Sailor Moon Eternal’s web site states that TOEI will be collaborating with Studio DEEN for the films

Sailor Moon Eternal - Poster

The Sailor Moon Eternal films now have an official Japanese web site. There’s really not much there besides the poster and teaser, both of which we’ve already seen. The text at the bottom of the site is an image, meaning I can’t even copy and paste it into Google Translate! Luckily some fans have deciphered this text and the noteworthy information on this page is that TOEI will be collaborating with Studio DEEN for these films. What does this mean?

Studio DEEN

Studio DEEN is a Japanese animation studio which has been around since 1975. They’ve done a lot of anime for TV, video and film. This means that some fans are jaded because of what the studio did with some property or another, but at the end of the day it can’t be denied that Studio DEEN has also done some quality work over the years. Hit and miss? Sounds like Sailor Moon Crystal to me! What can we infer from this? I’d say pretty much nothing! For such a large studio who’s worked on so many properties we don’t know what effect this will have on Sailor Moon Crystal. We will have to see what they come up with!

Have a look at the Studio DEEN Wikipedia page to see which of their works you’ve seen. What did you think of them? I’ve seen some of the stuff listed but it’s hard to tell if the episodes I saw were those they worked on. Since I’m mostly familiar with older anime series the two works which stick out as being of high quality to me are DNA² and Angel’s Egg. Angel’s Egg in particular is an absolutely beautiful film. Since it was made in 1985 I don’t imagine much of that staff is still around! I can’t say I’ve seen anything the studio has put out recently.

Sailor Moon Eternal Poster - Sailor Moon

Looking at this new web site we see that elements of the Sailor Moon Eternal poster are actually saved as individual images. This allows us to get a look at just Sailor Moon or Sailor Chibi Moon from the posters.

Sailor Moon Eternal Poster - Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal Poster - Background

Sailor Moon Eternal logo

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25 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Eternal’s web site states that TOEI will be collaborating with Studio DEEN for the films

  1. I will trust this company solely because of their Wikipedia credit, “Sorcerous Stabber Orphen” (2000). That title made me smile.

  2. Deen had their lows in the past decade, but still are better than all these small Chinese and Philipino studios that Toei outsorced to for Crystal in the past. They are actual studio and they have also produced some quality shows. At least this means more good animators work on it rater tan a buch of i betweeners from uknown cheap studios.

  3. They definitely have a wide selection of works, several that I’ve seen. Some of their past stuff has been less than impressive, but the more recent stuff seems to be of better quality.
    Like others have said, I’m glad this is being done by an actual Japanese team and not being outsourced to some unknown studio (no hate to those studios, they often work very hard on small budgets…)
    I hope some people who know and love the source material are onboard.

    • Another good thing is Chiaki Kon the director has worked with them on several project, so they most likely follow her creative vision and there will be no backstage problems.

  4. Oh god, with the current season of seven deadly sins airing and actually getting to see the quality of the animation, this is pretty bad.

    • Yes, let’s hope they use some of their better people for this. Deen do have some talanted animators, as well as terrible ones. If we get worst from both Toei and Deen though… The movie might kill the franchise.

      • Jeez, If these movies don’t have good animation, then i call this whole franchaise officially cursed to not have consistent animation, fingers crossed that that is far from the case.

  5. Have TOEI always collaborated with other studios? Or is this the only time they have worked outside of just their own studio? Hopefully this does not create more issues or delays than them working by themselves. Either way I just hope the movies come out soon. I don’t understand how season 3 ended 3 years ago and it takes them 4 years to get to complete just 2 movies. From this I can see the movie will be released at the end of 2020, if we are lucky.

    • They usually use other smallstudios and they outsorce portions of their animation, but it is different than co producing. They had few istances of completely let anoter studio do their projects like the terrible Sentia Sho done by Gonzo. But colaboration like this is unusual for them. I guess te studio is too busy to handle it and they decided to divide it with another studio rater than outsorcing outside Japan like in the past. This might end up being a good thing. While Deen has some bad projects they are still better than a bunch of small foreign studios which never habdled a full project themselves. Co production doesn’t mean Deen are doing it on their own, so I see nothing troublesome

  6. Great information from you all guys about Studio Deen. I didn’t know them so reading Adam’s post and all your comments helped me for sure.
    Thank you and fingers crossed for the movies!

    • I agree. I was familiar with some of the properties (Fruits Basket, for one), I was not familiar with Studio Deen as a company.
      Considering the awful job Toei has done on their own with some properties’ animation and how the outsourced unknowns did, I think Studio Deen being on board is more hopeful than scary.

      But maybe that’s just me and my glass-half-full mentality. XD

      • To be objective studio has bad rep because they made few bad adaptations of visual novels with huge fanbase and fanboys that would scream for days when their favorite franchasise was mistreated or didn’t get the treatment they were hoping for. Deen has also done some great adaptations as well as original anime. It depends or individual members of the team and we are yet to know which people are involved. In the end of the day they are still a very old studio bringing classics as well as some trash. They did Ranma, they did Urusei Yatsura, they did Hell Girl. They have history and they are capable of doing great stuff. In a way they are on the same level of Toei in their worst as well as teir best.

          • True, but you know how one bad adaptation of a visual novel could ruin a studio. It was the Umineko case, in which Chiaki Kon was involved as well. The VNs are a lot more popular and stir a lot more commotion. We scream for years, but nobody cares. Vns cover a wider audience.

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