The original English cast of Sailor Moon will be streaming a panel July 9th at 8pm


A Sailor Moon panel featuring the original English voice cast of the 90s Sailor Moon anime is going to be streamed on Friday July 9th at 8pm Easter Time. The panel will be streamed on YouTube. You can also watch it embedded below.

The panel will feature Linda Ballantyne, the third voice of Sailor Moon, Katie Griffin, the first voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, Toby Proctor, the second voice of Tuxedo Mask, Ron Rubin, the voice of Artemis, Jill Frappier, the voice of Luna, and Barbara Radecki, the voice of Sailor Neptune as well as Serena’s mother and Queen Serenity in the first episode. Watch a clip advertising the event below:

The panel will be hosted by Geektainment TV who have done other similar panels on their YouTube page. It is likely that the panel will continue to be available once the live event is completed. Will you be watching the panel live?

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12 thoughts on “The original English cast of Sailor Moon will be streaming a panel July 9th at 8pm

  1. I’ll be unable to watch it live. But I plan to watch it afterward!
    As much hate as some fans give the old dub, it’s so nostalgic to hear them and they are iconic.
    Warbly Serena, Dead Pan Darien, British-Nanny Luna, Cool-cat Artemis, and Michelle with that awesome-feminine tongue click thing she does (no idea what it’s called)…I love them.
    Also, Susan Roman is still one of the best Jupiter voices ever and Katie Griffin is so good as Mars, as well. (Does Mars ever get bad actresses?)

    • Apparently, it is called Alveolar, alveopalatal, or postalveolar click. Yeah, I’ll just stick to tongue click.

    • We should all leave a comment when we see it and see if we spot each other!
      And tell ‘em Adam sent us.
      Weep and despair, the crowd from SailorMoonNews has arrived!

  2. Susan Roman has somehow dubbed more episodes than any other cast member, including any of the Sailor Moons.

    “Original Cast Reunion” is such an apropos title for a revolving-door, high-turnover cast of voice actors.

  3. It was really good to hear them again. I wanted more character voices, though. :D
    Susan Roman seems like such a sweetheart (everyone seemed so nice) and I just love Jill’s voice. She should do Luna ASMR videos!

    • $15 isn’t bad! I have the Team Moon and Team Star version of the original musical from 2018 but I never did get the 2019 version Blu-ray. It seemed like a hefty price for more of the same. Curious to see this one subbed since I hadn’t before!

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