Hulu is becoming a paid service but you can watch Sailor Moon for free on many other sites

Sailor Moon on Yahoo! View

A number of sources such as Variety and The Hollywood Reported have reported that Hulu plans to end their free service. This hasn’t happened quite yet so fans are still free to watch Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal for free on the service. What is one to do when this switch happens? Hulu will continue to host the show on their pay service but will also be hosting a lot of their free content on Yahoo! View. Use this link to watch Sailor Moon on Yahoo! View. You can also watch Sailor Moon Crystal on Yahoo! View. The site seems to be identical to Hulu in most ways. It seems that Sailor Moon will continue to be available on’s anime streaming service Neon Alley after Hulu moves to a subscription only service. Sailor Moon Crystal continues to be available on Crunchyroll though they are limiting their back catalogue to paid users.

Canadians are still out of luck with Yahoo! View which just like Hulu and Neon Alley is region blocked in Canada, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. As we reported earlier Canadians can now watch the entire original Sailor Moon anime in Japanese with English subtitles on TubiTV, which is also free. You can also watch Sailor Moon Crystal on TubiTV.

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11 thoughts on “Hulu is becoming a paid service but you can watch Sailor Moon for free on many other sites

  1. I already pay for a subscription, so it won’t be a big change for me. Still, I feel bad for the people who relied on the free content. It sucks to have to pay another bill.

  2. Hulu keeps getting greedier…they still show ads for at least one tier of paid service. Oh well, c’est la vie.

    • I’m sure some people will turn to illegal download or to free streaming websites to watch the shows they used to watch for free on Hulu. Then, Hulu may lose some viewers and some money. The greedier they are, the harder they fall. La vie est cruelle, Hulu, and Sailor V will punish you !

  3. You maybe able ‘watch’ Sailor Moon for free from any where. But just be WARNED: Just DON’T WATCH Sailor Moon on the site “” on your AppleTV because it would refuse to load. at least for me it didn’t. Remember you where warned!!.

  4. Hmm… To watch crappy quality video with crappy subs “legally” and pay money or to watch on regular streaming fansites for free with high quality translations and videos just without being legal and receiving absolutely no downside for it… I think legality is too overrated

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