Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album track listing and cover art has been revealed

Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album cover art

Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album will be released on April 4th. You can pre-order it from sites like Amazon Japan. The Sailor Moon Official Site has posted a track listing for the album which shows us what will be included and what artists will be performing them. It also includes the album cover which is somewhat underwhelming as it’s art we’ve already seen for the 25th Anniversary Book. I’ve translated the track listing below.

1. Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) by LiSA
2. La Soldier by Gesshoku Kaigi
3. Moon Revenge by BiSH
4. Otome no Policy (Maiden’s Policy) by Yoko Ishida
5. Kakumei wa Night & Day (Revolution is Night & Day) by Etsuko Yakushimaru
6. “Rashiku” Ikimashou (I’ll Go As Myself) by Sonoko Inoue
7. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto… (The Wind, the Sky, Surely…) by Gesshoku Kaigi
8. Sailor Stars Song by Silent Siren
9. Eternal Eternity by Ziyoou-vachi

A bit of a mixed bag here. I was hoping for a bit more of a variety of tracks that weren’t on the 20th Anniversary Tribute Album. Most of these are songs from the original Sailor Moon anime with only one musical song and two songs from Sailor Moon Crystal. I would have liked to have seen more songs from films, musicals or even the live action series which had not been revisited rather than rehashing the same songs yet again.


As always the album starts out with Moonlight Densetsu or Moonlight Legend, the Sailor Moon opening theme, this time performed by LiSA. This is surely the Sailor Moon song which has been performed by the most artists.

Gesshoku Kaigi

La Soldier, performed by Gesshoku Kaigi, is a song which was used in most of the early Sailor Moon musicals. It was also featured at the end of Sailor Moon R episode 88. Gesshoku Kaigi will also be performing Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto or The Wind, the Sky, Surely, the ending theme for Sailor Stars. They are the only band to perform two songs on this album.


Moon Revenge, performed by BiSH, is the first track that wasn’t on the 20th Anniversary Tribute Album. It was the theme song of Sailor Moon R The Movie which had the five Sailor Guardians each performing in this song. BiSH currently has six members. Perhaps one of them won’t be included in the song or will only sing in the parts where all members are involved. Previously Momoiro Clover Z performed a cover for this song which worked well as that group includes five members.

Yoko Ishida

Otome no Policy or Maiden’s Policy, the Sailor Moon R ending theme, is being performed by Yoko Ishida who originally performed the song for the Sailor Moon anime. This seems an odd choice for a tribute album which is otherwise all covers by new artists. I would expect that this version would be done in some other style especially after we just got a cover of it by Yoko Ishida for the Classic Concert.

Etsuko Yakushimaru

Kakumei wa Night & Day or Revolution is Night & Day is perhaps the most obscure inclusion on this album. It was originally included in the fairly unmemorable Sailor Moon Crystal character song CD. It was not, to my knowledge, ever included in the series itself. Character songs have existed for the original anime and the live action series but the more memorable ones of these were featured in those series although many were only included in singles and albums. There are surely many other character songs which could have been used instead of or in addition to this one. The song will be performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru. This is a particularly odd choice as this song, like Moon Revenge, was performed by the five members of the Sailor Team. Since Etsuko Yakushimaru is a single artist I’m not sure why this track was chosen. This, like all other Sailor Moon Crystal tracks, was not included in the 20th Anniversary Tribute Album since Sailor Moon Crystal did not exist at the time.

Sonoko Inoue

“Rashiku” Ikimashou or I’ll Go As Myself will be performed by Sonoko Inoue. This was the second Sailor Moon SuperS ending theme which was also used for the end credits of the Ami’s First Love special which played with the Sailor Moon SuperS movie.

Silent Siren

The Sailor Stars Song, the second opening theme used for the entire Sailor Stars series, will be performed by Silent Siren.


Eternal Eternity will be performed by Ziyoou-vachi. This was the opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal Season III.

Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album exclusive incentives

The post also included a list of vendor exclusive bonuses. These are art by Naoko Takeuchi which was originally included with the manga.

What do you think of the artists chosen for these tracks? Which are you most looking forward to hearing?

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21 thoughts on “Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album track listing and cover art has been revealed

  1. Nice track list, can’t wait for this album, but to be honest I’m tired of that piece of artwork – gorgeous, but it is being everywhere, on everything. And yet they made it sound as they have revealed a new piece of artwork. :D

  2. See, if I had things MY way, some compositions from Sailor Moon video games would make the cut. ;) I love “Fantasy Attraction.”

  3. I am SO excited to hear BiSH’s version of Moon Revenge!!!! I am a huge BiSH and Sailor Moon fan so this is a match made in heaven. I hope they let BiSH punk up the song and that it’s not just a carbon copy.

  4. Lovely, Adam, you should fix the last sentence. Eternal Eternity was an ending theme . Thank you for the wonderful news. Can’t wait.

    • Holy crap, we can’t copy-paste the texts from SMC’s website -_- … Otherwise we could have pasted it into Google Translate, and gotten a very imperfect result, but still some bits of information for sure.

    • I finally found the way to copy-paste, then right into Google Translate. Here’s a first part:

      Collaboration event of “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal” and a game for smartphone “Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat Wiz” will be reprinted from March 27, 2018 (Tue)!

      “Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat Witch” is a quiz & card battle RPG that will advance quests while answering quizzes. Fifth anniversary celebrated on March 5, 2018 (Monday). The stage of the game is an imaginary world where magic breathes, Que = Arias. Players become wizards, resolve requests and quests from people and quest for top magicians while competing with other wizards and knowledge.

      • · Duration: March 27 (Tue) – Tentatively scheduled April 10 (Tue) 2018

        · Collaboration event “SAILORMOON 2 black cats” “SAILORMOON Dark aged invaders” held reprinted!
        · Collaboration 10 times Gacha once free!
        · Add “hard mode” with a high level of difficulty!
        · Unlock further evolution of some cards, such as “Invincible Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”!

        By clearing the first bullet, you can get a collaboration limited card “Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi”. You can evolve legend to the highest reality “unbeatable beautiful girls warrior sailor moon” with the material that you can get the second round clear.
        Also, by clearing “hard: evil class” added this time, you can get another “Unbeatable Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon”, and by combining these two, further evolution It will be possible.

        Please enjoy this special collaboration for a limited time on this opportunity!

        ※ We will inform you about detailed schedule and contents of the event within the application.
        ※ Event contents are subject to change without notice. Please note.

        * The customer will be responsible for purchasing smart devices and communication charges.
        ※ Item charge system. Some characters are offered by a paid random item offering method.
        To those under the age of 20: When purchasing items, please get consent from parents or purchase together.

        • Ohhh, got it. When i read RPG i got so excited, im kind of dissapointed but again it was my fault for thinking too far. :\

          • No, no, don’t be disappointed. Because the real disappointment lies in Toei’s delays to produce or release some new stuff related to Sailor Moon Crystal (animated series/movies, toys/figures…): so imagine the possible delay between the announcement of a new RPG and its effective release XD .

          • You’re welcome but you know it wasn’t me, but Google Translate ;) . I don’t speak Japanese.

  5. I lost all hope again… Anime Matsuri starts today, and as far as we know it will have a formal diner party tonight, welcoming ceremonies tomorrow and sailor moon panel on Saturday. The more I look at it the less likely they will spill any beans, considering the fact that nothing has been revealed in Japan, so it makes no sense. Instead of coming to fancy partie in the USA that woman shouuld work and start giving out info, because I wanna watch these movies while still in my 20s

  6. I just noticed that Rei has outer senshi eyes!

    Her hair is royal purple.
    Her lips are sweet surprise
    Her hands are never… um…not supple (?!).
    She’s got Outer Senshi eyes
    She’ll turn the flames on you
    You won’t have to think twice
    She’s pure as Crystal Tokyo snow
    She got Outer Senshi eyes.

    She’ll expose you, when she toasts you
    Off your feet with the ofuda, she throws at you
    She’s ferocious and she knows just what it
    Takes to make a crow blush
    All the boys think she can scry,
    She’s got Outer Senshi eyes.

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