The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, is now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Sailor Venus attacking Beryl

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is now available to watch in English on Hulu and Neon Alley. Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, has the Sailor Guardians facing off against Queen Beryl. A big change in that fight occurs here when compared to the manga, which lead to some controversy with the fans. This episode also sees Sailor Moon fighting with Evil Tuxedo Mask in a fairly heart wrenching scene.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Sailor Moon getting choked

The Shitennou make their final living appearance this week. In the manga they were killed off one by one through the series but in Sailor Moon Crystal they were kept around for… what exactly? A fairly brief exchange with the Sailor Guardians that doesn’t lead to much. Ultimately the story of Sailor Moon Crystal is so faithful to the manga that there isn’t much room for changing the story at this point.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Enemy - Queen Metalia

Next week is Act 13, Final Battle – Reincarnation, which is the final full episode of the Dark Kingdom story arc. This could be considered the finale of the first story arc though we won’t see this chapter fully concluded until Act 14, which is at once a finale and premiere.

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24 thoughts on “The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, is now available on Hulu

  1. I remember when this episode was first streamed on NicoNico in December 2014… The ep. 10 with the Shitennou having memories of their past lives coming back had enchanted me (I’m a fan of the Shitennou but not of the Senshi X Shitennou pairings), even if I knew that they would die before the end of the arc. But I thought they would die in the epic battle that would oppose them to Metalia… Their death was cheap, and I think I would never forgive the production team for this. Not to mention the weak and cheap reaction of the girls regarding these four deaths… This makes me feel bitter, actually.

    So Toei prefers to use some minutes of the episodes with useless transformation sequences than using them to develop the characters and add useful actions (for example the Shitennou dying in the final battle).

    As for the other change regarding the death of Beryl… seriously why ? It was pointless.

    No need to say, after all those bitter words, that I didn’t like this episode.

  2. This episode was a good example of bad writing in a rushed adaptation.
    They stole away Venus’ moment of triumph over an enemy that had defeated her team in the past.
    The extended Four Kings of Heaven “arc” went no where. It was all too abrupt and cheesy for my taste, it felt forced. I’m wondering if Naoko was behind this in anyway?
    Every time I see this episode I think of “Hear the lamentation of their women”…
    The crying wasn’t quite so ridiculous sounding in English and I felt they toned it down. But there was no real chance for any real emotion…they hinted that they had met the four kings…like apparently briefly (maybe?…) fell in love for the sake of convenience, I guess (Yay, one for each of us!) and were touched forever by their deaths, even though they will likely never be mentioned by the Sailors again.

    I don’t know how they goofed this up so bad. It really makes me wish they’d killed them off like the manga. At least then we got to see the reaction of the generals as their brothers in arms fell (and Casa Blanca Memory makes somewhat more sense then.)

    Since when does Sailor Planet Attack do that?

    And then, of course we get the big cop-out next episode.

      • Don’t justify yourself ;) .

        We are here because we are fans of Sailor Moon despite the big crap Toei has been able to make for Crystal, on some episodes.

        As fans, we are rightfully upset against some of SMC’s cheesy things…
        As I wrote under Adam’s article “Character art for Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity arc officially revealed”, in response to a person who was asking us to shut up if we didn’t like SMC ( -_- ) : “I think everyone here, though bitching on the new art, is eager to see the upcoming new Infinity Arc. Love, passion, hate and disappointment are so close to each other…”

        Episode 12 really made me feel bad about SMC…

        • The whole series feels rushed to me. What would be so bad about adding in anime only fillers? Naruto and Bleach does it, so why couldn’t SMC do it?

          • Stephanie, I think they wanted to avoid the 67% filler rate the original anime had…which I have no problem with! But I agree, the series needed some time to develop characters and relationships…relationships besides Usa-ko and Mamo-chan!!
            I’m hoping they flesh the stories out in the Infinity Arc and while I love the transformations, I hope they don’t use them as filler again. Not as often at least.

        • Thanks, Aurelia. I agree. True fans are the ones with the right to complain because it’s our money and time (and yes, love) that goes into the series.

    • I think the big issue with Crystal is it seems like they couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted to be faithful to the manga or make their own original storylines. It was like they wanted to try and do something original but something or someone (Naoko perhaps?) was forcing them to be loyal to the manga.

    • “I’m wondering if Naoko was behind this in anyway?” I personally don’t think Takeuchi Naoko has anything whatsoever to do with this series. I don’t care what people say. The musicals, maybe. This, no.

  3. I thought the first half of the episode was plagued by some hokey, anime-cliche-filled writing and dialogue, but other than that I liked the episode. Perhaps the SenxShi pairing could’ve been explored a bit more, but whatever.

    What I really liked about the dub though was that they really went into Beryl’s motivation during her death scene. Instead of just “I was only watching”, they really explained where she was coming from. I kind of liked that, and it made her death a bit tragic

    Looking forward to next week. The finales are always super epic in anime, especially anything Sailor Moon.

    • I did like that nice added development for Beryl though I think Seramyu did a better job of exploring her relationship with Endymion.

    • I have just noticed that when the Kings die and that their spirits encourage the girls to keep on fighting and to save the princess (You’ll grim for us later”), Jupiter says, in the Japanese version “Arigato mina”, which means “Thank you guys”, and here in the English dub she says “We’ll never forget you”. “We” or “I”, I’m not sure to understand well since English is not my first language. But this is a kind attention to the Kings from the English dubbers, since they will never be remembered again in the anime, except by Mamoru when he summons their spirits in the second arc.

      The English dub is really good in many points :D .
      (Not like the French dub which was made by people who don’t give a **** about Sailor Moon…)

      • I was listening to a Sailor Moon podcast recently, Love and Justice (a really great show that I highly recommend, btw) and they were interviewing the dub script writer for Crystal. The script writer talked about how they tried to add in more character development to Crystal through the dialog where they could, so I’m really glad it seems to have turned out well.

        • Yes, I had noticed they had changed some of the dialogs to add more character development. It is really cool to see how seriously they involve into the dub :D .

          Thanks for your precisions Neon Genesis !

  4. I haven’t watched this episode yet but I’ve been rewatching the old series and this new one. I’m more than half way through the crystal version and have watched almost a quarter I think of the first season of the original. Both series have their issues. What they should have done with crystal is meet the original anime and manga halfway. The original had a lot of filler. What it makes up for is giving more character and story development. Also the way how the characters so far have been acting seem more real with reluctance. The crystal series they tend to just go along with what they are doing.

    The biggest issue with crystal is none of the characters have much of a personality. I feel this is because they decided to cram the whole arc of the manga into 13 episodes. I will admit I never read the manga. Which I probably should soon, but I’m sure if crystal follows the pacing there is very little character development in the manga. Here even sailor moon who is the main character feels relatively unknown to me in crystal. The only thing she’s done so far is cry. Maybe if they doubled or tripled the episodes they could have expanded both the soldiers and the enemies backstory, We really know nothing or at least I don’t feel like I know much about either the sailor soldiers or the enemy and their real reasons behind their actions. They probably could have used some episodes to develop the characters similar to what they did in the original anime—just more effectively this time with more character development and story development while still following the manga. Maybe they expand on the stories in the manga or just have some episodes that are not from the manga but give us some development story and character wise.

    Maybe I am too old now so I appreciate character and story development over their constant repeating of transformation sequences which are badly done anyway. I hope the 3 season is better in character and story development but if they keep manga chapter equals one episode that probably won’t happen. They need to expand the story a bit maybe 26 or 30 something episodes so they can tell a much stronger story. They should have did that instead of cramming the story into 13 episodes. This was a chance for them to retell the story following the manga more closely while still expanding on the overall storyline.

  5. this was a very sad episode
    first queen beryls death good job sailor moon you win
    and the finale
    sailor venus mars mercury and jupiter start crying when metalia made a hole and killing the 4 men on the other side
    this is all your fault queen metalia

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