V and Parallel Sailor Moon! They could easily continue the story with Chibiusa and the Sailor Quartet but I won’t hold my breath for that.

  5. I like the song so far. I was sure we were just getting a remake of Moonlight Densetsu, so I’m glad to be wrong!

    Still disappointing, but not surprising they didn’t give us brand new transformation sequences.
    We’ve been watching the same ones but different variations for nearly 30 years!

    • I was thinking we’d get Moonlight Densetsu again too! Haha. You have a point about the transformations though the original series always made Sailor Moon’s pretty different each season.

  6. It’s clear they spent the entire budget for the films on the new song- it’s friggin amazing, but sadly everything else still feels so underwhelming. Nehelania’s curse upon you, Toei.

  7. I think the song is okay. As much as I like the 90’s theme song I was actually disappointed thinking they would have no new song. It is not the best song, but it seems decent.

    The animation is where it is disappointing. As usual as a still the image seems decent, but once they actually animate it, it looks mediocre. With all this time they couldn’t even make new transformations for the inners. They just had to reuse all stock animation, but the worse part is that it does not even look better than before. From that first sailor moon eternal movie poster with Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon as much as I did not care for the round faces at least it looked as if it was polished. This looks like the exact opposite. I wasn’t going to expect movie quality, but for stock animations these are disappointing. They should have just continued this as a TV season because it took them 4 years to create this. I will still watch because I hope the story will be good, but I have no hope left for the actual animation.

      • I am hoping they don’t do statues of them all! These are inexpensive in the USA ($25usd each) but if I collected the whole Sailor team I’d go broke!
        Have mercy on my poor Pandemic Wallet, Toei!

  8. I like the song excerpt, but I need to hear the whole thing before I can formulate an opinion. I will say, it makes me want to play Castlevania. … For some reason.

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