Sailor Moon Crystal is coming to Netflix on July 1st

Sailor Moon Crystal on Netflix July 1st

More good news for Sailor Moon fans with a Netflix subscription! The Sailor Moon Crystal TV series will be added to the service soon, on July 1st! The Sailor Moon Eternal films were both added to Netflix on June 3rd. As those films are a continuation of the Sailor Moon Crystal series which started airing in 2014 it’s nice to see everything in the same place! A page for the series is up on Netflix and it mentions “Seasons” are coming July 1st. I assume this means all three story arcs, but we won’t know for sure until the 1st. It also seems likely this will include both the original Japanese and English dubbed versions of the shows and perhaps some others.

The series may not be available in all countries. It is coming to the US and I can confirm that it’s on the Canadian Netflix as well but you might want to check to see if the series is listed in your own country’s Netflix if you aren’t sure!

For now the series is still available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Funimation in the US as well as on Tubi in Canada. No end date appears to be listed for any of those services, so it’s likely the series will stream on Netflix while still being available on other sties.

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148 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal is coming to Netflix on July 1st

  1. Omfg YAWN

    If there’s one thing Netflix is great at doing, it’s licensing the crap out of old content that other studios have made and rebranding it as “Netflix Originals” for syndication.

    Licensing Crystal S1-3 before Eternal would have made sense to build up hype, but this is pointless.

    • What do you expect them to do? So this is just another pointless announcement from Netflix in order to get Crystal there?

    • Ideally, yeah, they should have licensed it first. But this is hardly pointless for fans or Netflix, it gets the anime all in one place and adds to their library. It could even convince Netflix to put some money behind a Stars film since apparently Toei is incapable of properly funding anything not called Precure or One Piece (and even those are subpar compared to other companies).

      I mean we all know how Netflix likes to complete what it has started. “Pfffft, yeah, right!)
      Honestly, I would be okay with Netflix funding a Stars movie as long as they keep their property destroying fingers out of the creative development.
      I don’t want American/Western politics shoved in my anime.

      • People also have no clue how rights work behind the scenes lol…Do you think if Netflix could have licensed it before July 1st they wouldn’t have?

        • Yes. In all likelihood, Crystal was already licensed by the time Eternal premiered. Netflix is famous for sitting on its treasure trove of content and releasing titles slowly on its own timetable.

          The timing is a little ass-backwards though, kind of like releasing old Star Wars movies on demand in order to piggyback on momentum from the theatrical run of The Force Awakens. But no one is going to subscribe to Netflix just to watch old content that is available for cheaper or for free elsewhere.

      • I really don’t want Stars crammed into a film or two. It’s the last arc and they should finally pretend like they care about the series by giving it a proper season.

          • I know it was a joke comment, but it might work out if the pacing was right and they extended the combat scenes with the inners versus the Animamates for the first film.

            The pacing of Stars seems to be breakneck even compared to the other arcs and being the final hurrah it would be nice to focus on lore.

            I think two films with a slightly longer run time for each might be most suitable, or just go back to a series with a decent budget.

          • Found out I think Linh is the one hacking my account. They need to be banned.

          • Three movies wouldn’t be terrible, but I’d still honestly prefer a good, solid season to help cut back on pacing issues, among other things. Plus, I don’t want to wait 20 years.

            Toei has been treating Crystal like trash from day one while still expecting everyone to buy their overpriced merchandise. It’s really sad to see. In the time it took to get these movies, the original series churned out 200 episodes (yes, a lot was filler, but so what), three specials, and three movies. I have never seen a series move so slowly.

  2. There’s a SM-themed dessert reception for FC members on 7/16 at the Arc en Ciel in Aoyama. Reservations which include a beverage, tax, and service cost 4500 yen (food costs extra).

    1. Are the desserts vegan or gluten-free? Ha. No.
    2. Does this event have anything to do with the movie? Nope.
    3. Will you even be in Japan for this event?

    • This is quite possibly the worst Fanclub I’ve ever heard of. I know some people really do like having the opportunity to pay for overpriced items, and that’s fine, just not for me…but you have to pay for the opportunity to maybe get to buy the stuff and even then the restrictions are stupid…on top of that, it seems like they only sell stuff they know wouldn’t do well outside of the club anyway.
      The events are an absolute joke. Pay the equivalent of nearly 50usd to get in and still have to buy the food? What kind of dinner is that? I also imagine it’s a rush you in, rush you out environment.
      They could at least have guest speakers or show a film.

      • The high price tag helps maintain exclusivity, otherwise any rando could show up to these types of events, which are less about promoting Sailor Moon than they are about promoting the other party in the collaboration. For true fans, unique experiences also tend to be worth more than merchandise, even though experiences cannot be resold for profit on eBay.

        I address some of this in my other comment which is stuck in moderation. Star Gentle Uterus!

        • Can’t be sold on eBay? Then what good is it, I say! How else will I make my retirement fund?
          I give that two Deep Submerges.

          • What adds insult to injury is that some of these collabs are STILL specific to the nineties anime and not to Crystal, Eternal, or the musicals.

            My Submarine Violon Tide wipes out your Deep Submerges.

  3. Oh no! If I’d known this I’d have kept my season 3 box set sealed (I’ve had it since launch and just opened it for a rewatch…)
    But at least we’ll have a convenient ad-free way to watch the series.
    Watching it on Hulu was awful since they had to show an 80-second ad block every six minutes.
    Hulu has to be one of the worst streaming experiences. It used to be great back in the early days (back when I’d access it through the PS3 browser) then they went ad-happy and it has only gotten worse.

    I have plenty of beef with Netflix for other things, but it’s usually a problem-free experience when compared to the competitors.

    • I remember when Hulu was still in its launch phase and it was completely free for everyone and the ad breaks were mostly tolerable. I have access to ad-free Hulu, but the user interface on gaming consoles is still like a maze of garbage.

  4. crystal has been available on japanese netflix for quite some time now, the disappointing part is that it’s the web release, not the blu-ray/dvd one… hope this will not be the case here

    • That’s interesting. Do they even have a dubbed version of the web release? I think the dubbed version is always of the Blu-ray/DVD edits.

  5. Eternal never even got close to Top 10 on Netflix’s US scoreboard, and Crystal will likely be no different.

    Meanwhile, Cocomelon has jumped to #4.

    • Correction: the registration fee plus shipping is ¥8,360, whose post-conversion value will depend on your respective country’s exchange rate for the next two weeks.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me since they seem interested in having more anime in general and Sailor Moon is pretty well known in the west as far as anime goes.

    • The real question is “who still hasn’t seen the original series by now and still wants to on Netflix”.

      I guess babies who haven’t been born yet haven’t seen it. [Insert Gentle Uterus segue here.]

      • Well I haven’t seen it all. I think a lot of Westerners haven’t seen StarS. But I would like to buy the whole series someday as well.

        • That’s all on you. It’s what you get for only watching dub. Stars has been in circulation for over a decade now on multiple platforms and media. Not sure what kind of Sailor Moon fan waits that long for a streaming release.

          • New ones who haven’t had time to catch up? Or maybe ones who couldn’t use Hulu for whatever reason and didn’t want to pay $30-70 for the box sets.

            Casuals who may give it a try now that it’s more easily accessible?

            Not sure why people keep hating on the idea of Sailor Moon becoming more widely available.

            Some people might prefer dubs for several reasons, just like some people on here obviously prefer to respond rudely to simple conversations.

          • I actually watch both the dubs and the subs. And I don’t have the money yet to afford the official boxsets they sell now. And I wasn’t internet savvy enough to find Stars way back when it was available through bootlegs and torrents. I do plan to buy the ’90s and Crystal/Eternal series someday though.

          • FYI Stars has been on Hulu for at least a year now, and it was available in Canada even before that, so the torrents and bootlegs have been outdated for a while. Just because you’re a late adopter doesn’t mean “a lot of Westerners” are also equally slow.

        • Back in the early 2000s there used to be a site called “” that sold the bootlegs of Sailor Moon and other anime series.
          At the time, I didn’t realize I was buying a bootleg of Stars since I was young, dumb and naive.
          That’s how I first saw it. The subs were awful, the quality was bleh, but the box was actually decent and had official art.
          While I was mad at the time, it was still a few years away from being able to find even torrents that were complete, so I don’t regret it.
          I don’t condone bootlegs, but I’d do it again if it was my only option to see Sailor Moon.

          • Back in the dark ages, I remember watching Stars on both AOL and VHS. Some very fuzzy clips of Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

          • My first clip of Stars was the last battle. ;_;
            To make it worse, my uncle who was helping me download it thought I was trying to watch hentai on his PC since she was butt-naked.
            The struggles of the fandom back in the day.

          • Yup yup. That was just one of the many many reasons Stars was never dubbed for public broadcast. I honestly thought Galaxia killing everyone was way more graphic than boobs and butts.

            I remember that DiC went to great lengths to cover Uranus/Neptune’s butt cracks during their transformation sequences.

          • VKLL! I still have my bootleg tapes of Sailor Stars.

            Bootleg shops are a thing of the past but they sure brif back nostalgia.

    • I just hate that these companies found out they can charge a ton for the cheapest stuff and skip actual collectibles with the acrylics.
      That said, if they were not so overpriced I’d buy them.

      • A broader-minded person could argue that all collectibles are merely sentimental pieces of garbage waiting to become one with a landfill. Just imagine an acrylic Mamo-chawn choking a dolphin before taking another decade to completely biodegrade. Pluto Deadly Screams.

        • Not the dolphins!

          But yeah, I imagine in thousands of years future civilizations will assume we were obsessed with idols like ancient people when they find all of the Funko Pops that haven’t degraded.

  6. well i like that the entire series aside from the stars arc will be on one solid platform… it doesnt bother me as i already have those sets on disc and have hulu to boot.
    just need to hear if they will make an official release on disc so i dont have a strange space on my shelf where the 3 arcs are sitting next to my original set and the dic set lol.
    maybe with this coming out that they bring the original series over and get the stars arc in the english dub since as of this writing its still only the original japanese dub on hulu.
    on another note this is a good thing as hulu is getting into strange habits of just saying f a series instead of finishing it (digimon 2020 im still angry about)

    • Nothing on Netflix is permanent. Everything rotates out eventually as licensing contracts lapse, so you might be better off buying the disc sets.

      • I agree, which is why I’ll be buying the blurays of the films. Well, that and because I want to show what support I can (without joining that fanclub)

    • Already preordered them all, including the ones for Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. I’m surprised it took the official site so long to show these since I preordered these 2 back in April. I guess it pays for them to trickle it out, though.

      I’m dreading the inevitable Venus and then Outers and of course after that the Eternal fukus. (Hmmm, That phrase is actually a good way to homophone to describe Toei’s attitude to its fans.)

      I feel like I’ve bought enough of these things to fund a Stars movie by now.

  7. This is nice so it is all in one place if they did the movies as a tv series this would have probably been less confusing to casual viewers, but it is always good to have everything in one place.

  8. In the extremely unlikely event that you will (1) be in Japan next month and (2) happen to be inside a supermarket or health foods store, you can get limited edition magnet clips with purchases of select Chocola BB® drinks:

    You can also upload your receipts to be entered into a lottery for additional prizes. The artwork is supposed to be based on Eternal, but it’s so small you can barely tell.

  9. That pop-up Escape Room in Shinjuku is being suspended until July 11 as a part of a city-wide attempt to stave off another imminent spike in infections prior to next month’s Olympic games. (Of course, as soon as the “quasi state of emergency” is lifted, cases will continue to spike as they always have.)

    Customers who reserved advanced tickets will be contacted about refunds. Customers who paid for the merchandise add-on can request that the exclusive make-up pouch be mailed in lieu of a refund (forfeiting the admission portion of the ticket).

  10. How did everyone (anyone) enjoy the Fan Club Meeting with the Kaguya cast, the wedding dresses, and the musical performances?

    I swear the wedding dress collab is getting promoted to death. I know it’s wedding season but it’s been the same dresses all year at every event.

  11. We haven’t got any sailor moon content released in Spain since stars. I’m SO glad that eternal was dubbed into castillan Spanish but it’s strange since SMC season 1-3 wasn’t released in Spain at all. I hope that Netflix is able to dub the season that haven’t been dubbed in castillan Spanish yet

    • It might be worth messaging Netflix on twitter. It’s a pretty big request, but if they see demand, it could happen.

    • Oddly enough, I hear it’s also Usagi’s birthday! What a coincidence! ;)

      But seriously, wish we’d gotten some news on a Stars arc. I didn’t expect it, but it would have been nice.

      • Production for Eternal took at least year, and that’s without all the additional time spent on marketing and localization during a pandemic. Of course, most of the overseas fanbase is all “gimme gimme Stars NOW” because they have no clue how anything works in real life.

        Toei will do whatever the hell it wants as long as it can sell high-end trinkets and couture wedding dresses–which it can do with or without another Stars adaptation.

        • What is “real life” according to you? I’ve never been able to figure it out myself so, I’m looking forward to read other people’s opinions :) .

          • Apparently, in Linh’s worldview, anything that is disagreeable to them at the current moment is a mortal sin.

            I don’t see how having some hope they’d make some mention of Stars is so egregious, but I guess Linh knows Toei/Sailor Moon/Naoko Takeuchi/the animation industry/Japan/everything better than anyone, so I’ll have to defer to them on this one.

    • Oh wow! I never knew I needed this!!
      Oh wait, I still don’t!

      If it can’t hold an Aqua Mirage, I don’t need it.

    • Very philosophical questions: why only two bottes? Why not only one, or three or the half of one (half full or half empty? You choose!), or even fourty-twelve?

      Why two water bottles when you can carry more in the Zelda games?

    • Yeah, ouch. Looks Netflix even kept some of the mistakes intact.

      What I enjoy most about Netflix is the large selection of subtitle options which Hulu and Crunchy don’t always have. Going to cringe my way through S1 with JP subtitles this weekend!

      • I actually felt like the English dub for these 3 seasons was pretty good, and I’m normally a harsh dub critic. (I think the classic dub Viz made is 95% trash most of the time.)
        And to be honest, my latest watch of the first two seasons wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Maybe I’m getting numb to it? But either way, I found there’s a lot to enjoy with Crystal. (And a lot to complain about, but that’s every show ever).

        I really do like that Netflix offers language and sub-options! It’s crazy how you can watch it in multi-languages on Netflix yet Amazon, Vudu and Google all expect you to buy a series twice to get a dub and subbed version.

  12. Can’t believe they added the english dub to the low budget version of the show. Should’ve put the bluray version here.

    • Can’t believe people expect to get the Blu-Ray cut for free. FYI, the post-edit version is still low-budget.

      • I already own all of sailor moon classic and crystal on bluray and the difference is day and night. Also I dont understand what you’re talking about since the japanese already got the bluray versions for FREE when they televised it. Also netflix is a PAID subscription so nothing on netlfix is “free”. I love sailor moon crystal and the fact that they keep promoting the low budget version of the show just hurts the brand more than it already is considering the eternal films were a flop in japan.

        • If you already own everything on BR, why do you care what version Netflix uses?

          Netflix really has no incentive to license the best version of anything unless it’s a “Netflix Original”. If you were a purist, you’d actually appreciate seeing the original streaming release of Crystal with all of its flaws before they were covered up by revisionism. It’s funny that you’re complaining about the Netflix port but not about the Hulu or Crunchyroll ones, which are just as bad if not worse. I understand from your comment that you actually pay for Netflix, but that’s another discussion.

          I hate to break it to you but the only reason the Sailor Moon franchise outside of Japan has had any modicum of success in recent years is due to nostalgia from people who were alive in the nineties to read the manga or watch the anime. The entire point of reboots is to capitalize on nostalgia. While Sailor Moon is still a sacred institution in Japan, whatever pop culture status the franchise had overseas in the nineties is slowly dying with its overseas fanbase from that era. Once most of us are gone, the franchise will probably get shelved.

          In terms of “hurting the brand”, Toei does not give two shits about gaijin fans like you or me unless it can bombard us with luxury retail collabs or toy commercials. Your loyalty is at best only an afterthought to Toei.

          • Basically, Toei doesn’t really care for certain franchises unless it is making them a lot of money. Sailor Moon is just an former thing to the company, an major afterthought at best.

          • I would’ve liked to watch the better quality versions without having to use my blurays since those are the collectors edition and are more for display purposes. And the reason why I dont bash on the hulu and crunchyroll release is because those were simulcast along with japan when they were being released (on niconico i think?) And they dont have the dubs. The netflix version those have dubs. Dubs that were recorded specifically for the bluray release so its super weird that someone took the time to add those dubs to the subpar version and then split the seasons differently from the official release (season 1 on netflix ends on act 13 when the bluray ends on act 14) and then put it on netflix. as for being a “purist” I have watched smc on hulu and crunchyroll hundreds of times because I just love the franchise and like to support it financially so that Toei knows to keep making that content, “loyalty” has nothing to do with it.

        • You are right, Moonlessky.
          It is definitely a weird decision and surprises me, though I’m sure it was cheaper and easier to just move the already streamable versions over.

          It’s also perfectly fine to own Sailor Moon on blu-ray and choose to stream, for a lot of reasons.
          Maybe you don’t carry your entire disc collection around with you.
          Maybe you want your friends to see the better version.
          Or maybe you just want to!

          Either way, you brought up legitimate points.

    • Still wondering if people can even be bothered to google whether the 90s anime anime has been streaming for free since 2016. Oh wait, reading is hard and you only watch dub. I guess you’ll just to wait forever then.

      • I really don’t know why you even come here.
        You obviously don’t like us and any attempt at us being nice to you seems to be wasted.
        You do nothing but lash out at anyone these days, even people who say simple things like Stephanie stating she wonders if we’ll get the classic series.

        Maybe she wants to watch Sailor Moon ad-free and legally?
        For me, having it on Netflix means I can easily watch it at friends’ houses instead of taking my Blu-rays, which is what I’ve had to do until now and it makes it easier to recommend that others try it.
        Some countries haven’t had easy access to it.
        Hulu is a nightmare to use depending on the device and even though I’ve watched Sailor Moon in about every format and site it’s been released on, Netflix is (usually) a pretty smooth experience and I’d probably do a rewatch there if I choose to do so anytime soon.

        I hope it does come to Netflix, it’s more exposure for the series and even if it doesn’t blow up, it will at least make a few new fans and please some old ones.

      • I was just wondering. You don’t have to bite my head off. Also, stop hacking my account. I know it’s you doing it.

    • *Joe peeks his head through the curtains and whispers to the camera.*

      This is why I’m on the down-low, lately. I read, but I seldom engage, for now.

      *Cartoony wink, then slips back out.*

          • Come back here you two! Don’t you leave me with this!
            *chases after*
            Wow, are you two ever elusive.
            I’ll get you next time!

          • There once was woman from Uranus
            Who was known for her Star Gentle Uterus
            She said with a grin
            As she threw one again,
            To be gentle these things sure are barbarous!

          • My dear Saint, I do not forget you at all but as you can see I have recently changed my avatar, it’s my beautiful, gentle, virtuous and goofy wind god Fujin, I know he’s from Mortal Kombat and could easily defend us against Fransisca’s ruthless combos and fatalities, but mind you, I have captured him and I have other plans for him (virtuous plans, of course. Not involving uteruses at all, no no — come on, who do you think I am? :D) so yeah, I am not available at the moment. :)

            Silly banter and fangirling aside, I do feel better stepping away from Sailor Moon News for awhile ;) . But it makes me happy to see that the good guys are still around keeping the flame alive!

    • So you’re deliberately excluding Americans living abroad, as if they aren’t also real U.S. citizens celebrating Independence Day? Way to be passive-aggressive.

      • Are you living abroad yourself, dear Linh? Because you seemed to feel really, really hurt and upset by Custom’s statement. I agree. It’s hard to feel hurt when you are rejected… I am sure that all the Sailor Moon fans that you have been rejecting for a while now can relate.

        But do not worry, we are right there with you :) .

        • I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. I wasn’t excluding him or anyone outside the US, I was telling that Fourth of July mostly celebrated in the US and every American’s involvement on this holiday.

  13. Looks like Adam will be posting a review of the LE Eternal BR soon.

    Twitter comments are soooooo hilarious:

    “Wait ~ there’s a movie…?”
    “Where can I buy dis”
    “What’s a laserdisc?”

    • And they’re right: what’s a laserdisc after all? I’m still asking the question, even after fifty-thirteen years of living on this planet, because, if I want to be brutally honest, I have “no clue how anything works in real life”.

      And since you seem to be a very enlightened and astute individual, I’m leaning on you to explain to me what a laserdisc really is. Can you please tell me?

      You’re always the first one to brilliantly lecture ignorant people like me, so I’m counting on you to answer my questions! Yes, because there are two other questions just above, please do not forget them ;) ! I have so many questions to ask you, and you know so much, and you always seem so eager to generously spread your knowledge around here, that I think I’ll never stop questioning you from now on :) .

    • PS. I do encourage everyone here to ask you their questions :) .

      In fact, would you say yes to an AMA? About who you are, where you’re coming from, and how is it that you have so much knowledge and that you know so well how to teach them?

      I know, it’s a lot of questions. But I am sincere, and since you do never forget anyone here, I expect that you answer each of my requests :) . Thanks you so much!!!

        • So there’s a limit of just one per person, now? I remember when those things used to fly around willy-nilly.
          I even gave up Tae Bo because dodging them gave me plenty of exercise.

          • In my foolish haste I wasted too many on you, so I have to start rationing them now. Uteruses are hard to grow, you know!

          • Hmm, I imagine that’s true.
            I’ve still never managed to grow one.

  14. The fifth (sixth?) inner senshi has been revealed in her school uniform for the Q-Posket line!

    I would advise waiting and getting her from another site, though.
    While TOM is legit and definitely packages things well, they are really pushy when it comes to their member’s club which, unless you buy a lot of things really isn’t worth it at all.
    They also use some shady tactics such as offering you “amazing” deals but after the high cost of shipping you end up paying just as much as you would anywhere else.

  15. Anyone seen the soundtrack floating around yet online to download? I think I saw it was only included in the DVD boxset for Japan so far but didn’t know if any sites had it yet.

    • Two disc soundtrack is in the DVD/Blu-ray set. First disc is Part 1 and the second is for Part 2. Haven’t seen it online anywhere though.

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