Sailor Moon R The Movie is now available to stream for free on Crunchyroll

Sailor Moon R The Movie on Crunchyroll

Viz Media has announced that it is making a distribution deal with the online streaming service Crunchyroll. This deal includes Sailor Moon R The Movie, which is available to stream for the first time in Japanese with English subtitles or dubbed in English on the service. The original Sailor Moon anime currently streams on Hulu while Sailor Moon Crystal is available to stream on Crunchyroll. This is currently the only part of the original Sailor Moon anime on Crunchyroll. Will this change in the future?

Sailor Moon R The Movie Blu-Ray - Princess Serenity

The advantage of Crunchyroll over Hulu is that the content is finally available to Canadians. Hulu is region blocked outside of the United States. The subtitled version of the original Sailor Moon anime is available on TubiTV but this does not include the dubbed episodes which you can find on Hulu.

Sailor Moon R The Movie Blu-Ray - Make Up! Sailor Guardians

The Make Up! Sailor Guardians special which played with Sailor Moon R The Movie in theatres is not available on Crunchyroll. Fans looking to watch that special will need to check out the DVD or Blu-Ray version of the film. It remains to be seen if the other films, Sailor Moon S The Movie and Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Guardians Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole, will be released on the streaming service in the future.

Don’t want to watch a movie for free but prefer physical media? Then why not check out the Blu-Ray versions of the Sailor Moon films using the Amazon links below.

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15 thoughts on “Sailor Moon R The Movie is now available to stream for free on Crunchyroll

  1. Sailor Moon R: The Movie was my gateway into becoming a fan. It was the first thing in the franchise I had ever experienced, even before the classic anime series itself, let alone the manga.

    • I wish I’d kept my old VHS tape of the movies. I had the big, bulky Disney style cases, but after getting the subbed VHS versions of each (boy were those expensive back in the day) I gave them away. At least they brought someone else happiness.

      I know the Dic style got a lot of hate, but I still have a fond spot for certain aspects.

      • Ahhh, yes. Those old VHS tapes, with those colorful cases. I always preferred “clamshell” cases over the standard slidable cases. Anyhoo, I totally forgot to say that my introduction to Sailor Moon (via the R Movie) was the English dub, yeah. I also have a soft spot for things about it. Oh, why beat about the bush? I straight-up bought a DVD of that English dub when I had the opportunity. lol

        When I bought the DVD, I also got Goodfellas on Blu-Ray. The clerk said without sarcasm, “Sailor Moon and Goodfellas. Interesting combination!” And starring Joe Pesci as Luna.

        Also, sick avatar, dude. I meant to tell you sooner, but I dig it. :D

        Merry Chrismakkah/any-holiday-you-please, ya filthy animals.

  2. Sailor Moon can also be streamed through Viz’s website. Is that not available in Canada?
    On another note, I dislike this movie.

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