Check out these new stills from the Sailor Moon Eternal films

Sailor Moon Eternal sample stills

Update – 2020-08-14: The original post categorized these as a leak as I was not aware that these images had been posted to the official site.

A collection of 10 new stills from the first of the two Sailor Moon Eternal films has been posted to the Official Sailor Moon site. The post advertises a collaboration with Lawson convenience stores for a number of products. These 10 stills will be available from Lawson photocopiers. Though we’d already seen a couple of these, most of them seem to be new showing us single frames from animation which will likely be seen in Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1, which will be released in theatres on January 8th 2021.

Here’s a look at each still individually.

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 - Transformation Sequence - Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon

Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon posing. We had already seen this as part of footage which was already released so this is a higher quality image than the other samples.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Mercury poses

Sailor Mercury posing during her post transformation speech. The pose is similar to past seasons but the designs are updated.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Mars poses

Sailor Mars posing. Again the same pose with new designs. Her wrist seems a bit less limp if that makes sense.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Jupiter poses

Sailor Jupiter posing. Her hair isn’t holding as well as it has.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Venus poses

Sailor Venus posing. Her finger seems to keep getting bigger.

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Super Sailor Moon and Mamoru

Super Sailor Moon hugging a faceless Mamoru. We’ve seen this one already as well.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Pegasus and Chibiusa

Pegasus and Chibiusa. Many have pointed out that Pegasus is pony sized in these films.
He does seem to be a bit smaller than what we’d seen in the first Sailor Moon anime, but Chibiusa’s size is a bit inconsistent in Sailor Moon Crystal. An earlier image of Chibiusa and Pegasus which we saw made him look much smaller.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Helios

Helios. We’d seen his designs but this is the first actual frame of him that we’ve seen.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Artemis, Diana and Luna

Artemis, Diana and Luna. Luna’s eyes are now blue, while they were red in previous seasons. This may be so that her eye colour is consistent with human Luna who we will be saying likely in the second film which will be released on February 11th 2021.

Sailor Moon Eternal - The Amazon Trio

The Amazon Trio. Striking a pose!

At this point we are certainly seeing more and more of the art style. While I would like to see more of it in action these stills give us a decent indication of what we’re in for next year. What do you think?

Source: Sailor Moon Thailand on Twitter

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21 thoughts on “Check out these new stills from the Sailor Moon Eternal films

    • I hope so too, since their personalities in the 90’s series were different from the comic. (Like, Fish Eye very aggressively tried to seduce Ami…)

        • In the manga Fish Eye seduces Ami.
          Fish Eye went after Mamoru in the original anime only and never interacts with Mamoru in the manga.

          • Yeah, it’s kind of a unique case with Fish Eye, since he is actually a fish, and lots of species among fish can swap their sex if the pool (no pun intended!) of mates is limited.

            In human form, Fish Eye still isn’t human, but he starts to develop human emotions and a soul on his own, and though he has an attraction towards male targets, he doesn’t actually care about them.
            Until he meets Mamoru and then Usagi, and he realizes that what he’s doing is wrong.

            In my opinion, he’s the most interesting of the three and ends up redeeming his two friends.

            In the manga, he is probably not into men or women and just targets Ami because it’s his job.
            It’s mentioned he’s feminine, but he’s not around long enough to get much personality beyond that.

  1. I honestly find the other stills pretty good. As for the introduction poses… First I think these are cropped and a bit zoomed in. They are honestly not that bad otherwise, though only Venus is beautiful. Mars looks very unfinished. These has always been weirdly animated in Crystal. I think we need a better quality and see it in motion to really judge it. The rest of the shots look great and the cats are back to the way Sakou drew them, which is much better than season 3. Overall I love the art of s1 and 2, the animation was horrible though. Eternal looks much better than s3, which looked very weird to me.

  2. For a movie this does not look promising. This looks like a bad episode. I do not know why instead of evolving the designs it is like the completely went back to the 90s. The hair got flatter. The hair styles seem shorter and everything just feels flat. Maybe this is me nitpicking, but the design of the hair going backwards seems pointless to me. Sure crystal did not have consistency, but at least but at least they kept some things going from season 1 and 2 to season 3. I actually like the bigger gem tiara designs in crystal. I like that the hairstyles was kept for mars, venus, moon and mecury from season 1 and 2 of crystal. Overall their hair was not as flat. I mean it is minor details, but I think it made a bit of a difference. I actually like the line work of season 3 there were both thick and thin lines. On the first Movie poster it seemed that they really gave the art designs some life even if I did not like them reverting back to the 90s for some of the details. Here it looks like actual movie footage and it feels washed out. I also prefer the eyes of season 3. The eyes of season 3 have better line work. One thing that all crystal and even now with the old sailor moon animation director suffer from is the inability to draw hands. I was thinking they might do better now with the old animation director, but I guess now. The Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon speech pose just looks like someone twisted their finger. I think they are supposed to be pointing at us. Same for Venus looks like she is pointing up.

    Overall, I am no longer holding out hope the movie will be better than it just staying a TV show. Although I always knew it would not make it any better. So far the animation director has not brought anything to the movie that makes me feel like they really did something interesting.

    • Just so you know Tadano is character designer. Nobody ever confirmed she is working on the film as animation director. :) I higly doubt she is. While I agree on the hair, it still looks much better than s3. And the bugs eyes andmouthswere hideous in s3.

    • I kind of feel the same way. I don’t think they have any real plans for this franchise at this point except to get it done as cheaply as possible.

      I imagine after the movies are done in theatres they will chop them into episodes and try to double-dip. And probably blame fans if the films don’t do well and then take 10 years to make Stars, if they ever do.

      Bleh, look at all my negativity coming out! Somebody use some Moon Healing on me, I need to be refreshed!

      But I will say, I’m still excited, I’ve just lost the hype for the most part since the (understandable ) delays this time will make the wait for an official English release be far in the future.

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