Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, Friday January 29th at 9pm

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Sailor Moon killing Queen Beryl

This Friday on the latest English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal the Sailor Guardians will face off against Queen Beryl and evil Tuxedo Mask! Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, will be available this Friday at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time, on Hulu and Neon Alley. Queen Beryl and her hair are proving to be a serious villain! We’re getting real close to the end of the Dark Kingdom story arc. There are some major changes from the manga in this episode which upset some fans.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - The Shitennou

This episode will also feature a new scene by the Shitennou, who were dead at this point in the original manga. A must see for Sailor Guardian/Shitennou shippers!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Enemy - Queen Metalia

A quick note about the title. The original Japanese title of Act 12 was “Enemy – Queen Metaria”. There has been constant confusion about what her name should be, although I think it seems fairly obvious that her name is a reference to metal. All instances of her name in the subtitles have shown her as being Metalia, and this is the name used for the updated dub title, and so that is the one I will use here. The tag I use for the episode uses the original Japanese title, and will be left like that for simplicity’s sake. You were using the convenient and excessive number of tags I use for things like characters and episodes, right?

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4 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12, Enemy – Queen Metalia, Friday January 29th at 9pm

  1. I generally go with “What sounds like something a scientist would name a character?” After all, Naoko Takeuchi’s background was in science, particularly chemistry, so she drew many of her character’s names from the sciences or scientific concepts and materials. So I call her Metalia because it sounds like metal, which is something a chemist would definitely use for a character name.

  2. I’ve always went with Metalia, too. It makes sense to do so since it’s obvious why they call her Metaria in Japan. :)
    Both pronunciations are pretty awesome in my opinion.

  3. To Rami and saintfighteraqua : yeah, I go with Metalia too !

    And as you said, Rami, since Metalia is a name quite close to the word “metal”, I think this draws a very coherent and interesting parallel with the fact that a lot of characters in Sailor Moon are named after precious or semi precious gemstones – for example : Beryl / the Four Heavenly Kings (though the concept of Four Heavenly Kings in itself comes from Buddhist faith) / the members of the Black Moon Clan (even the Ayakashi Sisters !) / the Amazon Trio and Zirconia / Kaolinite and the Witches 5…

    Besides this, we must keep in mind that in Japanese, the sounds produced by the letters “r” and “l” are very close, if not identical (but on this point, a Japanese speaker could help if I say something wrong). So I think that in N. Takeuchi’s mind, Metaria has always meant to be… a very metallic queen :) \m/ .

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