New stills from the Sailor Moon Eternal film have been leaked and Rei is wearing Mamoru’s shirt

Sailor Moon Eternal - Rei, Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, Chibiusa, Makoto and Minako

We’ve got yet another early leak of images from the Sailor Moon Eternal films! This time there are three pictures! The first shows Rei, Mamoru, Usagi, Ami, Chibiusa, Makoto and Minako just hanging out. There’s an image of Chibiusa and Usagi sleeping in bed. We also have Helios and Chibiusa in an image which appears to be in a dream.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa and Usagi

What’s important about these images? A few things. One might notice that Chibiusa is once again wearing Mamoru’s shirt while sleeping! This scene is right out of the manga as Chibiusa is envious of Usagi’s adult body, something which will have hilarious consequences. It’s not so uncommon for someone to wear Mamoru’s shirt of course as we’ve seen earlier in the series. Both Usagi and Chibiusa wear Mamoru shirts back in Act 19 the morning after it’s heavily insinuated that he and Usagi had sex. Does anyone else have a white man’s dress shirt anywhere in these leaks? Oh that’s right! Rei is wearing what could totally be one of Mamoru’s shirts as part of her lovely outfit. Perhaps Rei also got one of Mamoru’s shirts after spending an intimate night at his place.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Helios and Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will be released in theatres in Japan on January 8th 2021 followed closely by Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2 on February 11th. The movies will follow the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga which was adapted loosely as Sailor Moon SuperS in the 90s Sailor Moon anime.

Source: nonameq9 in the comments and @rarararanze on Twitter

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33 thoughts on “New stills from the Sailor Moon Eternal film have been leaked and Rei is wearing Mamoru’s shirt

  1. These images are meh. The actual animation definitely lacks the quality of the first poster about this movie they first posted with Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon. I wish it would have that quality. The group shot is okay. The profile shots continue to be an issue it seems. The one with Usagi and Chibiusa is not great, but more specifically Chibiusa looks off. Why they keep drawing the eyes so far away in the profile. The eyes should be closer to the side with the nose. For the shot with Chibiusa and Usagi, Chibiusa’s eyes should be closer to the side profile with the nose. Overall the eyes even in the group shot should be closer just little it feels too far apart. So far the color is the best in the group shot. It is just that unlike season 3 with the linework here the lines are so thin it makes the characters look washed out with the colors that they have.

  2. This is the arc where Usagi states her relationship with Mamoru is still pure, or something like that. The implication is that they have not had sex. Usagi was talking with her mother and I can’t see her lying about that. That earlier scene from the second arc is suggestive but unlikely to be more than a heavy makeout session at best. Plus Usagi freaks out when it’s revealed Chibiusa is her daughter in that same arc. She’s more freaked at the idea she and Mamoru had sex than the daughter part. Usagi would probably explode from embarrassment if Mamoru suggested they level up their relationship. Mamoru would likely take Usagi’s lead rather than suggest it himself. He’s aware that Usagi is naive and innocent and not really ready for that yet.

    Michiru and Haruka on the other hand, oh yeah, those two have definitely enjoyed each other’s company.

    • In the manga, this scene with naked Usagi is not actually happening.
      They are both wearing Mamoru’s shirts and under the sheets.
      Chibi Usa is thinking about how mature and beautiful Usagi is and wishes she had the same body.

      • That’s sort of where I was going. It’s symbolic of Chibiusa’s desire to grow up, rather than literal. Wouldn’t surprise me if the full scene starts off with them both clothed and the nakedness is Chibiusa fantasizing about having an adult body one day.

        I was mostly rambling about how these scenes are often interpreted as more mature than they are intended.

        • I agree.
          I’ve always been of the opinion that Mamoru and Usagi remained “pure” for one another until the end of Stars.
          I know a lot of fans interpret that scene in the Black Moon Arc as indictive of them having sex, and it is suggestive, but I think later scenes seem to indicate they didn’t take it all the way.

  3. Helios looks horrible. Like a piece of paper. Flat and with a weird face that doesn‘t match the art we saw. Why do they release bad looking images?

  4. Even Mako’s clothes look like they came straight from Mamoru’s closet! Oh no! Is Sailor Moon secretly a harem anime?!! XD

    These stills are pretty but hard to tell much yet. They don’t look at movie quality, but once we see the finished product we can judge it better.
    I’m mostly worried after seeing the awful transformation scene.

  5. Long time reader. We are missing richer blacks. For me, my eye doesn’t know where to look. It doesn’t compartmentalize either the background from the foreground. The details just blend in which doesn’t give us any contrast. The backgrounds are beautiful, but the characters need to juxtapose that.

    • Very interesting comment :) , and looking at the pictures again after reading you and Adam, I now see what you both mean. I hope the whole movie is not made this way or it will be an exhausting and confusing experience for the viewers’ eyes and brains, especially on the big screen… Well, at least we can say that Toei is taking the name “Dream Arc” very seriously!

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