Meet the cast of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal at Anime Expo this weekend, July 1st to the 3rd

Viz's cast of Sailor Moon S announced at Anime Expo 2015

This weekend is Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. Once again this convention will play host to a number of Sailor Moon actors, this time with a lot of the cast from the new dub of the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal. Could this mean we will finally be getting news about the English dub of Sailor Moon S? It’s been a whole year since the voice actors for Sailor Moon S were announced at Anime Expo 2015. We are long overdue to see these episodes. The voice actors will be signing Sailor Moon S art at the convention so I think it would be reasonable to expect to learn something related to Sailor Moon S at Sunday’s panel!

Sailor Moon S poster from Viz Media

This convention will feature Stephanie Sheh, Sailor Moon, Cristina Vee, Sailor Mars, Amanda Miller, Sailor Jupiter, Cherami Leigh, Sailor Venus, Sandy Fox, Chibiusa, Robbie Daymond, Tuxedo Mask, new voice actors from Sailor Moon S Erica Mendez, Sailor Uranus, Lauren Landa, Sailor Neptune and Christine Cabanos, Sailor Saturn. Most of the events will be going on this Sunday, July 3rd. The Sailor Moon panel will be at 10am Pacific Time and an autograph session will be held at 1:30pm. The cast will be signing Sailor Moon S posters provided by Viz.

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17 thoughts on “Meet the cast of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal at Anime Expo this weekend, July 1st to the 3rd

    • For crying out loud be patient do you remember when sailor moon season 2Crystal ended?!?! We didn’t get News for nine months just be patient it’s good to have a hiatus if they announce the dream arc it would be too soon I think this hiatus is a good thing

  1. Grammar error. You put, ‘It’s been a whole years since’ that should be, ‘year’ not, ‘years’. Also, the 2nd’s on Saturday not Sunday.

      • For crying out loud, Rami didn’t mention Crystal at all, they most likely meant “Here’s hoping we get some news (about Sailor Moon S) this weekend.” How about, instead of assuming you know everything someone is thinking, you make sure to ask them first instead of telling them to be patient for no reason.

    • You know, it’s no big deal if they don’t finish it. Making anime costs money and some companies can’t afford to finish a show. There are other shows out there to watch as well if you want something to watch.

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