Check out a preview of all tracks on the Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Tribute album

Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album cover art

The Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Tribute Album will be released later this week, on April 4th, but you can now see a video previewing of all tracks on the Sailor Moon official site. I had previously posted a translation of all tracks on this album. We have now also learned of two bonus tracks which will be included. These are Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend), the original Sailor Moon anime opening theme, as well as Tuxedo Mirage, the ending theme to Sailor Moon S. Both of these tracks will be performed by the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal. That being Kotono Mitsuishi, Sailor Moon, Hisako Kanemoto, Sailor Mercury, Rina Sato, Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu, Sailor Jupiter, and Shizuka Ito, Sailor Venus. It sure is nice to see that they still have the contact information of the Sailor Moon Crystal cast, what with it having been so long since they’ve recorded any episodes of the show.

The cast of Sailor Moon Crystal reading the Sailor Moon manga at Usagi's birthday celebration

Check out the video below.

What do you think? I’ve got a few thoughts already! I don’t like Moon Revenge at all. I’m all for doing a cover in a different style but this fast pace just doesn’t fit the song to me. I’m pretty disappointed with Otome No Policy being so similar to the original version. Why get the original artist back to sing the same song in the exact same way especially after we just got a fairly similar version from the Classic Concert? Hearing Moonlight Densetsu with the new cast is pretty neat, though this song is generally done to death. We had originally gotten a “Pretty Cast” version of this song from the original anime. Pretty Cast was a name for a group composed of the five voice actors voicing the original Sailor Guardians. As they were also the original voices for Moon Revenge I would have preferred to see them do the vocals for this song as a bonus and perhaps give something more fitting to BiSH.

Any favourite tracks out of these? Are you picking up this album this week?

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52 thoughts on “Check out a preview of all tracks on the Sailor Moon The 25th Anniversary Tribute album

  1. First impressions- love to see what others thought….
    -I could do without the first moonlight densetsu, we’ve heard a million itterations and they’re all sounding the same.
    -La soldier was just sick- the instruments were awesome and I want to hear the whole song.
    -Moon revenge was too fast and weird.
    -Track 5… is this some original song? Not into the baby voice.
    -Sailor Star song… I feel like that should just never be remade, the original is just so so brilliant. I hope we’ll at some point have the capability to purchase individual songs a’la itunes…

  2. I kind of wish the show would have taken a direction closer to this music. Still feminine but powerful sounding.
    I loved “Fall in love with the New Moon” but it didn’t match the pace of season 3.

    The beat in all of these …except whatever that fifth track was (ow, my head!), the SuperS ending, and Eternal Eternity sounded amazing.
    Those three were awful.

    The rest, I love it!

  3. It was pretty underwhelming…. they didn’t really do anything different with songs like “Moon Revenge” or “La Soldier.” Given that these songs have just been revisited in the last tribute album and in the concert album, would have been nice to see a new take on this stuff.

    Would have been great to see the likes of Mondo Grosso or Rip Slyme on this. You know…. really doing something different.

    • Moon Revenge wasn’t on the last tribute album but a cover by Momoiro Clover Z was included as an extra on a Sailor Moon Crystal theme song single which may be what you were thinking of.

  4. 1.Moonlight Densetsu – it sounds full of energy and there is something catchy, but at this point it has been done so many times, in so many different styles and languages, that it is getting boring;
    2. La Soldier – This song used to be so underrated, but with the coer in 20th anni album and this one I seriously dig it. Probably the best cover in this album.
    3. Moon Revenge – this is my favourite song but they ruined it – too fast, boring vocals… I’m very disappointed.
    4. Otome No Policy – I know she is like the anisong princess, but she needs to try and do other songs too. We got that twice in an year.
    5. Rashiku Ikimashou – it is like 3 year-old singing.
    6. Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto – too safe, good but too safe
    7. Sailor Star Song – Too robotic and I hate it
    8. Eternal Eternity – this is a joke, right? RIGHT?! This is offensive.
    9. Revolution Night and Day – so bad I actually missed it and forget about it.
    10 and 11 Bonus tracks are lovely, I am a fan.

    • Actually they should have made the whole album done by the voice actresses as they are better singer than all of these.

    • I agree, track 5, 8 & 9 are awful. Anyway, I didn’t like the preview. Flat music & production, strange voices, lacking of power. I don’t understand the direction given for this album…

      • Let’s hope we have the ability to buy the tracks we like and leave the rest. As nice as it would be to own a physical copy, I’m betting it will be terribly overpriced and I’d never listen to most of the songs.
        I’m betting the bonus tracks are only available to those who buy it complete though.
        A shame since they are probably the best.

        • I, personally, never buy music, because I prefer silence and find all the music I want on YouTube when I want to listen to it. But like you, I hope thtat the tracks will be sold separately for those who don’t want to buy the whole album. Still, I suppose that some benevolent buyers will end up downloading the album on YT XD .

          • I know some people whose music is the passion of a life. They buy lots of CDs vinyls, audio tapes…

          • I buy a lot of music (I use it for the gym and for when I’m doing art and writing) but I also use Youtube a lot for background noise. I have become an ASMR junkie. XD

  5. It would have been nice if they did some new music instead of paying tribute to the same tracks over and over. I hope the next one will have more new songs and less of the same. I have to say some of the songs the ones that sound the most different from the original sound the best. The ones that keep too close to the original sound much worse due to trying too hard to replicate the original feeling and the singer not sounding all that great.

    The most disappointing of all this is the lack of sailor moon crystal season 4 news. I mean it’s great we get more music CDs, but it’s bad enough they don’t want to do a tv series, but are taking two years after the release of season 3 and still have nothing to show for season 4.

  6. Sorry! I posted this on the wrong page at first. -_-

    I just noticed that Rei has outer senshi eyes!

    Her hair is royal purple.
    Her lips are sweet surprise
    Her hands are never… um…not supple (?!).
    She’s got Outer Senshi eyes
    She’ll turn the flames on you
    You won’t have to think twice
    She’s pure as Crystal Tokyo snow
    She got Outer Senshi eyes.

    She’ll expose you, when she toasts you
    Off your feet with the ofuda, she throws at you
    She’s ferocious and she knows just what it
    Takes to make a crow blush
    All the boys think she can scry,
    She’s got Outer Senshi eyes.

  7. Can we talk about the fact Chiaki Kon came all the way to Texas to sell trashy merch without sayng a thing about these movies and she survived

    • I’m sure this only means one thing: Toei needs money to produce the movies, and that’s why the company sends minions here & there to promote merchandising… The movies may still be embryos at this time!

        • Well, i’m 28 myself and — but that’s my personal view — I think I don’t care anymore if the movies are out when I’m 30. I think I’m jade(i)d(e), haha.

          • *The 30-Something Zombie named Joseph stares at the late twenty-something users of Sailor Moon News* Join us…

          • The old man webmaster finds this conversation humorous. If it continues to be profitable we’ll continue getting Sailor Moon into our 80s. Short of the singularity I don’t expect anyone who was alive for the first Star Wars film to be alive for the last.

  8. 1. Cool, a little boring cuz ive heard this song so many times but still good tho.
    2. Good voice, good instrumentals , excellent work.
    3. I like it , no regrets :)
    4. Cute, but boring, just like the original one :)
    5. We dont talk about this one (ive seen a lot of people comparing her voice to a 3 year old which is a bit too rude and offensive…to the 3 year olds)
    6. Her voice is so dry but charming, i love the original song so this is a downgrade but its not bad
    7. Her voice is good, not a stand-out one but still good , the instrumentals are awesome , probably the best track in the album back to back with the second one
    8. Instrumentals excellent, her voice reminds me of a cat being dragged and crying for help…beautiful :)
    9. Their voices are so bad that they have this weird chemistry that is kind of facinating, idk how to excplain it, when they sing in harmony this weird sound comes out and it actually makes me feel smth, idk its just weird.
    Bt1. Why?
    Bt2.TaKiSHidO MIrAgjU

  9. 1. Decent version.
    2. TRULY my favourite version of La Soldier.
    3. This is truly one of the two major ‘skip’ tracks on the album for me.
    4. LOVE that this is so close to Otome No Policy (i.e. the ORIGINAL). I love that. I hated the version on the 20th Anniversary Memorial.
    5. This is the other major ‘skip’ track on the album for me. (There was a similar one on the 20th Anniversary Memorial too…)
    6. Ehh. Not my cup of tea.
    7. Love this version! Yes, it might be “too safe” but tough cookies. I love that because it is good!
    8. MEH.
    9. I actually do like this song, and love that this was included.
    Bt1. YES! LOVE that this sounds so close to the original seiyuus singing it during the latter portion of the original SM’s run!
    Bt2. YES YES YES YES! Tuxedo Mirage is #2 behind Otome no Policy as my favorite SM ending songs.

  10. If I could just buy a single track, it would be “Tuxedo Mirage.” Otherwise none of these previews got my heart a-fluttered.

  11. If anyone is even remotely interested in it, I’ll make it known that a tribute album for Italian singer Cristina D’Avena’s 35 years of activity has recently been released, and among others a new version of the first Sailor Moon theme song is present. I’d eagerly go on writing about the project, but I don’t know if anyone is going to read me – so I better keep my mouth shut unless someone wants more detailed information.

      • Well, since there’s actually someone interested, I’ll gladly post more information about it! ^^ I was referring to a tribute album which was released in late 2017 and features 16 among Cristina D’Avena’s most iconic anime songs. Of course, this being a tribute album, it does not feature the original versions of the songs as we hear them during the opening and ending sequences of the shows – instead, all of them are rearranged and, what is more peculiar about this specific album, are sung by Cristina along with a different Italian pop singer each. Now, I must say I was greatly disappointed by the album itself, because I find most of these singers to be frankly terrible, and I’m very bitter about the fact that Noemi, who is one of the worst singers on earth for me, got to sing one of my best favourite openings ‘xD I don’t even think the new arrangements are that great, but I definitely had to buy the CD because hey, it’s still Cristina and I have to own just everything of hers! I especially liked hearing her singing again some of her most famous singles from the 80’s, which really shows how much she improved over time… but then the next pop singer came in to complete the duet and I was left with a sour taste. Really, of the 16 who took part in the project, I’d only save 4 of them – luckily, I think that the girl who co-sang the first Sailor Moon theme is among the decent ones. Anyway, here is the Amazon link to the CD, even if you don’t intend to buy it you can just check the full track list: Still, I definitely wouldn’t recommend listening to this album without having a previous knowledge of the songs, and the SM themes in particular are something that I really think should be listened to by every fan. Unfortunately, the compilation album which contains all of them seems to be no longer available (which is very odd, considering that it was last re-issued in 2011), but you can always download it from Sailor to have an idea of just how wonderful those songs are :)

        • Grazie mille per questa informazione!

          I never buy music, using YouTube for my listenings, so I think I’ll check Sailor It’s amazing to see that a singer who has made her career in anime songs is so popular. We had such a singer in France, back in the 90’s: Bernard Minet. He was the one singing the opening theme for the classic Sailor Moon anime. He’s still warmly remembered by people who were kids and teens in the 90’s (I was), but nowadays his work is more discreet.

          Thank you for your review, it’s very interesting to know :) .

          • Ah, well, thanks, I didn’t really think about a review while writing, it’s more like a collection of random thoughts. Keeping in line with that style, I feel like I should also add that you should come to listen to this new version of the Sailor Moon theme song knowing that the rearrangement is based on the dance remix of the original song ( and not on the actual one, which as you can hear is very different:… and infinitely better, lol.

            Anyway, I really feel you, I am also one who would never ever buy things on the Internet – my political beliefs couldn’t allow me to feed Amazon and such – so I always make it a point to buy stuff in physical stores… which means that, when it’s impossible, I have to resort to illegal ways (in fact, I’m eagerly waiting for Miss Dream to upload the 25th anniversary album), but I don’t feel guilty at all because I always make sure to support all forms of official releases when I can actually go and buy them.

            The French SM theme song is actually the only one I’ve ever listened to from Bernard Minet’s repertoire, but if you think there are some more worth checking out I’ll make sure to do so! Admittedly, while I am a fan of French dubs for Disney films, I can’t say the same about anime (no offense, it’s just a matter of taste!)… well, it’s true that I’ve only ever watched one single anime fully in French, that is Mermaid Melody, and my impressions about it are very mild, so I’m really not one to judge. Other than that, I’ve listened to some theme songs by Dorothée and stuff like that, and I think that my favourite Franch-original anime opening is the one for Lady Oscar, among the few that I know. I also love the opening for Princesse Sarah, but this is shamless cheating because it’s sung by Cristina! xD Actually, she also recorded the French versions for Emi Magique and Jeanne et Serge but they later decided to have Valérie Barouille sing them together with some other adaptations of Italian anime songs… Oh, well, I think I should stop here because I’m too much of a fangirl! XD

          • Appart from Sailor Moon, I don’t know anything of Bernard Minet’s repertoire. I liked him, as a child, when he was an actor in Les Musclés, a TV serie aired in the Club Dorothée. However, I was an absolute fan of Dorothée’s songs, I still have some videotapes (music videos, concerts)!

            Also, it’s true that the Disney films have great French dubbing. I don’t blame you for disliking animes dubbed in French; I’m a language enthusiast, so I understand. Dubbing can be so terrible… To me, nothing equals original versions (movies, animated series, TV series…) with subtitles. However, you could maybe give a try to the original French dub of Sailor Moon. I think it was quite correct. Whatever you decide to do, though, I do not recommend you to try Sailor Moon Crystal in French: the voice actors are awful. The actors seem to be there only for money. They are not even able to pronounce correctly “zoïsite”…

            As for Cristina D’Avena singing Princesse Sarah opening theme, I understand now! I always thought there was something sounded a little bit strange with her intonation, but I kept thinking, through the years, that the singer was French nevertheless. And now I discover that she was, in fact, Italian. Her French accent is really, really good, very slight, if not practically imperceptible. The proof is that I was fooled.

  12. I admit, I pirated it… Well it is not as bad as the preview, the full versions are ok… but the bonus tracks are for some reason not part of the torrent… and they are he ones I really wanted to hear, please if someone got them upload them on YOUTUBE and help this poor Bulgarian fan hear them at least once.

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