Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, January 22nd at 9pm Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Evil Tuxedo Mask

This Friday the next English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be released. As with every week the episode will be available at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time, on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we get Act 11, Reunion – Endymion. Last we saw Mamoru was dead. Now there’s a new guy in town who looks exactly like him, but with slightly different eyes and who likes Motoki a lot more than he used to.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Endo and Mamoru are good friends

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Reunion - Endymion

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11 thoughts on “Watch the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, January 22nd at 9pm Eastern Time

    • Were there “gay jokes” last time? I don’t recall that. I believe we discussed the fact that Motoki and “Endou” were physically very close to each other in the comic — to the point that it appeared to be romantic — and that they didn’t do it to the same extent in Sailor Moon Crystal. If you think mentioning a homosexual relationship constitutes a “gay joke” then we may be on different pages….

      (BTW, despite the name I’ve been using on this blog, I’m a guy.)

      • I think he means because last post about this he mentioned that Mamoru was kind of gay acting when he was evil and some people took offense.

        I didn’t think it was all that offensive, but then I’m not gay or all that PC, so I guess I wouldn’t.
        But there are things that do offend me and I’ve been silenced over voicing my opinion…so I won’t judge.

        • I don’t think anyone was actually offended. I think we were just trying to correct some misunderstandings, which seems fair game to me for the readers to do as Adam does this with stereotypes and offensive material in Sailor Moon himself.

  1. Mamo-chan (oh yes, Endou…) is really good-looking with these flamboyant red eyes ! He’s far from being the hottest guy of the show for me, but here he is a match for my favorites Sailor Moon dudes (er no… in fact he is no match at all for my dear Kunzite). So much that I don’t even care he’s evil.

    (This was a fangirl moment, thank you for reading… or not…)

  2. I do wish they kept it so that Motoki knew the Sailor Guardians’ secret identities. That was one of my favorite moments from the manga and I was a bit sad they cut it out in Crystal.

    • Not that I’m aware of. There will be once the North American Blu-Ray is released.

      Not sure if there are any fansubs that use the Blu-Ray as a source. There may be.

      • The Sailor Moon Center group did some fansubs of the Japanese BDs but I think they may have already taken them down now that the Viz version is coming out.

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