Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28, Infinity 2 – Ripples, April 18th at 10:30am

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 - Michiru kissing Haruka

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available this Monday, April 18th. Act 28, Infinity 2 – Ripples, will air on Japanese TV at 11pm Japan Standard Time and be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu immediately afterwards starting at 10:30am Eastern Time, 7:30am Pacific Time. This episode has the students of Mugen Academy attending a retreat in the woods as Rei faces off against Eudial of the Witches 5.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 - Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe

We’ll see more of Haruka and Michiru, but not much more of Sailor Uranus and Neptune than we did last week. Not that one has to do with the other!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28 - Hotaru

I’ll be traveling in Italy all throughout next week so I won’t have my review up until at least a week after this episode airs. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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44 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28, Infinity 2 – Ripples, April 18th at 10:30am

  1. I’m eager to see more of Kaolinite (what a badass she is !), and of course to see Professor Tomoe.

    Bon voyage sous le soleil italien :D !

  2. I wonder if it truly will release tomorrow as no information shows on Crunchy Roll at the moment and it usually informs you 72 hours prior to the fact.

    • There’s been two earthquakes in Japan this weekend that caused a lot of damage and a few anime have been delayed as a result, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens with Crystal but I hope not.

      • There are currently 42 dead people, and 1000 wounded people. That’s very serious :( .

        If the airing of Crystal is cancelled right now, I hope we won’t have whining people over here.

      • Oh wow, I was not aware of this at all. God bless those people that’s honestly absolutely terrible.

        I have a strong feeling the show will get delayed as of right now 2 hours prior to the release, nothing is on CR.

        Of course I wanted to watch the show, but Japan has bigger fish to fry right now.

  3. Any word on when the S dub gets released? It’s been close to a year now since Viz finished recording, surely post-production and shipping couldn’t take quite this long?

  4. im hoping this show is on time, I know that super sentai and kamen rider aired this past week as the fan subs sites have those live already, hope they air this even tho they had 2 big earthquakes and a volcano eruption as well, hope everyone over there is ok since the last big one was it 5 years ago? they had the power plant melt down and what not

  5. Well, looks like it aired in time. I hope it can bring some happiness to people there too.
    The people of Japan should be in our prayers right now.

  6. What an amazing episode it was! It’s gotta be my favorite so far on this Arc and honestly top 5 in Crystal for sure!

    Mars Snake Fire gave me life. I already knew Mercury was going to show up, but I honestly thought she would use her new attack. I guess it’ll be shown against her counterpart, whoever that is since there’s 2 blue colored witches lol.

    Looks like next episode will be Venus / Mimet episode. No complaints.

    Also, the title is called “Two New Soldiers”. I have a strong feeling we might see them transform!

    • if there following the manga 1:1 like they have been so far then we wont see a true transformation for those 2 until mercury vs the cyan witch (cant remember her name) but sadly there wont be a Saturn transformation until the dream arc like 6 parts in so heres hoping they follow it 1:1 and they give us dream and stars arcs

    • i really enjoyed the fact that they didnt use footstockage for the attacks this week. we actually got a bit more of a enviormental attack with propper backgrounds.

      • I know. I really liked how they mixed stock footage with real-time fighting. It amplified the effects of the attacks IMO.

    • “I already knew Mercury was going to show up, but I honestly thought she would use her new attack. I guess it’ll be shown against her counterpart, whoever that is since there’s 2 blue colored witches lol.”

      Mercury’s nemesis is Viluy, not Cyprine…

      • Thanks for clarifying that. Villuy is the one with white hair, correct?

        So…Mars vs Eudial. Venus vs Mimet next episode apparently. Mercury vs Viluy. Jupiter vs Telu? I’m assuming since they’re both green? Who fights Cyprin then?

          • Nice! Spoilers ahead! I read somewhere that chibi moon and Pluto fight Telu tho. Is this true?

        • Yes, this is it, Viluy is the one with the white hair, and you’re correct for the rest : Mercury/Viluy, Mars/Eudial, Jupiter/Telu, Venus/Mimete. As for Cyprine, you’ll see…

          And as for Chibi Moon and Pluto fighting Telu, I’d say it’s surely in the classic anime.

  7. Omg this was such a super episode! And then they ruined it with not making Eudial to transform in her awful Gorgon Diamon Form, I am sooo disappointed that they just erase her in human form with Heart moon rod attack – it is the same way as the black moon members were erased in previous seasons almost without fight… I was really hoping for some more developed fighting scene with Daimon form of Eudial :(

        • Hey lasagna. Yes, I read that as well. I wonder why? Maybe if they would have included it, Rei’s birthday or the kiss wouldn’t have happened. You can only fit so much in an episode, u know?

          • I see you’re not done trolling, but it’s fine, every blog needs a troll or two.

  8. hm… months ago, I wrote that to animate the Infinity Arc will need much better animation style because Infinity Arc has some really challenging scenes and more complex plot… I didnt specify it, but one of those scenes was the battle with Eudial and her transformation to daimon – creepy Medusa-like creature… and what happened? they did not animate it! I am very disappointed

    • I wonder if they might save that for a future event that happens? You know the one I’m meaning, right? I hope so! I want to see the monster daimon forms animated! :)

  9. On a side note, does anyone know where to watch Dragon Ball Super? Don’t think it’s on Crunchy Roll and Google is a failure to use for this inquiry.

  10. Overall this episode was good I hope they can keep up the decent pacing. Next week they will have less stuff that has been already animated in the previous episode. They really brought to life the slapstick/comedy panels that Naoko had in the manga that were missing in season 1 and 2.

    The animation was still great, but the drawings sometimes looked off in certain scenes. I would say the quality of drawings dropped a little this episode. Hopefully, in the next episode the quality of designs are better. Venus doesn’t look so good in the preview.

    I wish they didn’t show Mars and Jupiter transform. It was just odd when they spoke the. Transformed and then appeared. It would have been more exciting for them to cut the transformation and appear to battle. They already did the transformations back to back with the act 27 part 1 and 2. I was hoping they would animation mercury’s shine aqua or shine snow illusion. The animation for aqua mist is nice but since they already used that attack it was boring to see again.

    They should have just gave Uranus and Neptune fans the kiss at the end of their hugging talking scene. It doesn’t happen in the manga, but they were so close to kissing that they might as well have animated an actual kiss. Mars snake fire was so fun. Originally I was disappointed Eudial didn’t transform, but with them wasting time with Mars and Jupiter transformation then using the whole spiral heart attack animation it didn’t leave much time to make her transformation make sense for the battle.

    Ironically Eudial is level 78 which is high, but obviously useless since she was killed with one hit.

    • I love the transformation scenes, but I know exactly what you mean. They need to make shortened versions.
      I’m so excited for Monday!!

  11. Question – do Neptune and Uranus even kiss on the manga?

    There’s still hope that Crystal might change that, but just wondering cause I know she does kiss Moon.

    • Oddly enough, no, they never do. It’s odd that their relationship is actually pretty subtle, seeing that they make no effort to hide that they are in fact lesbians. Maybe this is something that will be added in…it would be best shown in Stars maybe.

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