Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 29, Infinity 3 – Two New Soldiers, April 25th at 10:30am

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 29 - Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air in Japan on Monday April 25th at 11pm Japan Standard Time. It will be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu immediately afterwards starting Monday morning at 10:30am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time. Act 29, Infinity 3 – Two New Soldiers, has Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon and these two are definitely not cousins! The villain this week is Mimete of the Witches 5 5 and she’ll be facing off against Minako.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 29 - Haruka kissing Usagi

Readers may notice the lack of screenshots despite the fact that a preview for Act 29 was no doubt included with Act 28. Since I’m traveling this week I scheduled this post ahead of time, prior to the release of Act 28, and used some images from the equivalent manga chapter as teasers. I’ll try to get updated with all of my reviews soon enough.

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28 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 29, Infinity 3 – Two New Soldiers, April 25th at 10:30am

        • These were already set up to post on their own. I’m sure he wants to do an actual review of Act 28 when he gets home and not just a quick fill in of something he hasn’t actually seen. :)

  1. Are you proficient in speaking in Italian, Adam, and have you ever seen the Italian dub of the original Sailor Moon anime?

  2. I can’t believe Usagi says she hasn’t kissed anyone else aside from Mamoru. Did she forget about Prince Demande or…???? xD

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s like Demande never even existed or something. XD

      Unpopular opinion time: I liked Haruka in the 90s anime, but I think that Haruka comes off as a total creep in the manga. Haruka has been warned by Usagi’s friends not to come near her, and Haruka KNOWS that Usagi is with Mamoru, but Haruka still flirts with Usagi and kisses her twice (both times without Usagi’s consent). Haruka also warns Usagi to stop hanging out along Haruka’s route home because Haruka might “take advantage” of Usagi (!!!). Haruka seems more interested in molesting Usagi than doing anything with Michiru, who is supposed to be Haruka’s actual, consensual girlfriend. Is no one else bothered by this? ಠ_ಠ

      • You’re not alone. I really don’t get why she acts like that, especially since she’s with Michiru. It bothers me too. o_o

      • Haruka is being both abusive and unfaithful…but then, she’s still just a 16 year old girl.
        I think that Naoko had a thing for characters like this, Mamoru, Black Lady, Demande, Beryl (to an extent), Haruka and Seiya were all like this.But so are people in real life. It doesn’t make it right, though.

  3. Is everyone done being dramatic? Ok cool. 1 hour and 26 minutes left lasies and gents! Please let their attacks be amazing. Expectations are very high.

      • Yes, me too !

        What I love the most was Neptune and Uranus attacking and then, introducing themselves to the other Senshi. I was fangirling so much that I replayed the scene several times.

        The animation for Jupiter Coconut Cyclone and Mercury Aqua Mirage was great. But Mercury Aqua Mirage was the most beautiful attack between both.

        Really, this episode was perfect. I used to hate Uranus/Haruka in the classic anime but now I think I really like her :D .

        • Yeah, I replayed that a few times too! I can’t wait to see the full animations of their attacks!! I expected they’d use the old anime style of their attacks, even though the manga seems a bit different (World Shaking is supposed to be wind, they always make it rather earth like though…I guess it’s “turbulence” (just like Uranus’ later attack).

          I am in love with the voices for Uranus and Neptune…oh my gosh so perfect, I’m gonna say it…just as good if not better than the original voices!!

          • I really liked it too. I noticed that Mercury Aqua Mirage is the only attack with a planetary symbol to start with. :)

          • @ saintfighteraqua : Actually, I must say that I never understood why Uranus’ attacks and powers in the old anime look like earth-like attacks (I don’t know how it is in the manga, I never read it beyond the DK arc). Uranus is said to be the soldier of wind and flight and she is never seen flying, or I’d rather say that all the Senshi have the ability to fly (see for instance their flight through the North Pole in the DK arc). So what about Uranus ? She would have a power every Senshi has ? Poor Uranus… And World Shaking, indeed, doesn’t look like a ball of wind. It seems to be rather a ball of energy (of light ?) razing the earth on it’s way and destroying the enemy. It really makes no sense to me.

            The most curious in this all is that Poseidon/Neptune, in the Greek and Roman mythology, is not only the god of seas and oceans, but also the god of the abyss. Therefore, he can provoke earthquakes. To me, World Shaking would rather fit Sailor Neptune than Sailor Uranus.

            This put aside, like you, I can’t wait to see the full animation of their attacks, but I guess we’re also all looking forward to seeing their transformations ! Hoping that Uranus’ transformation will reflect her ability to command to the wind :) .

            And the women dubbing Uranus and Neptune do a great job, indeed ! Just like the women dubbing Jupiter and Pluto. It’s a real pleasure to hear them. I watched the old anime in French, so I can’t compare with the old English/American dub.

            @ Viridian : yes, I noticed the same, and this is why I find her attack is very graceful. Mercury is one of my favorite Senshi and it seems that she is always the fifth wheel of the carriage… I mean, she is introverted and she is never under the spotlights, her water powers are defensive rather than offensive (though water is a very powerful element…), and she always gets the shortest transformation :( . So I was very happy to see that she was the only one to get an attack starting with her planetary symbol :D .

  4. I really don’t like how they are changing chapter plots just to make it to be easily animated… Originally, Kaolinite should help Mimette and send her some daimons… And how they animated Deep Submerge and World Shaking?! No actual animation, just open mouth still images? Seriously? Hope it was just for this time a quick first preview and we will see the whole attack animations later… I am glad they showed Mercury Acqua Mirage, but it really can wait for another week which will be Mercury’s episode…. In general, I find this episode very weak with almost no plot development, except the Outer Senshi speeches in the very end

    • At first I thought the same it was weak and a plot filler but after seeing it over and over again, it’s actually a really good episode. The Chibi Usagi and Hotaru scene is a huge plot development…huge! I personally love how everyone (besides Chibi Usagi) had dreams about talismans, and the helicopter scene where Michiru was like “I call this my talisman” Chibi Usagi was like, oh ok, paid it no mind, but had it been someone who actually experienced the dream/premonition, there definitely would have been a reaction.

      Essentially, Chibi Usagi has the answers everyone is looking for. The talismans, the villains, who is behind the diamons, etc.

      Negative commentary (Lasagna):

      The fact that Mimet did not state her level (I believe it’s 40) and that Kaolinite did not help her at all. I guess it’s like Eudial not turning into her daimon for. I mean, there was only one Sailor Guardian transformation, so it’s not like they wasted time doing that…

      Shit, maybe every act should have been split into two acts, since there’s so much to cover and not enough time.

      • Well, maybe about 5 more minutes for each episode would be enough to make it more plot developing but that of course wouldn’t fit the private TV schedule…

    • I believe that world shaking and deep submerges are NOT the full animations for those attacks, but mere snippets to keep the two mysterious. Just like in the old anime. Before Uranus and Neptune were revealed with transformation sequences, they came in with attacks out of nowhere in a similar style, without the full animations.

      I actually like that they did that because it fits the story well as they are surprises.

      • That is absolutely correct. Mind you, this happened for about 3-4 episodes, and we didn’t get to see their full attacks, until they transformed and properly introduced themselves. We will get that on the next act.

        This new season in Crystal is very original anime reminiscent and after all the focus they’re putting in on Uranus and Neptune (Ending / Commercial Break Cards) I highly, highly doubt they will fuck them and us over like that, and not give them an amazing transformation and attacks stock footage.

        I just can’t wait to hear the damn music.

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